September 27, 2014

Eva: Week Twenty-Two, Day Two

Perfectionist To-Do List: Sign Permission Slips, Plan Haley's birthday party, Wrap present, Get cake

"Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me..." Haley sang to herself as she pulled her breakfast from the E-Z-bake oven.
Mmm, "I love birthday cake!" she said happily as she sat down and began eating her morning treat.


"Mom? Do I have to go to school today?" Ian asked grumpily.
"Don't worry Ian, it's a new adventure! I'm sure you'll love it!"
"I don't know about all that..." Ian grumbled.

"Come on, Ian, it's time to go!" Haley called out as she skipped down the stairs.
The kids hopped on the bus and sat down next to each other.  "Don't worry, Ian. You're going to love it!" Haley promised.


"Good filming today," Layla Ranger told Nathaniel before she left.   They were filming on location  at the seedy bar for part of their western movie. 

"Yeah, you too," Nathaniel said, nodding to her boyfriend, Brendon Black.  He checked his watch.  He had to get going soon. He'd promised Eva that he wouldn't be late tonight.

But there was one thing he wanted to talk to Nikki about before he left, though.
"Hey Nikki, got a moment?" he asked as he approached the director.

Nikki shrugged, "Sure. What's up?"

"I was just noticing during the shoot today that the scene wasn't really coming together." he said cautiously.  "I was thinking that if we tried approaching from a different angle, it might work better."

"What do you mean?" Nikki asked, cocking her head to the side. 

"I just thought that a camera that rolled from the ceiling might better show the bar fight, rather than the smaller camera that they were using." 

Nikki tapped her lips as she considered his suggestion.  "You know, I can totally dig it. Let me talk to the cameramen about it. We'll re-shoot tomorrow..." 

"Great! See you tomorrow!" he promised.

Nikki playfully slugged him on the shoulder. "You've got an eye for the camera work, buddy! A real eye! I'm going to run some of the production issues by you from now on!"

Nathaniel headed out of the bar whistling happy.  Normally he couldn't wait until the acting contract had been served so that he could walk away from the entire entertainment industry.  But, more and more he'd been thinking that he could do a pretty good job behind the scenes, maybe even behind the camera!


"Mom! It looks great!" Haley said excitedly when she saw the balloons and the cake.  "When is everyone getting here?"

"Soon!" Eva called out as she finished cleaning up the living room, stuffing toys under the couch and chucking Ian's dirty socks into his room.
"Knock! Knock!" Tomas called out as he followed his daughter inside. 

"Rachel! I'm glad you could make it!" Haley said excitedly.  "I love your dress!"

"Thanks! My mom got it for me for my birthday!"

Soon the rest of her family and friends had shown up and were ready to celebrate.
"Blow the candles out!" her dad called out as her mom blew on noise-maker.  Haley took a deep breath and blew out the candles on the cake.
"Open your present!" Rachel called out.  "Let's see what you got!"

Haley eagerly ripped the wrapping paper away.
"Oh wow! A tablet! AWESOME!"
"I love it, mom!" Haley said excitedly, giving her mom and dad a big hug. 

Everyone gathered around the table to grab a piece of cake...

...everyone but Johnny...
"You didn't want any cake?" Haley asked after she'd cornered him.

Johnny shrugged, "Eh, whatever. It looked like a girl cake."

Haley laughed. "It's pink because it's strawberry - not girly!"

"Yeah, whatever," Johnny responded.

Haley awkwardly shifted.  "Well... thanks for coming," she said, not really knowing what else to say.
"Yeah, well, my dad made me," he said, acting as though he wanted to be as far from her as possible. 

Haley's eyes widened. "Oh, well... thanks anyway..." she trailed off.

"Looks like everyone's heading out. Catch ya later," he said, scurrying away.

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  1. Wow, Tomas is going to have a job keeping the boys away from Rachel! Something tells me he would be the overprotective type.

    What's up with you, Johnny? If you like her, you don't have to hide it so much by being mean.