July 11, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty-One, Day Two

Perfectionist To-Do List: Research New Daycares, Attend Screening

"Hi, Eva," Veronica said when Eva came to drop off Haley and Ian.  "Hi Miss Eva!" she said, grinning at the little girl.  "Come on in!"
Eva sighed as the kids took off to play.  "You're a life-saver Veronica!"

Veronica looked down at the kids.  "Well, I've enjoyed watching them. You know Johnny starts kindergarten soon, though.   I'm going to try to get back into the business field with my free time. I'm not going to be able to watch Ian full-time."

"I'm so happy for you! We'll figure out what to do when the time comes!" Eva said. "I have to run, the work of a Local Representative is never done!"  Looking at her babies, she blew kisses, "Have a good day! Mommy will see you later!"

Veronica sat down with Johnny and started practicing his alphabet.  She wanted to make sure he was ready for kindergarten. 
 The younger children wandered over to the toys and began playing.  Ian was new to discovering all sorts of things - like when he hit the pretty wooden toy with a stick, it made a little sound.
 He hit it harder and grinned.  Looking at his sister, he hit her in the back of the head with the stick.
Haley started wailing and ran over to find Miss Veronica.  "He hit me!" she complained grumpily, rubbing the back of her head. 


"Thanks for watching the kids," Nathaniel told Veronica after a studio meeting.  "Sorry I can't stay to chat. I gotta run!"


"Are you ready?" he asked excitedly.

Eva smiled.  "I sure am. Babysitter's on her way over. Let me go get ready!"


"Cliff!" Nathaniel called out, greeting his brother and his family.
"Look at these kids! They're growing like weeds! What are you feeding them?" he asked as he kissed his sister-in-law's cheek in greeting.
"Come on, let's see the movie screening!" Cliff said. 

"I can't wait," Nathaniel said excitedly.


The guests took their seats, ready to view the documentary.
The lights went out and the screening began with a bang...
"What the..." Nathaniel said with growing horror as he watched the film progress.


"What were you thinking?!" Nathaniel confronted Farrah angrily. 
"Plans changed!" she snapped back. 

"You can't do that! I was told it was going to be a tasteful documentary about my Dad's rise to fame.  They turned it into a expose that makes him look like a sex addict!"

Farrah shrugged. "It's well-documented Melvin Wolff had affairs.  What? Are you worried Eva's going to start worrying about you?" she asked snidely.
"Unbelievable!" he vented, throwing his hands up in the air before turning back to her.  "This film is never going to see the light of day!" he threatened. 
Again Farrah just shrugged, "Sorry, honey, you have zero creative control! You're just the help!"  

Nathaniel wheeled back in surprise.  "Just the..." he sputtered in outrage.  "I signed a contract saying..."

Farrah interrupted, smirking, "...that you have waive any and all decisions to the producers.  Oh, and, you agreed to perform in three other pictures if the studio wants you."

"Three?" he echoed, "I shouldn't have trusted you."

"No, you should've read the contract.  First rule of business - make sure you know what you're signing," she taunted before walking away. 

Nathaniel heard the muffled steps of her heels as she strolled from the room and felt his stomach pitch.  He had to read that contract!


  1. Ah, so this is how Farrah and the studio are going to keep Nathaniel around. I'm guessing he didn't read the contract too carefully because his brother was so excited by the whole thing.

    1. Mwah ha ha... he should've read the contract better!

  2. ROFL at Ian bopping his sister on the head with the stick!

    I knew something bad was going to come of him not reading that contract! Smh. What a shame. I feel so bad for Nathaniel. Farrah is in top form as always.

    1. Hehehe... poor Ian still has to learn what he can hit and what he can't hit. :)

      Yup. Farrah's a piece of work! Nathaniel is going to be regretting not reading that contract for awhile! Hopefully he'll find different management after he finishes those darn movies for the studio!

  3. Argh, no! Farrah, you big meanie! Grieving for her own moher should have taught her not to disrespect other sims' dead parents :/