July 1, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty, Day Six

Perfectionist To-Do List: Research child development, Finish presentation

With a newborn in the house again, Eva and Nathaniel were back on the torturous 2-hour schedule.  Eva sleepily threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up wearily to answer Ian's wailing call.
Thankfully Haley seemed to be able to sleep through her brother's fussing.  She fed, changed and rocked Ian back to sleep.
Glancing towards Haley's crib, Eva noticed that her perky daughter was now awake.  "Good morning!" she said, lifting Haley up out of the crib as she cooed happily.  "Let's go get a bath!"
Eva takes off Haley's diaper and pajamas off and fills the water in the bathtub.  Bracing her hand behind Haley's back, she let her daughter play in the water as she cleaned the toddler.

"All done!" she called out, wrapping Eva in the hooded duckie towel.  "You look so cute!" she laughed as she rubbed noses with her daughter. 
Letting Haley play for a moment, she went to bring Ian out, settling him on the rug.  Then, it was time to lift Haley up to put her in the highchair for breakfast.  "This was my highchair when I was a little girl!" she told her daughter.  "Maybe one day it'll be your daughter's highchair, too!"

"Mama!" Haley chattered happily, banging the little toddler spoon on the plastic highchair tray. 
"Mmm... nummy cereal!" Eva said as she placed the bowl of baby cereal in front of Haley. 

Haley squealed and threw the spoon down and thrust both hands in the cereal bowl to eat. 

"Oh no! Haley!" Eva laughed watching her daughter.  "So much for the bath!"
After cleaning Haley up, Eva settled on the floor near Ian and read a toddler book with Haley, letting Haley flip the pages and point to all the colors and shapes.  "That's right!" she told Haley.  "This is blue! Pretty blue!"


Eva kept her eye on the time and smiled when the doorbell rang.  "Oh good.  Your babysitter is here now!  Mommy will see you in just a little bit!"  Eva headed to let the babysitter in and tried to ignore Haley's whimpering behind her.  Somehow that little girl always seemed to know when Eva was going to leave and she absolutely hated being left behind.

"Aw, I'm so sorry, baby! But Mommy has to go do work. I'll be home really soon!"
Eva met Amelia Landgraab at the Doo Peas Business Tower.  A local business had asked for Eva and Amelia to come by and give a presentation on public speaking and conversation skills. 
Eva adjusted her briefcase and flashed a quick smile at Amelia. She was looking forward to this presentation.  It was always fun to engage with people like this!  "Are you ready for this?" she asked. 
"Of course I am. It's not that big of a deal," Amelia grumbled. 
Eva sighed and rolled her eyes.  "Let's just get this over with," she said, striding in front of Amelia.


Eva strode through the door with the piping hot pizza in her hand.  "Dinner!" she said, smiling when she saw Nathaniel teaching Haley how to talk.

Nathaniel looked up and grinned back, hoisting Haley into his arms. "Mommy's home! And she brought pizza!"

"Za!" Haley cheered.  "Za!"

"No pizza for you!" Eva said with a laugh.
Nathaniel settled Haley in highchair next to Eva and reached around to grab a slice.  "So how'd the presentation go?" he asked as he sat down.

"Oh, it went great! Everyone in the audience were listening so raptly! I think I really made a difference!  One woman came up to me afterwards and said that she'd always been so fearful to speak up and that my tips had helped her immensely!"

Nathaniel patted Eva's shoulder. "Congratulation, babe! That's great!"

She smiled with self-satisfaction.  "She said she thought that I should run for local representative..."

Nathaniel paused.  "And?" he asked.


  1. Yay! I'm officially caught up! I think. *checks chapter list* Yep, I'm caught up! lol

    Eva is showing how different she is from her mother, just look at all the time she spends with her kids--bath time, reading time, even meal time. I think the 4 of them are an adorable family!
    It's exciting for Eva to run for local representative, I just hope she doesn't get too busy for her family. At least she is aware of how it feels to be on the receiving end of all consuming ambition, so hopefully she can avoid those pitfalls. =)

    1. Hehe.. and I've been slow on the updates because life is stalling me out. :) I love how different Eva is from Yvonne! (So much more fun to write!) I've really enjoyed this generation!

      I don't think Eva will ever get too busy for her family - but we'll see what she does!

  2. It's so nice see Eva being a way more attentive parent than Yvonne was. Haley is so adorable!!
    Go Eva! Raising in the ranks pretty quickly. I'm still side eyeing Amelia. I'm just waiting for her to double cross Eva. As she gets higher up the ladder I know her claws are going to come out, I hope I'm wrong though. :)

    1. Oh yeah, keep side-eyeing Amelia. That @#$% is crazy! :)

      Although, to be real, are we more worried about Farrah or Amelia?!

      Hehe... love Eva & Nate as loving parents! Although, I am worried about teaching Haley everything she needs to know to grow up perfect. The PRESSURE!

  3. Eva really is on top of things. I'm glad that she makes time for everything, and not just her career. I do question why they need a babysitter if Nathaniel is home, though. Or is he still working on the movie during the day?

    1. Nathan is at the movie studio during the day, finishing off the final touches on the coming-soon documentary. :)

    2. Ah, I see, sorry about that. I'm looking forward to seeing how that documentary turns out; if Nathaniel will be happy with what the studio does with it.