June 30, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day Five

Perfectionist To-Do List: Attend wedding, Wrap present, Prepare nursery

"I'm so happy!" Eva Black-Wolff said as she held little Haley in her arms.  Tenderly, she adjusted the little lavender headband in her daughter's hair. 

Nathaniel grinned across the stretch of the car.  "It should be some wedding. Greyson and Izzie have been planning it!"

Eva chuckled.  "She's assured me it's going to be tasteful."

Nathaniel scoffed, "Right, as tasteful as two 19 year olds can get!"
Nathaniel and Eva walked up the drive and saw the wedding arch and all the wedding guests gathering nearby the little koi pond. 

"Don't look now," Nathaniel said, "Farrah & Seth at 3 o'clock."
Eva sighed wistfully. "Not even Farrah could ruin this day for me!" she said as she ran a hand over her pregnant belly.  Although, she wished she could fit into something a little bit more pretty than her current outfit...

"Here goes nothing," she said under her breath as she girded  herself to greet her boss, the mayor, and her sister.
Farrah kept glancing askew at the squirming toddler as Eva greeted them, so she made her excuses and dropped Haley off with the other toddlers.

"Good girl," she told Haley as she kissed on the head.  "Play with your cousins!"
Haley had more important things to do...


"Daddy!" Eva exclaimed, hurrying over to greet her father.  "You look so handsome!"
"And look at you two!" she added, kissing Izzie on the cheek and giving Greyson a huge hug. 

Greyson adjusted his tie.  "You ready, Pop?" he asked.

Chase adjusted his own tie and nodded.


Chase Black and Sandra Goth stood beneath the wedding arch, vowing to love and honor each other until the end of their days.  Greyson and Izzie served as the best man and the bridesmaid.  Throughout the vows, they snuck glances at each other, obviously planning their own wedding.
Sandra Goth slipped the ring on Chase's finger and looked up into his eyes.  "This is a pretty big commitment," she joked.  "But I'm glad I made it with you."
Eva sighed as she watched her Dad and her new stepmom shared their first kiss as a marital couple.  It made her stomach flip with butterflies.
Restlessly, she rubbed at her aching back, startled when the butterflies returned after a short while.
"Nathaniel..." she whispered in his ear.  "I think it's time..."


"I wish I'd remembered to bring the video camera!" Nathaniel said as he hurried behind Eva.

Eva rolled her eyes. "Enough about the video camera already!" she groused. 
Hours later, they brought home their newborn son, Ian Black-Wolff!


  1. Aw, Chase and Sandra finally married! Good job setting up another wedding and congrats for little Ian.

    1. This was a perfect post - weddings & a baby! Lol. It's about damn time Sandra made an honest man of Chase!