June 26, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day Four

Perfectionist To-Do List: Ultrasound at 2 pm, Repack diaper bag, Bake cake, wrap presents

Sleep... Eva needed more sleep... all the time.  For some reason this pregnancy was draining the life out of her!
Of course, it probably had nothing to do with caring for a one year old baby while pregnant!


Chase was hanging out in the studio, waiting to meet with Farrah to make the final edits to his dad's documentary.  He'd watched a draft they'd titled "Melvin Wolff: Envisioning the Dream," which he'd thought had been an honest and complimentary glimpse into his Dad's life. 

"So now that you're done with the filming what are you going to do?" Mick Murphy asked.  Mick was trying to get picked up in any bit part, especially now that his new girlfriend, Michelle Gardiner, had wound up pregnant.  Nathaniel vaguely remembered Michelle was the red-head that used to run around with Farrah and Joan.

"That's it for me!" he said.  "I was just doing this for my Dad. But, I dunno... I thought I'd keep my mind open..."

Mick ran his hand through his hair and blew out an agitated breath. "Man! You're so lucky! You're Melvin Wolff's son! Of course they're going to give you more work! It's actors like me that have a hard time making a break!"
Nathaniel was interrupted when his phone started ringing.  He excused himself and answered.  "Nathaniel Black speaking," he said without looking at the caller id.

"Sugar, this is Farrah," she said quickly.  "I've run into a little snag," she said in a low voice.  In the background, he heard a lot of noise and commotion. 

"What?" he asked.  "We need to film an exclusive interview with a local celebrity, but my cameraman quit at the last minute, can you believe it?  He said I was difficult to work with!" Her voice began to rise in volume the more agitated she became.  "You've been playing with that camera of yours.  Can you come over and help me out?"

Nathaniel's mouth dropped open. "Farrah, I don't think that the video camera is the same as..." 

"Oh, just come out and keep the damn camera steady. It's not rocket science!" she snapped.  As though she belatedly realized that she got more flies with sugar, she softened her voice, "I really need your help.  For old time sake?"

Nathaniel hedged, but grudgingly agreed. "I'll come right over."


Eva looked around the room and smiled.  She'd decorated for Haley's birthday party.  She couldn't wait for everyone to show up.  Glancing at her watch, she frowned though.  Where was Nathaniel? She'd attempted to call him and he hadn't answered.
Soon, she was distracted by the guests that began arriving.  "Hey Tomas. Have you heard from Nathaniel this afternoon?" she asked, zeroing in on his best friend.

Tomas shrugged, "No, I talked to him when he was on the way to the studio."

"Hmm, thanks anyway. Make yourself at home!"

She smiled over at Artie.  "Thanks for coming Artie!"

Then glancing back at the door as it open, she grinned widely. "No!"
Laura shyly looked down at her toes.  "Hey Aunt Eva," she said in greeting. 

"Laura! Look how you've grown!" Eva said brightly, stroking her hair.  "And your hair! It's so gorgeous!"  She looked over at her sister-in-law inquisitively.  "Where are the boys?"

Shamika let out a frustrated breath.  "They're at home with a babysitter! I swear! Nobody ever warns you about the mischief boys will get up to!"

"Oh that's a shame. It would've been nice to see them again!"

Nathaniel wasn't quite sure how it had happened, but he'd wound up sharing a ride back home with Farrah. 

"Thanks, you really pulled through for us," Farrah said as they walked up the driveway.  "Who knows? Maybe you have a future in filming," she cracked.

"Yeah, maybe," Nathaniel responded non-committally.  He was just ready to wash his hands of Gibbons Star Search.  A bunch of parasites! 
Farrah underscored it by smirking over her shoulder, "Don't look at my ass," as she wiggled suggestively ahead of him.

Nathaniel grunted and made sure to keep his gaze averted as he trailed up the stairs behind her. 

Inside he looked around for Eva & saw her frown from across the room because he was walking in with Farrah.  He shrugged apologetically, You know how she is as she rolled her eyes, I can't believe you fell for it.  He loved how well they could communicate without saying a word.

"Now that daddy's here! It's time to get the party started!" Eva called out, heading into the nursery to get Haley.

Nathaniel took his chance to greet everyone, giving his brother Cliff a quick hug in greeting.  "How've you been man?" he asked.
Cliff shrugged, "Good, I guess. Kind of hard to go back to the grind after living the dream for awhile! Not that you'd know!" Cliff joked as he elbowed his younger brother.
Eva rolled her eyes when she saw that Farrah had made a beeline towards her boss, Seth Davies.  She wished she hadn't invited him because he was directly responsible for inviting his new fiance Farrah. 

Seth's campaign advisers had done major damage control when Joan Alto had threatened to release pictures of his and Farrah's affair.  In response, Farrah had put Joan back in touch with the highschool teen-throb, Jason Calhoun, who as luck would have it was recently single after breaking up with his girlfriend Michelle Gardiner because she'd found out she was pregnant and the father was not Jason.  Eva didn't think it was a coincidence that the father was one Mick Murphy, the starving actor chomping at the bit to get any type of role.

Seth and Farrah together were worse than Felix and Yvonne any day of the week!
"Okay, it's Haley's big birthday!" Chase said, talking to the camera.  "Happy Birthday!"
Hayley grinned at her Daddy.
Many slices of cake later and Haley was rubbing her eyes.   Grandpa chase gently took her from her mother.  "I'll put her to bed," he said happily.  "Grandpa's got you, doesn't he?" 


"Hey, you got everything ready for the big day?" Greyson asked Eva before he headed out.

Eva grinned as she hugged her brother goodbye, "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" she assured him.


  1. Heh. I like the row of pictures in the living room.

    And that was a well-populated party. 0.0

    1. Thanks! Every season, I send the family down to the park to have a family picture done! Love seeing the changes over the "years!"

  2. Awwww Haley is too CUTE!

    Farrah is just too much lol she amuses me though. Lordy when she said 'Sugar', I wanted to barf. Yvonne all over again.

    1. I LOVE Haley! Such a pretty baby!

      Hehe... I got a kick out of making Farrah say "Sugar". I'm telling you, shades of Yvonne! Lol. Thankfully she'll stay in the background most of the time. :)