February 15, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Four, Day Two

Perfectionist To-Do List: Finalize Election Party, Prepare Acceptance Speech, Prepare Loser's Speech

Ian's stomach dropped when he saw Keely waiting for him before school. He thought he'd made his disinterest in her pretty clear by not answering any of her calls.
"I don't have anything to say to you," he said, attempting to walk by her.

"But Ian!" she cried out, reaching for him.  Ian recoiled from her.
Angrily, she stomped her foot. "What is the matter with you?" she demanded.

"What's the matter?!" he asked with disbelief.  He couldn't believe how she was acting all innocent when he'd seen her with his own eyes.  "What are you insane?!"
Keely shoved her finger in his face. "Don't," she emphasized, "Call me insane!"

"It's over Keely," Ian grumbled. "Just get over it!"

"But, Ian..." she pouted petulantly.

Ian just brushed her off.  "I saw you with Ellis, Keely! Okay?! I SAW you!"

Keely's mouth dropped open.  "When?" she asked, accidentally confirming that she'd been unfaithful... more than once.

He just shook his head and walked off, leaving her fuming behind him.
Cecelie tried to hurry inside before either Ian or Keely noticed that she'd been witness to their drama.
But of course, Keely's eyes sought her out.  "What? You think that he's going to want you?" Keely asked cruelly.  "As if!"

Cecelie just hurried inside, pretending she hadn't heard.


Eva stepped out of City Hall, nervous about the "Big Day."  Seth Davies had campaigned hard against her, attempting a smear campaign the likes of which she had never seen before.  It had amused her when he had attacked her family - seeing as how he was married to her sister. 
Grabbing her cell phone, she called up her press manager, Dolores, "Is everything ready?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am.  We've planned the party for this evening at the Community Center.  We'll be playing the results tally live from the conference room.  And when all goes well, we'll have the celebratory cake in the ballroom!"


Duanne grabbed Ian's elbow. "Come on, let's just go," he said, attempting to pull Ian away. 
Ian just shrugged Duanne's hand off his arm and stalked forward.  "I thought you were my friend!" he shouted.
Ellis sneered, "Oh, poor Ian! Why should you get everything! You're like some G.D. Golden Boy! Well guess what! Keely wanted me instead! How do you like that?!"
Ian launched himself at his ex-friend with fists swinging.
But a few quick jabs to his stomach and Ian was on the ground as Ellis stood over him triumphantly.   "Not the best at fighting, either?  Are you?" Ellis taunted.


"Thank you for coming," Eva greeted people as they came in.  Pulling Dolores aside, she told her, "The room looks wonderful! You really went all out!"  She looked around and smiled as she watched people coming together from all different walks of life.
"Peter!" she greeted her running mate.  "Nervous?"

Peter Sekemoto grinned.  "We've got this in the bag, Eva.  The polls have us in the lead!"

"Well, we'll have to wait and see what the voters say!" she said, not wanting to get too excited. 
"Everyone! Quiet! They're announcing the results!" Nathaniel called out, taking a seat.  The room went quiet as everyone froze as the number of votes were called out.

"...And the next President is Eva Black-Wolff!" the newscaster announced.
The room went wild.
"We did it!" she cheered, unable to contain her absolute glee.
"Oh, Nathaniel," she said as she found herself in Nathaniel's arms. "We did it!"

Nathaniel squeezed his wife. "You did it!"  He didn't think he had ever been prouder of her than this moment.

Behind them, she heard a voice from her past, "Eva?"
Turning, she found her old high school friend, Arturo Landgraab.  He closed the space between them, holding out his hand to shake her.  "I had to come down to congratulate you," he told her. 

Eva didn't hesitate to take his hand in hers.  "It means a lot to me, Arturo.  You were the one that opened my eyes to politics!"  She reminisced fondly. 
"It was you and me against the world!"

Haley ran into the room, scanning the ballroom for her mother.  She had missed the voting tally because of an awards presentation at school.  But, she'd gotten here as soon as she could!
When she entered, she felt all eyes turn towards her.  She couldn't help but feel shy when she became the center of attention.  She certainly wasn't used to being a public figure like her parents!
Seeing her mother across the room, she smiled and waved,  hurrying over to her side.  "I heard the wonderful news, mama! I'm so proud of you!"  She beamed.  "Can you believe it? My mom - the President!"

"Thank you so much sweetheart!"  Eva hugged her daughter and then pulled back a moment, eyeing her with wistful eyes.  "How you've grown, Haley.  What a fine young lady you've become!"


  1. Oh wow Ellis---what a schmuck friend you are, jealous much? It's a good thing that Ian found out what both Keely and Ellis are like now, instead of later. Poor Ian though, that would be hard to take, plus he lost the fight!

    Oh yay! Eva won! She'll make a terrific president. =)

    1. Hehe, that really stunk that Ian lost the fight. I kind of expected him to win! Talk about a blow to your pride! He's really hurting right now! Keely is dead to him, but he actually wants to be friends with Ellis again.

      Eva did it! She's president! (Boy, that was ALOT of charisma skilling!) She's going to make some pretty terrific changes. Starting with one major change next chapter! :-O

  2. Poor Ian; he's just in the middle of a big mess right now.

    Congrats to Eva!

    1. Yay Eva! She did a lot of speech prepping (i.e. standing in front of the mirror working on charisma!) Lol

      And Ian is not happy with the world right now. :(

  3. Yaaaay, a president that cares about the environment! Hooray for Eva Black-Wolff! What a lovely way to end this generation :D

    I can't wait to see what Haley gets up to. I'm just assuming that she's the heir and not Ian, even though you gave him just as much story and attention!

    1. Way to go Eva! I'm sad to see her go, though!

      Haley is the heir. I always pick the oldest heir to be the heir. It's unwritten law. Lol