June 25, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day Two

Perfectionist To-Do List: Research developmental milestones, Research baby books, Schedule sex with Nathaniel!!!!

Nathaniel had read about it in that damn pregnancy book.  But, experiencing the sleep torture was like nothing else he'd ever had to endure.

Every freaking two hours...
"I've got it this time," Eva mumbled as she stumbled from bed.

Nathaniel pulled the pillow over his head and tried to smash it over his ears.
Eva made it downstairs and lifted Haley up into her arms, rocking her gently as she fed her.  "There, there, sweetheart," she said softly as she finished feeding her daughter and then burped her.  Within ten minutes, the little girl was fast asleep and Eva stumbled back upstairs and slipped into bed.

Two hours later...
Nathaniel winced when the crying began again.  Eva nudged him, trying to push him from the bed.  "Your turn," she said without opening her eyes.

It was Nathaniel's turn to stumble downstairs in the dark to the nursery.  Why is the nursery even downstairs? he thought irritably.  Why can't we just put a pack-n-play in the bedroom?
"Aw, you have a wet diaper?" he said as he lifted Haley up.  "I would probably cry, too, if I had to sleep in it," he said as he fumbled while putting her new diaper on.  "There! All done!" he said, proud that it looked like the diaper would actually stay on this time!

Nathaniel laid her back in the crib and headed back upstairs.  He could still get a little shut-eye before he had to get ready to go in to the studio.
When he slipped into the bed, Eva rolled over and wrapped her arms around him.  "Are you awake?" he asked as he cuddled against her.

"Mmmhmmm.." she said sleepily. 

Nathaniel's focus just switched from getting a little shut-eye to getting a little morning nookie. He slipped his hand under Eva's shirt.  "Mmmm..." he said as he started to nuzzle her neck.

But just as things were getting interested, his alarm started blaring.  Nathaniel hung his head.  "I have to go," he groaned, giving her a quick kiss on the head. 

Eva groaned in unison and let her head fall back on the pillow.  It'd been ages since they'd had a chance to be intimate!


Eva was enjoying her maternity leave.  She thought it was important to stay home with Haley for as long as she could!  But, being cooped up in the house was starting to wear thin. 

"Come on, sweetheart, we're getting some fresh air today!"
Eva strapped Haley into a stroller and headed into town.
"That's right, sweetheart, look at the flowers! They're so pretty and pink!" Eva said, keeping up a steady stream of chatter to entertain Haley.  "Ah, we're here!" she announced, lifting Haley into her arms.
"Let's get you some books!"

By the time Eva finished buying all the toddler books she could find, her pocketbook was feeling the dent!  But, what was a little bit of money compared to her daughter's development?!


Stepping out of the bookstore, she noticed something going on over at the park.  "Let's go see what they're doing over there!" she announced brightly as she steered Haley towards the park.
Eva found a pretty little spot near the pond and laid out her picnic basket.
Eva laid Haley down next to her as she enjoyed the fresh air and a sandwich.  "Look Haley! They're having an egg hunt! If you were a little older, we would get eggs together! Do you see the pretty, bright eggs?!"

Hayley cooed, waving her arms in front her.

After relaxing and watching the children running around hunting for eggs, Eva sighed.  "Time to go home, now," she said as she lifted Haley up to put in the stroller.  "Daddy's going to be coming home soon!"


"There's my two girls!" Nathaniel said as he walked in the door.  His heart did a little flip when he opened the door and he saw Eva playing with his baby girl.  How did I get so lucky? he wondered.
"I just fed and changed Haley.  I was going to put her to sleep.  Did you want to play with her for a little bit?" Eva asked.

Nathaniel shook his head and stroked Eva's cheek.  "I was kind of hoping for some mommy-time, though," he said huskily.

Eva grinned as Nathaniel followed her into the nursery.
"Sleep well sweetheart," Eva said as she laid Haley down.

Nathaniel pulled the stuffed animal from the crib.  "How long until she sleeps more than two hours?" he asked hopefully.

Eva grimaced.  "Another few months," she said with a sigh.
Nathaniel pulled Eva into his arms.  "Then let's make the best of our two hours together!"

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