September 9, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty-One, Day Four

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Make sure Haley gets to school, Meet with Ian's nanny, Don't forget Ballet!

Haley snorted and rolled over, flinging her hand over her eyes.  "Five more minutes..." she mumbled.


Haley sighed and flung her blankets off. 
"I'M UP! I'M UP!"  she called downstairs to her mother, grumbling under her breath the whole while.  She absolutely hated mornings!
When she came downstairs, she stumbled to the fridge and pulled the milk out, making herself a bowl of cereal by route.

Her mom was busy on the phone, which suited her just find because she was tired!  Whose idea was it to make school so early in the morning anyway?!

"Okay, great.  Yes, see you soon," Eva said as she ended her call.  Turning to her daughter, she smiled brightly, bouncing Ian on her hip.   "Good morning, honey.  How'd you sleep?"
 Haley scowled as she plopped down at the table and started shoveling her cereal in her mouth. 
"The babysitter will be here soon.  Are you sure you know your way to school now?" Eva fretted.
 "I got it, Mom. Dad showed me the way three times.  There's no way I could get lost!"

"I can take you on my way to work..." Eva pressed.

"Mom! It's only a few blocks away! I can ride! I promise! I'm a big girl now!"
Eva sighed as she pulled her daughter in for a hug.  "I know you are.  But that doesn't make it any easier! Go on!" she called out as Haley started towards the door.

"Bye mom!" Haley called over her shoulder.

"And don't forget you have the ballet after-school program! I put your leotard in your backpack for you!" she called out.
Haley took off at a run.  She didn't want her mom to change her mind!

As the door slammed shut, she heard her mom calling out, "...and LEARN!"
 Eva sighed as Ian crawled over to play with the blocks.  "Well, now it's just you and me!" she said.
 Ian just played happily.

Eva checked her watch.  "Where is the babysitter?" she wondered aloud.  She needed to get to work.  Now that Veronica's son had started school, she wasn't staying at home any longer.  After weighing the pros and cons, Nathaniel and Eva had decided to use an in-home sitter.
Just as she'd checked her watch again, Stacy breezed in and lifted Ian up.  "Sorry, Mrs. B," she said, "I had car trouble."
"That's okay.  You're sure you have everything you need?" Eva asked, feeling reluctant to leave.

"Yeah. Ian and I are going to have a great day, aren't we?" she asked, making faces at Ian that made him laugh and reach for her nose.

"And you have my cell phone?" she asked.

"Don't worry about a thing.  I've been a nanny for three years now!  Ian is in good hands!"

"Oh, I know!" Eva assured the girl. Had she looked so young when they'd interviewed her, Eva wondered.  Stacy looked like she was still in high school.  She nibbled her lip and she tried to remember how old Stacy's resume had said she was... Nineteen! she remembered.

Stacy smiled reassuringly.  "Feel free to call if you want to check in on him!"

Eva managed to snap out of it.  "Of course! He's my second! I thought it would've been easier to go back to work!" she laughed, somewhat self-consciously.  "If you can't get me on my cell, feel free to call my office.  The number's on the fridge."

"Most definitely.  If we need you, we'll call, won't we Ian?" Stacy asked, patiently waiting for Eva to quit having a break-down and walk out the front door.

Eva took a deep breath.  "Have a wonderful day!" and then headed to work.


Haley biked home after her Ballet after-school class ended.  She wondered if her mom would make her take ballet, even if she hated it.  She wasn't as girly-girly as the other girls in class...

Penelope Landgraab had teased her when she hadn't been able to get the steps quite right.

Even Miss Leil had sighed a little when she'd fumbled the tippie-toe move and knocked over all the girls in the line.
Haley was surprised to see Stacy still at the house.  "Is mom home?" she asked.

Stacy smiled.  "Not yet.  She called me to ask if I could stay late."

 Haley blew out her breath and sighed. 

"Come on, I'll get you some dinner!" Stacy said brightly.  "Then we can work on your homework!"


Eva smiled as she watched her father and brother perform together.  Too bad Uncle Devon had passed away last yearHe would've loved joining them, she thought sadly.  They'd always known how to work a crowd...


Something was wrong...
"DAD!" Eva yelled as she hurried up the stage as she watched Chase's fingers slip from the bass and his body go limp.
The Black Heirloom Guitar dropped from Greyson's fingers as he watched his Dad crumble to the ground.  "Dad!" he called out to the audience, "Someone call an ambulance!"
Eva met Sandra's eyes and knew.

He was gone.


 But never forgotten... we love you Chase!


  1. For some reason, it was really hard for me with Chase going to the Great Beyond. I actually thought it was ironic because I had such a hard time getting attached to him at the beginning of his Young Adulthood. I hadn't really done much with him when he was a child or a teen, so I was still feeling out his character. The night he went with Devon to get a celebratory drink really cemented in my mind what type of guy he was. (Not sure anyone noticed, but he never drank again!) Lol. He had ALOT of ups & downs, but he was so much fun to write! I'm definitely going to miss him!

  2. I really like Haley. She wants to be independent and do her own thing. I wonder if Eva will let her, though. Maybe if she offers another idea for an after-school activity?

    Aw, Chase! He definitely did have his ups and downs, but I would think he was happy when he died. That's a good way to go, among the people you love.

    1. Eva's going to hover a bit because she wants everything to be perfect for her kids & for them to enjoy their childhood. :) I'm really enjoying Haley, too! I can't believe she's almost a teenager in the game already!