September 13, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty-One, Day Seven

Perfectionist To-Do List: Save Crystal Springs!

Haley snuck up into the attic and rooted around the stuff strewn around.  She stopped short at the little witch gnome.  "Creepy!" she said, hedging past it carefully. 

"Ooooo... a chest!" she muttered, dropping to her knees and opening the lid, her eyes lighting up with delight.
"Pretty!" Haley put on the princess dress, then slid the gloves onto her hands.  She wondered if this was her mom's when she was little.  
Giggling, she spun and danced, prancing around the bare-wood floor in the attic. 

But, suddenly she felt uncomfortable.  She shivered and looked around.  Her eyes fell on the witch-gnome.  It almost felt like the gnome was watching her... 

"Grow up..." she muttered, but, feeling unsettled, she hurriedly pulled the play clothes off and stuffed back in the chest and scurried downstairs.


"Hey Mom! Can I go over to Rachel's?" she asked.
"Dad?" she tried again when it was clear her mom wasn't paying attention.  "Dad, Can I go over to Rachel's?!"
Nathaniel looked up from his script and blinked.  Kiki had given him another script - the last one he was contractually obligated to complete.  "What? Rachel's? Eva? Are you okay with that?" he asked, looking across their desks, deferring to his wife.

Eva glanced up, "What?"

"Haley wants to go over to play with Rachel."

"Oh, yeah.  Go ahead, sweetie."  Eva smiled ruefully at her daughter.  "I'm sorry. I'm distracted.  I'm trying to figure out how to save the Crystal Springs."

Haley grinned and whooped, sprinting from the room.

"Be home before dark, though!" Eva called out after her daughter.


Haley hoped on her bike and headed over to her best friend's. Haley was in ballet with Rachel because their Dads were best friends. 
The girls always had fun together, laughing about school, dumb ballet, or that bratty Penelope Landgraab, who always made sure to rub it in that her mom was now mayor.

Pulling up onto her friend's driveway, she was glad to see Rachel outside.  "Hey Rachel! I came over to play!" she announced.
Rachel's eyes lit up.  "Yay!" she cheered.  "I was getting so bored."  Suddenly her  eyes lit up.  "Oh I know! Let's see if you can spend the night! Let's go ask Daddy!" she added eagerly, pulling Haley inside with her.
"I'm so glad you're going to get to stay the night!" Rachel said.  "We're going to have so much fun!"
"Tonight is going to be awesome!" Haley agreed.
Haley glanced towards a noise at the door and saw Rachel's half-brother, Johnny, sneaking in.  Johnny motioned her to be quiet, but before she could say anything to Rachel, he hurried up behind her.
"BOO!" he called out, shaking his sister's shoulders.
Rachel jerked up, scared to bits.  "You SCARED me, Johnny!" she said testily.

"Say you're sorry, Johnny!" Haley said, sticking up for her friend.
"Aw, come on, Haley, she's being a baby!"

"I am not!" Rachel said stomping her foot.

"Yes you are!" he retorted smoothly.

"Am not! Am not! Am not!" Rachel fumed, stomping her foot.  "I'm telling Daddy!"
Haley sighed. "Now you're going to get in trouble, Johnny. Why couldn't you just apologize?"

"Aw, come on, you wouldn't have gotten so scared! You're not all girly-girly!" Johnny argued, frustrated that Rachel had run off to tattle. 

Haley thought back to this morning when she'd found the princess dress-up clothes and gotten scared by the witch-gnome. 
"I wouldn't be so sure of that," she muttered, leaving Johnny alone in the room.  She could already hear Rachel sobbing to her parents.

Johnny mulishly crossed his arms and waited for his Dad to come talk to him...


"Come on, bud.  You promised you wouldn't pick on your sister this weekend.  But you weren't even in the door five minutes before starting something!" Tomas Vasquez said, his voice edged with frustration. 
"I just startled her, Dad. It wasn't a big deal!" Johnny said, looking up at his Dad innocently.  "I didn't know she was going to get so mad!"

Tomas sighed.  "You embarrassed her in front of her friend.  Girls don't like that."

Johnny scowled.  "It's just Haley!"

"Promise no more teasing," Tomas said sternly, ruffling his son's hair.

"Yeah, yeah. I promise..."

"Johnny, I mean it!"

"I know, I know!" Johnny groused, following his dad out of the room.
"DINNER!" Sonja called out.
Haley sat down next to Rachel, who was shooting dirty looks at her brother.
Tomas and Sonja finished first, taking their bowls away.  "There's more if you want another helping, kiddos.  We're going to go watch a movie in our room," Tomas said, winking at Sonja.
Sonja smothered a laugh as they headed to the sink with their dishes.  "A movie?" she teased.

Tomas wiggled his eyebrows wickedly.  "It's better than announcing I want to make love to my wife, isn't it?"

"TOMAS!" Sonja said, slapping his shoulder and glancing around to make sure the kids weren't listening.  "Behave!"

"Race you to the room," he whispered in her ear.
Rachel rolled her eyes when her parents ran off giggling.  "They're probably going to do it," she announced confidently.  "They're always doing it."

"What's it?" Haley asked.

Rachel paused. "I don't know," she finally admitted, which was really hard because she always liked to be right.
"You guys are dumb. They're going to have sex." he announced confidently.  "That's how babies are made!"

"Come on, Haley, let's go get ready for bed!" Rachel said with a little sniff, completely ignoring her brother.

Haley sighed and followed after her friend, looking back to see Johnny following after them.  
"So how did you know what 'it' was anyways?" Haley asked. 

Johnny shrugged, "That's what my mom told me."

Rachel gritted her teeth, "Haley! You're not supposed to talk to him!"

Johnny rolled his eyes.  "I'm sorry I scared you, Rachel, okay?" he apologized, but ruined any hope of it sounding sincere by adding, "Geez!"
Haley turned her attention back to Johnny, "But why did your mom tell you?" she asked.  She wondered what other things her parents hadn't told her!

Johnny shrugged again, looking sheepish.  "I guess cause I'd asked her why she didn't get pregnant like Sonja is..."

Rachel glanced down at her hands, feeling embarrassed for giving her brother a hard time. She knew that her dad had gotten both of their mom's pregnant at the same time and then had chosen her mom.  She wondered if Johnny hated her because of that.  
She opened her mouth to ask him when Sonja popped in.  "Alright kiddos, lights out!"
"Awww..." they all groaned in unison. 

"Night mom, Night Keely!" Rachel said, hurrying over to give her mom and little sister hugs and kisses goodnight.
And then the kids slowly settled down to sleep.


Eva sighed as she closed her laptop lid, a sense of peace stealing over her.  She might not be able to sway Amelia from destroying Crystal Springs, but she knew how she could stop the negotiations in it's tracks!

She had the perfect idea and she just had to be successful!


  1. Are Eva and Nathaniel usually so caught up in their work? Or is this just because they both have new projects to work on? They need to make sure they still give their kids enough attention; I felt bad for Haley there.

    It's nice to see Tomas' family, and he seems pretty happy with how things turned out. I don't think Johnny hates Rachel; he's probably picking on her to show affection, and because he wants to be around her.

    1. A fluke! But they were definitely distracted that morning! Eva is desperate to save Crystal Springs, so I had her working on befriending a few more people via chat (i.e. sending out campaign emails) & Nathaniel had to read a book for a work oppurtunity (i.e. his script). Once Nathaniel finished, he spent the rest of the day teaching Ian to talk. :)

      Really, I wanted to send Haley over to show she was friends with Rachel. :) I loved heading over to Tomas' family! I didn't take pics of it, but Johnny's stepmom kept jumping in the picture to hang out with him. At one point, she came in to announce she was pregnant & then another time she came in and he rubbed her belly. Aw, they're so well adjusted! Lol!