June 12, 2014

Eva: Week Nineteen, Day Two

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Back to work, Get Promotion, File Name Change Certificate, Stylist?

"Come on, come back to bed," Nathaniel beckoned.
Eva glanced over her shoulder as she finished her make-up.  "You know I can't! They're expecting me back today!" she said, somewhat exasperated.
Nathaniel reluctantly got out of bed and began nuzzling her cheek.  "Come on, it won't kill you to play hooky one day!  We can go back up to Crystal Springs..."

Eva playfully elbowed Nathaniel in his gut.  "No! Quit trying to be a bad influence!" she laughed.  "Besides, somebody's got to work around here!" she called out as she hurried out the door.
Nathaniel's playful mood evaporated.  She made it sound so bad!  But his dad had left him a large enough inheritance that neither one of them needed to work for the time being!  Not that you could've told from her behavior - running back to work so soon after their marriage. 

Okay, okay, so she took a reasonable time off for the honeymoon.  But, she could've taken longer!
Sighing with frustration, he dug around through the dresser for his workout gear.
He'd heard somewhere that the best way to blow off some steam was to work out, so he headed over to the gym.
He really pushed himself hard, feeling the burn...
Then, feeling energized and ready to take on the world, he jogged home.
Nathaniel headed straight for the fridge and grabbed an energy drink to replenish his electrolytes.
Then he dropped into the seat in front of the computer and sucked the drink down as he turned on the system one-handed.
Crushing the drink, he set it to the side and pulled up a football game.  Next best thing to actually playing it!!


"Miss Black, a moment?" Mr. Davies said after walking into the room.

"Oh, Black-Wolff," she said.

"Excuse me?"

"It's umm... Mrs. Black-Wolff now," she corrected, ignoring Amelia's snickering.

Mr. Davies waved his hand dismissively.  "Of course, Mrs. Black-Wolff..."
"I just wanted to give you the good news:  you're being offered another promotion.  We need people like you on the team.  You're our new Yes Woman!"

"Thank you so much!" Eva gushed.  "You won't regret it! So what exactly does the new position require?"
Mr. Davies smiled charmingly and winked.  "It means you should brush up and saying yes..." he looked he up and down, "...and maybe see a stylist..."


"That'll be thirty bucks," the pizza deliverer said as she handed over the box. 

Nathaniel pulled out the cash and handed it over.  Before he turned to go inside, he saw Eva coming up the driveway.  "Hey, babe! I made dinner!" he called out.   He heard the pizza deliverer snort as she skipped down the stairs.
Eva followed Nathaniel inside to the kitchen.  "So, pizza?" she asked.  "Not very nutritious!"

"But smell it!" he said, taking a deep whiff.  "Smells delicious! And no clean-up!  Perfect dinner!"

Eva laughed.  "Well, I'll grant you that it's pretty convenient, but perfect dinner? No way!  That is reserved for Vegetarian Spaghetti!"

Nathaniel scoffed.  "Vegetarian? Ha! You can't butcher spaghetti sauce like that! It needs to have meat!"
"Thanks for making dinner," Eva said as she pecked Nathaniel on the cheek before grabbing a piece of pizza. 
Nathaniel carried the pizza over to the table and grabbed a piece for himself.  "Oh man, this is good pizza!" he said after taking a bite.

He watched as Eva picked the mushrooms and onions off the pizza before nibbling a small bite.  "Oh, come on! Those are the best parts!"

"No way am I eating those!" Eva said indignantly. 

Nathaniel grabbed them up and plopped them on his slice.  "More for me!" He paused as he took another huge bite.  "So how was work?" he asked around his mouthful.
"I got a promotion!" Eva said excitedly.  "You're looking at the new Yes Woman for the campaign!"
"Congratulations, babe!" Nathaniel said.  "Umm... what do you do as Yes Woman?"

Eva laughed. "Basically, I think I'm supposed to agree with anything Mr. Davies proposes."

"What if he proposes to go proceed with cutting down Crystal Springs?"
Eva's smile fell.  "That wouldn't even be funny.  He wouldn't! He looked at my proposal for putting off the construction until environmental sampling could be done at Crystal Springs.  Arturo and I are kind of hoping there will be some endangered species - like a frog or a butterfly or something so that we can protect the area," she explained as she got up to put the leftovers away.
"You know the worst thing?" she asked as she slammed the fridge shut.

"What's that, babe?" Nathaniel said with a loud yawn.
"Mr. Davies said that I needed to see a stylist! Is my outfit that bad?!" Eva said, hurt and embarrassed.
"You're beautiful to me, babe!' Nathaniel responded tenderly, pulling her into his arms.  "Come on upstairs and I'll prove it!"


  1. Haha, looks like Nathaniel needs a hobby for when Eva's at work. Hopefully he doesn't get too lonely; Eva's definitely too ambitious to let him hinder her work.

    1. Yeah, Nathaniel definitely needs to find something to do stat!