July 9, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day Seven

Perfectionist To-Do List: Teach Haley to Walk, Send out Invites for Fundraiser, Prepare Talking Points

Nathaniel browsed through the book "Critical Thinking Skills: Learning to Be More Logical" as Eva attempted to teach Haley to walk.  Just the title made him wince!  How was he supposed to pick anything up anything useful from this book anyways?  Where was "Beginner's Logic for Dummies" when you needed it? 
"Sweetie, will you get Ian?" Eva asked, breaking his concentration.

He cocked an ear towards the nursery.  "Babe, I think he's still sleeping..."  As if on cue, Ian started crying.  Nathaniel looked at her bewildered.  "How do you do that?" he asked.

Eva grinned. "I guess it's just my mommy-radar," she joked.
Nathaniel brought his little guy out, fed, diaper changed & wide awake.  He laid Ian on his lap and played with him while Ian looked up at him, gurgling and happy.
It didn't take too long until the little guy was tired again, though.  Nathaniel rocked him to sleep and took him back to the nursery.
"Nathaniel! Come quick! Hurry! I think Haley's ready to walk!" Eva called from the living room.
Nathaniel grabbed his camcorder and rushed in.  "Ready?" Eva asked with a a grin.

"Ready!" he said.  "Walk for Daddy!" he cooed to Haley, turning the recorder on.
Eva had tears in her eyes when her perfect little girl took her first steps while Nathaniel beamed with pride.


"Babe? Are you ready yet?" Nathaniel called up the stairs, pacing downstairs and pulling at his collar.  He hated going to things like this!

"Almost!" Eva called down. causing him to grumble under his breath.
 "Ready!" she said, descending the stairs slowly.

Nathaniel's breath caught staring at her.  "You're so beautiful," he told her. "Let's just go back upstairs. We'll tell everyone the kids are sick."

Eva straightened her husband's collar.  "No one will believe it and then they'll give all their money to Amelia.  Is that what you want?" she teased.
"Alright, come on, let's go!" he said, determined to make the most of it.  This was an important part of Eva's career.
Eva smiled at the babysitter as they left.  "We'll be home by 11," she told her.  "Call me if you have any questions!"


 Then they were on their way to the hot spot Lone Wolff Lounge.


"I'll order a few rounds of drinks before everyone gets here," Eva said after they walked in.  "Oh, Nathaniel! This is going to be wonderful!"
Nathaniel grinned as he watched his wife weave her magic.  The drinks were flowing & it seemed everyone was having a good time.
She went from guest to guest, talking about the changes she would make as their local representative.  Nathaniel's brother, Cliff, had been an easy sell, eager to support a family member.
Eva loved meeting people she'd met before, like Layla Ranger.  A fellow outdoors-lover, she'd eagerly written Eva a check to support her bid for local representative.
By the end of the night, she was exhausted, but so elated.  "Nathaniel, I brought in $50,000 in campaign contributions. Can you believe it?!" she asked excitedly as Nathaniel paid their tab.

"I knew you'd do well!" he told her over his shoulder.

She saw the mayor, Seth Davies, approaching and waved.  "You're a little late for the party!" she teased confidently with a huge grin.  She was riding high right now!  "You should've seen..."
Seth interrupted her.  "Eva, I'm not here for the party," he told her in a somber tone.

"What is it? What's wrong?" she asked worriedly.
Farrah followed behind Seth, glaring at her sister. "As if you care!"

Seth put his hand in front of Farrah and leaned to speak to her quietly.  "I thought we agreed you'd wait in the car," he told her.
Farrah pushed his hand out of her way and scowled at her sister.  "Mama's dead, not as if you'd even care!" she said emotionally, her voice cracking.
"Come on, Farrah. I'll take you home," Seth said, leading her away as Eva and Nathaniel stood there shell-shocked.

The bartender busied herself with cleaning the glasses on the bar.
Eva turned, wide-eyed and pale, towards Nathaniel, stunned.  She opened her mouth to say something, but words didn't come.  With a sob, she buried her face in her hands and felt Nathaniel's arms go around her.  "It's okay Eva.  You can be sad.  No matter what differences you had... she was still your mother..."

The bartender cleared her throat awkwardly. "I'm sorry folks, bar's closed. You'll have to leave now."


  1. O.O What a way to find out your mother passed away. Sheesh Farrah!

    1. Eva has always been apathetic when it came to her mother, going out of her way to avoid her (& Yvonne's new family). I'm pretty sure she's very surprised she cared at all! Sad, sad, sad!

  2. I'm starting to think that Eva's "perfect little girl" might have a lot to live up to in the future. Especially as a politician's daughter.

    I agree, that was a terrible way to find out about Yvonne. And then realize that you actually did care.