June 12, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day Three

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Go Shopping for New Outfit, Befriend Mr. Davies, Propose New Course of Action

"So how do I look?" she asked. "Professional? Like a Yes-Woman?"

Nathaniel whistled as she spun around for him. "I'll yes your woman anytime!" he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Eva laughed and rushed to the bed to pummel him with a pillow.
Seeing his opportunity, Nathaniel snatched her and pulled her down onto the bed with him. 

Eva pushed at him. "Stop! You're going to get me all wrinkly before work!" she complained.
"Heaven forbid you don't look perfect," Nathaniel teased lightly as he leaned forward to kiss her.  "I guess I'll just have to stop doing this..."
Eva sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the kiss. 
Just as he was getting into it, Eva pushed him away.  "I'm onto you!" she said with mock severity. "We'll have to finish this later.  I'm running late!" she said before hopping off the bed and brushing her skirt to straighten any wrinkles she might've gotten from rolling around in bed with her incredibly virile husband.  She snuck a look at him and blew him a kiss before heading out the door to work.  "Don't stay in bed all day!" she called out.

Nathaniel sighed.  Eva had a tight morning schedule that she liked to follow.  All compliments of her lovely type-A personality that had her striving for constant perfection!  Looks like he'd need a cold shower this morning!


"Hey, man, thanks for meeting me today.  Had to get out of the house!" Nathaniel told Tomas when they met up at the stadium.  "You to get owned?"

Tomas laughed.  "No way, bro! You're going down!"
The guys grabbed a ball and started throwing it towards the hoop.
Not to be cocky, but Nathaniel was on fire.  He smoked Tomas!


"Yeah, yeah, good game, bro," Tomas said good-naturedly.  "Hey, you heard from that chick from the bar?"
"No way, Tomas! I'm a married man!" Nathaniel argued.

"Too bad, cause I did!" Tomas bragged. 

"Man! Why?! You're practically engaged to Veronica! You've been together for what, 7.. 8.. years?  Why would you mess that up?"
"Dude? Did you see her rack when she hit on?" Tomas asked, leaning forward.  "Besides, practically engaged is not engaged!"

Nathaniel shook his head.  "I can't believe you! Don't tell me this crap!"
"Aw, come on, bro! Just because everyone else is settling down and hitching on the ball and chain doesn't mean that I have to!" Tomas said irately.  "This boy's a rolling stone!"
Nathaniel heaved a huge sigh. "I just wish you'd think these things through first..."

Tomas laughed and cuffed Nathaniel on the shoulder. "I did, bro! I thought about 36 and D! Ka-boom!" holding his hands up.  "It was awesome!"

Nathaniel rolled his eyes. "Come on, let's go grab lunch quick before I'm too sick to eat!"


"Man, marriage sure turned you into a Debbie-Downer!" Tomas grumbled as he sat down with some nachos across from Nathaniel.

Nathaniel looked up. "No way! I just think it's wrong for you to cheat on Veronica when you know she'd marry you and have your babies in a heartbeat!"
Tomas shuddered.  "Don't even talk like that! The last thing I need is you cursing me with a kid!"

Nathaniel rolled his eyes again.  "Number One, if you wind up getting someone pregnant, it for sure isn't going to be my fault. And, Number Two, having a kid could never be a curse! Only a blessing!"

Tomas scoffed. "So what? You ready to pop out kids already?"
Nathaniel threw his napkin down on his plate after he wiped his mouth. "So what if I am?" he asked.  "I love Eva and can't wait to start a family!"

Tomas switched gears and grinned widely. "So, the honeymoon sex..."

"Don't even go there, Tomas!" Nathaniel warned as he got up.  "Hey, it's been fun, but I gotta get home!"
Tomas made kissie-noises as Nathaniel jogged away.  "Tell wifey I say hi!" he called after his friend.  Then, grabbing the ball, he started practicing his game.


Eva was surprised that Nathaniel wasn't home when she got back from work.  He was generally always home.  But, this was perfect. He wasn't around to distract her from her work.  Mr. Davies had given her a reading assignment:  There is No “No”.  She had a lot of reading to do! 
"Hey, babe!" Nathaniel called out as he jogged inside. 

When he leaned over to kiss Eva's cheek, she got a whiff.  "Whoa, you are ripe!" she said, waving a hand in front of her face.

"Yeah, sorry about that.  I'm gonna go shower up!"


Nathaniel hummed a song in the shower, making all the instrument sounds as he went, soaping up and scouring himself clean.  He thought about Tomas and poor Veronica.   Man, he was lucky he had Eva!

Hopping from the shower, he toweled off and put some clean clothes on.  
When he stepped from the bathroom, he stopped and grinned.  "I thought you were reading," he said slowly.

Eva shrugged delicately.  "Couldn't concentrate.  I kept thinking about this strong... sexy... naked man upstairs...  Did you see where he went?"

Nathaniel shucked out of his clothes and joined his wife in bed.


  1. It's funny that Eva is similar to her mother in some ways; she's a workaholic and ambitious, but just not to the extreme that Yvonne was.

    So Nathaniel wants to start a family. :D

    1. I got a kick out of that, too! In some ways you can hear an echo of Yvonne in Eva! So although, Eva is a perfectionist that might attempt to control the world around her, I think the biggest difference is going to be that she's not manipulative like Yvonne was!

      Nathaniel is ready! He rolled both a "wants to have a baby" wish AND "wants to have a baby with Eva" wish! He's ready to get this show on the road!

  2. Oh my goodness when she said "You're going to get me all wrinkly before work" I immediately thought of Yvonne, shudders. Please Eva don't be like your mother, for the love of plumbbob!

    "I'll yes your woman anytime!" Oh Nathaniel you sly devil you!

    Tomas you bad boy. He cracks me up though. So glad my Nate (yes MY Nate lol) doesn't have the same views as his friend. Yes babies, I want babies too. I mean, I want him to have babies with Eva of course. :P

    Ooooo at the ending. That's right Eva, gettem girl!

    1. Hehe.. don't people usually turn out somewhat like their parents? :P

      I've loved having Tomas as Nate's best friend! We'll see about babies soon!! :O

      I can't wait for the next generation. I think Eva & I are alittle scared of getting stared because we have to raise some perfect kids! Lol!