June 21, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day One

Perfectionist To-Do List: Prepare Nursery, Find Something to Wear, Attend Campaign Fundraiser!!!

"I just don't have anything to wear tonight!" Eva complained.  "Everything I have makes me look lumpy!"
"Eva, relax. You'll look beautiful!" Nathaniel tried to reassure her.

Eva waved her hands in front of her face.  "That's easy for you to say! You're going to look great! I'm going to look like I'm carrying a basketball around in the front of my dress!" she cried, tearing up.
"Eva! Everyone knows you're not carrying a basketball attached to your belly! You're pregnant!" He lovingly rubbed her belly.  "Precious cargo and all that..."


"Are you sure I look okay?" she asked again anxiously.

Nathaniel pulled out of the driveway.  "You look beautiful!" he assured her again.


They pulled up in front of the Alto Adobe.  "Are you ready for this?" she asked. 

Nathaniel sighed.  "Yeah, as ready as I can be."  He was really not looking forward to this campaign fundraiser.

Eva pasted on a smile and greeted Mr. Davies. 

"Come in! Come in!" he said, shaking her hand and then leading her inside.
"Nice to meet you, Seth," Nathaniel said, firmly shaking his hand. 

Seth Davies grinned, "I've heard a lot about you, young man!" He paused, wrapping his arm around Joan Alto's waist.  "I believe you've met my fiance? I hear you dated back in high school! What a coincidence!"

Joan smiled smugly at Nathaniel as nodded in her direction.  "Joan, nice to see you again."
The conversation had just paused awkwardly when the doorbell rang once more.  "Oh, great, I invited someone I'm sure you're going to be thrilled to see!" he said, rubbing his hands together.  

The group glanced towards the front door.
"Farrah!" Eva said with surprise. 
"Eva. Silly Seth didn't tell me that you'd be here," Farrah said with a slight grimace.
Nathaniel joined Eva's side and wrapped his arm around her waist as she struggled to find something to say.  He knew the estrangement between the sisters went deep. 
Farrah glanced her sister up and down.  "You're looking... well..." she said distastefully. 
Eva opened her mouth to respond when Mr. Davies came up behind her.  "So are you two sisters catching up?!" he said congenially, clapping his hands together. 

It soon became apparent that her presence was superfluous.
Eva headed over to Arturo and plopped down next to him. 

"So that must've been awkward," he whispered.

Eva huffed.  "Tell me about it! I have to remind myself that I love her because she's my sister!"
"Oh, come on. It's not that bad, Eva," Arturo pressed.

"Artie! Look at her! She's practically drooling on my boss!" Eva said with frustration.
Exasperated, she threw her hands up in the air.  "Oh that's enough. I'm going to find Nathaniel!"


"...And then Seth told me to buy whatever I wanted!" Joan trilled with a little laugh.  "He treats me like a princess!"

Nathaniel nodded. "That's nice, Joan. I'm glad you're happy with him."

But Joan just talked right over him.  "Don't get me wrong, I regret the way we ended. But,there was just something so sexy about Jason! You're not still all hung up over that, are you?"

Nathaniel shook his head, "No, of course not..."

"...Because you know I thought we were really good together, while we lasted you know. To be honest, Seth doesn't kiss like you..." she leaned in and admitted with a small laugh.  "But, small price to pay, right?!"
Nathaniel rolled his eyes.  Joan had cornered him and he hadn't been able to get a word in edgewise as she reminisced. 

"...of course I was horrified when Jason abandoned me for that ditzy red-head! Honestly! What did he see in her?!" Joan continued on, not even noticing she was pretty much talking to herself.
"Oh! Look! My wife!" Nathaniel called out, motioning Eva to come over. 

Eva raised her eyebrows, indicating her surprised that she'd caught him alone in a corner with his beautiful, non-pregnant, ex-girlfriend.

Nathaniel shot back an exasperated look that relieved her mind at once.
Just to be clear, Nathaniel leaned forward and pecked Eva on the cheek when she was within range.  He heard Joan make a disgruntled noise.  Probably annoyed that he wasn't listening to her.
"Joan, you remember my wife, Eva, right?" he said.

Joan examined her fingernail polish. "Oh yeah. I don't think we ever met in school. You hung out with the nerds right?"

Eva held in her laugh. "Something like that," she said.

"Well," Joan said, clearly addressing only Nathaniel, "It was lovely seeing you again. We should totally do lunch or something sometime!"

Nathaniel nodded. "Of course, or something..." he trailed off as Joan interrupted to announce she had to mingle with her guests.
After she'd rounded the corner, Nathaniel blew out an exasperated breath. "I am so glad you came to find me!"

"Let's get out of here," she said quietly. "We can blame it on my pregnancy..."


"So, do you wanna go home or stop for ice cream on the way?" Nathaniel asked as he started the car.

Eva rested her hand lightly over her belly bump.  "Let's head to the hospital."

"The hospital?" Nathaniel asked, jerking the car to the left as his head swiveled towards her.  "What?"

Eva took a deep breath, trying to remain calm.  "I've been having contractions most of the day. It's time..."

"Wait! Wait! Let me get you walking into the building!" Nathaniel said as he jogged in front of her and turned around with the video camera.

Eva glared. "If you don't get that camera out of my face..." she warned through gritted teeth.  "You are not recording in the delivery room!"
"Ah come on, Eva.  I'm recording it for posterity!" Nathaniel grumbled as he turned the video camera to face himself.  "Mommy loves you!"
"Hey Eva! Wait up! Wait for me!" he said, scrambling to turn the video off and rushing after his wife.


Back at home in the newly decorated nursery, Nathaniel pulled his girls into his arms as he kissed Eva's temple.  "She's beautiful, isn't she?" he asked in a hushed voice filled with wonder.

"She's so beautiful.  Haley Black-Wolff, I promise your life is going to be perfect! I'll see to it!" Eva said softly as she basked in her husband's loving embrace. 

They were going to be such a happy family!


  1. Oh wow awkward party indeed, and Joan my lord someone slap her! LOL at Nate trying to record his wife while in labor. Welcome to the legacy Haley!!

    1. The relationship-triangle between Joan, Michelle & Farrah is kind of funny, too. Once they're done playing musical chairs, we'll see who winds up with who!

      In the meantime - oh my goodness - those people are barracudas! Eva & Nathaniel definitely do not belong!

      And YEAH! Fifth generation heir Haley! She is going to be one lucky kid!