June 25, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day Three

Perfectionist To-Do List: Drop off Haley at daycare, Repack diaper bag, Lunch out with Artie

The little house was a bustling hotspot at seven in the morning.  Vanessa Vanderbilt & Cece Powers smiled at each other as they headed up the walkway.
Eva sighed as she got out of the car and began unstrapping Haley from her car seat.  She wasn't ready for this! She had to fight against an intense desire to just get back in the car and run home.  Taking a deep breath, she began the long way up towards the front door.
"Eva! Hi!" Veronica Hernandez smiled in greeting.  "Come on in!"
Eva nervously followed Veronica inside.

"Just put her anywhere!" Veronica said as she turned to talk to Vanessa. 

Eva walked across the room towards the little pink crib and gave Haley a quick snuggle before laying her down.  
I am not ready for this, Eva thought again with a heavy sigh.
"Thanks for agreeing to watch Haley," Eva said as she walked up to Veronica.

Veronica waved her hand.  "Well, if I'm going to be home with Johnny anyways, what's one or two more babies!"

Eva winced.  "I was so sorry to hear about Tomas..."  she began to say.

Veronica waved her hand again. "It is what it is," she stated firmly. 

"Well, thank you again.  Nathaniel'll be by to pick her up after he's done at the studio," she said awkwardly. 
Veronica sighed as she looked around the bustling room.  She had managerial experience! She'd never expected to have to open a daycare while she was trying to make ends meet!  But, this is where she was right now.

She'd pressured Tomas to make a decision... and he had...

...he'd chosen Sonja. 


Veronica was giving Haley her bottle when she heard a tapping on the door.  She glanced at the clock on the wall.  Nathaniel is early, she thought as she laid Haley back down.  "Coming!" she called out.
When she opened the door, she felt the blood drain from her face.  Her gaze was riveted on the little girl in Tomas' arms.
"You're too early," she snapped angrily, sticking her finger in Tomas' face.  She was set to refuse him entrance.  He wasn't supposed to pick Johnny up until after 5 pm.  And how dare he bring her with him?!
"Veronica, look, I was just in the neighborhood and thought I could pick him up a little early.  There's no need to be unreasonable about this!" Tomas said, frustrated that his relationship with Veronica had soured so badly that he had to fight to see his son.  Karma, a niggling voice in his mind whispered. 

Veronica opened her mouth to serve him a scathing set down and demand he leave her porch, but Tomas stopped her by holding up his hand.  "Not in front of Rachel, okay?" he said.

"Then you shouldn't have brought her to my house! Where's your wife? Can't she watch her?" Veronica demanded.
Nathaniel pulled up after work to pick up Haley and spotted big trouble.  Veronica and Tomas looked like they were about to brawl.  Crap, he thought as he hurriedly put his car in park and hopped out of the car.
"Hey Veronica!" he called out with a wave.  "How's it going?!"
Veronica turned away from Tomas and gave Nathaniel a friendly smile.  "Haley was wonderful today.  She's such a sweet little girl!"

"Great Veronica. Eva was really worried!"  he laughed, attempting to diffuse the tense situation.  Turning to Tomas,  he asked, "Hey, here to see Johnny?"  He knew how much it killed his friend to be missing out on his son's milestones.  But after Tomas had chosen to marry Sonja, Veronica had moved out and filed for primary custody.  She'd made it clear that if she could, she would've denied him any time at all.

Tomas attempted to smile.  "Yeah, just dropped by to pick him up alittle early..."

"Well, come on in," she told Nathaniel, then glaring at Tomas, she added grudgingly, "I guess you can come in, too."
Nathaniel headed to the crib to get Haley.  He was ready to get out of here and leave the two to their discussion.

He heard Tomas gasp. "He's getting so big!" when he saw Johnny playing by the window.  "Mi hijo!" he called out as he set Rachel down to get a hug from his son.  He glanced back at Veronica. "I'm missing too much..."
Nathaniel glanced back and saw Veronica tense.  The situation was about to come to a head...

"You know, we set up specific times for a reason, Tomas. You can't just come over here whenever you want," Veronica said defensively again.

"God, Veronica..." Tomas said, his shoulders bunching. 

"I'll let you two catch up," Nathaniel said awkwardly as he slung the diaper bag over his shoulder and slipped from the room. 

As he shut the front door, he heard the accusations and arguments begin.  He shook his head sadly that Johnny and Rachel had to listen to it...


"They're at it again," Amelia Landgraab said sourly with an extreme eye-roll.
Eva glanced over. "Why are you looking at me?" she asked defensively.

Amelia shut off her computer and started gathering up her purse.  "She's your sister!"

Eva glanced at the window between Seth's office and their work room.  Although the blinds were drawn, it was obvious what was going on in there...
Eva thought it was quite unprofessional.


Eva walked straight into Nathaniel's arms.  "I'm so glad to see you!" she breathed out when he wrapped his arms around her.  "I'm beginning to lose such faith in humanity!"

Nathaniel smiled sadly, thinking about the argument between Veronica and Tomas, "Yeah, I know what you mean."
"I just get so mad! I feel like I'm stuck in one place!" Eva grumbled.  "All Seth is interested in is getting campaign contributions and schmoozing!  He doesn't really care about the town, the people, or anything!" she raged.
"I want to make a difference, you know?!" she continued, but stopped abruptly.
"Oh," she said, grabbing her stomach and covering her mouth quickly, her eyes widening with alarm.

"Are you okay, babe?" Nathaniel asked worriedly.

She nodded, but hurried from the room.
Must've been bad sushi that I had for lunch with Artie, Eva thought as she brushed her teeth.  There was no other explanation for...
...wait... or...  Eva mentally counted back the days and reached for the spare pregnancy test in the vanity.
Flying from the room, she hurled herself into Nathaniel's arms.  "We're pregnant!" she cried out excitedly.  "We're pregnant!"
Nathaniel couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. "Yeah? You sure?" he asked. 

She nodded quickly, so happy that she was almost speechless.
 Nathaniel ran his hand over her flat belly.  "I can't wait!"


  1. Well, Eva, maybe you ought to start preparing to run for office. :P Just sayin'. ;)

    I can't exactly say I feel bad for Tomas. You reap what you sow, bro.

    1. Hehe... I bet Eva is going to make a GREAT candidate one day!

      I probably gave Tomas too much screen-time since he's not actually in the Black family, but as Nathaniel's best friend - I can't help it. :) I just like that back story. And his kids are going to be the same age as Haley... maybe future friends? :)

  2. That's right Veronica give him hell! Poor kids though, having to witness all that. That's cool Veronica opened a daycare service, was she really a daycare provider or that was just for show. I loved that.

    Farrah...girl, smh. I agree with spladoum, get yourself ready Eva! I have a feeling though she will have a fight on her hands when she does.

    Congrats Eva and Nate, baby #2 can't wait!

  3. Get her girl! No, it wasn't a real daycare, I just dressed up her house alittle and invited a few of the friends with kids over. :) I wanted to showcase some of Haley's future friends. *wink* *wink*

  4. Now I feel bad for Veronica. :(
    Don't feel bad for Tomas, though.

    I love how Eva's optimism! Hopefully politics doesn't change her.

    Yay! Second baby.

    1. Yeah, Tomas really bungled it all up! But, he's *trying* now. We'll see if it sticks!

  5. Great job on the daycare, it looked really nice. Wouldn't it be neat if you could actually drop of kids at a daycare in game? Kind of a nice alternative for a babysitter... all they do is watch TV anyway!

    Oh, and I still love that huge wall of photos in your legacy house!