September 13, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty-One, Day Six

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Back to Reality, Congratulate Mayor Landgraab (?)...

Helen Keaton glanced up from her desk when she heard Eva walk in.  "Oh good, you're here. She wanted to see you when you got in."  Helen rolled her eyes, her opinion of their new boss very clear.
Eva sighed, tiredly rubbing at the base of her neck.  "Thanks Helen.  Might as well get it over with."

"Good luck," Helen muttered.
Eva walked to the Mayor's office and took a deep, calming breath.
"Mayor Landgraab," she greeted the new mayor formally, just like Amelia had requested. Amelia took every opportunity to remind Eva that she had won the mayoral election, even if only by default.  "I heard you needed to speak with me."

Amelia Landgraab smirked.  "Please, come in.  I wanted to update you since you were gone so long on bereavement leave."
Eva settled into the chair.  "It was only a week," she muttered.

"Be that as it may.  I promised the voters that we would act decisively to make changes during our administration."  Amelia paused for dramatic effect.

Suddenly Eva got the feeling that Amelia was toying with her.  Was she going to fire her?  Eva schooled her features, pulling out her notepad and pen, poised to write.  "I'm ready," she said.
Amelia frowned, studying Eva, visibly upset that her jabs hadn't affected the cool, confident Eva.  "I understand you just returned from a vacation from Crystal Springs..." she trailed off.

"Yes, we did." Eva said with a slight nod. 

"As I recall, you were instrumental in the policy regarding the Crystal Springs development - or should I say the cessation of the Crystal Springs development.  It was at your insistence and lobbying that Seth withdrew his support from turning Crystal Springs into a residential community." 

"That's true. I have devoted my career to the preservation of Crystal Springs and other nature zones," Eva responded without hesitation, her voice tinged with pride.

Amelia smiled tightly, "Then I'm sure you'll be very disappointed to hear that we've re-opened negotiations with Iron-Corp."
Her pen dropped from her hand.  "You what?!" she asked, blinking with shock.  "But..."

Amelia raised her hand.  "Please, don't waste your time arguing.  It's already done.  Our city attorneys are negotiating with Iron-Corp, with a substantial bonus promised if we complete the sale with the month."  Amelia smiled.  "It seems Iron-Corp has remained eager to build a community surrounding the natural springs."
"I cannot believe you!" Eva said, narrowing her eyes at Amelia.  "You're only doing this to hurt me? Why? What have I EVER done to you?!"

Amelia scoffed, "PLEASE! As though I would make any important business decisions based on your insignificant opinions!"
Eva shot to her feet.  "I will not let you do this, Amelia."

"It's already done!" Amelia gloated.

Eva quickly stormed from the office, feeling extreme satisfaction when the door slammed shut and rattled the door frame.  

Helen glanced up from her desk. "Wha...?" Helen asked in surprise when she saw the look on Eva's face.

"Don't even ask," Eva snapped as she grabbed her purse from her desk and stalked from the office.


If Amelia had her way, she would lose her beloved Crystal Springs...


Across town, Nathaniel was locked in his own personal hell, as well.
"Alright guys, are you ready to film the scene again?" Kiki asked the group of actors surrounding her.  "Time is money! Let's get this right!"
"You ready, Lyle?" Nathaniel asked his co-star. 

Lyle grinned, "Ready if you are!"

They jogged down to the end of the set and took their places.
"ACTION!" Kiki shouted out.

Nathaniel and Lyle took off, running towards the glass building-set.

"CUT!" Kiki yelled suddenly. 
 Nathaniel sighed heavily and stopped.

"You need to run like you're actually trying to save the Simerian Princess!" Kiki admonished them.  "Let's do it again."  She motioned towards Mick and Layla, "Go ahead and take your places."
Nathaniel and Lyle jogged back to their starting line.   "Man, this leather jumpsuit is hot!" he complained as they waited for Kiki to call the shot.

"Yeah, especially in the middle of summer," Lyle responded glumly, shifting in his suit.  "I think I'm getting a rash."

Nathaniel frowned.  He hated this...

Nathaniel and Lyle raced across the set, sprinting through the door.
"I don't think they're here, Captain Ace," Lyle said, repeating his lines.

"Oh, they're here.  I can smell Giglamor.  Come on, follow me," Nathaniel said his lines with feeling as he sprinted towards the ladder.

 "Roger that, Captain," Lyle said as he fell in step behind Nathaniel.
"So you found us, after all!" Mick said slickly, oozing evil charm quite believably. 
He cracked his knuckles as the camera zoomed in on the Simerian Princess locked behind the energy bars.  "But it seems that you are too late.  With a push of this button..." Mick/Giglamor held up a controller with one large red button, pausing for dramatic effect.
And Nathaniel leaped across the space dividing them, wrestling the controller from the villain.  He easily went through the fight-scene choreography, holding up the controller and shoving Mick towards Lyle in triumph.
"Hold him!" Nathaniel told his co-star.  "I'm sure General Starr will be happy to meet with his old friend."

"NOOOO!!" Mick pretended to struggle against Lyle's confinement.
Tapping the sequence to deactivate the energy bars, the Simerian Princess was freed.  With tears in her eyes, she launched herself into Nathaniel's arms. 

"I knew you would save me!" she said with feeling, looking deeply into his eyes.

"CUT!" Kiki called out. "Let's take it from the top!"


  1. Ugh, Amelia must still be crazy jealous of Eva, that is just like her to do.

    Aw, I feel bad for Nathaniel, he seems miserable with what he's doing.

  2. Grr, Amelia! I hope Eva manages to foil her evil plans. Destroying nature just to annoy someone... >:(

    The movie shoot was really fun! It's so nice getting a glimpse into the rabbithole careers :D