February 9, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Three, Day Five

Perfectionist To-Do List: Catch Red-Eye Flight Home, Christmas Celebration

Nathaniel glanced over at his children who were up early and waiting for their mother to get home. 

"Are you sure she's going to make it?" Haley asked, again.
"She's going to make it. There's no way your mom is going to miss Christmas!" he assured her.

Haley glanced at the clock and sighed. "I hate her running for election!" she groaned.  "I miss her!"

"Me, too," Nathaniel echoed quietly.  "Come on, let's have some strawberry frappe and then we'll get dressed."

Home at last, Eva thought with a smile as she headed up the front walk.  It felt so good to be home!  She'd missed her family so much while she'd been away. 
Opening the door, she smiled at the yelps of surprise.  "I'm home!" she announced with a huge grin, dropping her luggage by the door and opening her arms.
"She's home!" Ian yelled loudly as he and Haley ran to greet her.

"We missed you so much!" Haley cheered.
Nathaniel was by her side in two strides, pulling her into his arms.  She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight. "I missed you so much," she said in a emotion-laden voice.  They held on to each other, basking in each other's touch.

After a few moments, Nathaniel, pressed a kiss to her cheek, and stepped aside to let the kids greet their mom.
Haley threw herself into her mom's arms.  "It wasn't the same without you!" she complained.  "I hate you being gone so much!"

Eva rubbed her daughter's back. "I can do a lot of good if we're elected into office. But, right now,"   she said brightly, "What's this I hear about Christmas?!"


Eva took a moment to hurry upstairs and change before coming back downstairs to open family presents.  They'd decided to exchange their gifts to each other before everyone else arrived. 
"This is for you," Ian said, holding out a gift to Eva. 

Haley butted in, "I helped pick it out!"
Eva opened the present and gasped with delight when she saw the emerald and diamond necklace. "It's beautiful, Nathaniel! Thank you!" she said, giving him a kiss. 

"Ew!" Ian grumbled at his parent's open show of affection.

Rolling her eyes, Eva turned to Haley, as well, "Thank you, dear," she said, kissing her forehead. "And thank you, as well," she said to Ian, kissing his forehead.

Ian swiped at his forehead, acting like he was going to die from being kissed as Haley chided him for acting immature.
Eva ignored them both.  "This is for you," she told Nathaniel, holding out a present.  "I picked it up when I was in Bridgeport."

Paper flew in the air as Nathaniel ripped into it.  "It's a Sonyo VideoStop Triple!" he said excitedly.  "This is perfect, babe!"
"What'd you get me? What'd you get me?" Haley asked excitedly. 

Nathaniel laughed and handed her a gift.  "From your mom and I," he said as she ripped into the present.  "Oh my God!" she screamed, "A Serious Artist's Easel? Really? For me?!"

Ian quipped, "Nobody else would want it!"

Eva shot him a "look" to behave.
"And now for Ian!" Eva announced, handing her youngest his gift. 

Ian shredded the paper in anticipation.  "No way! It's an electronic dartboard! This is awesome!"

"You like it?" Eva asked.

"Like it?! I love it!" he answered brightly.

Nathaniel shared a look with Eva, "I told you so!" he teased. Eva stuck her tongue out at him.  What did she know about what a teenage boy wanted for Christmas! It'd been so much easier when he was little!
"Now you, Mom.  This is from me," Haley said proudly, handing Eva a gift box. 

Eva opened it carefully and tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh sweetie," she said, wiping at her cheeks. "This is perfect! I'm going to hang it right here where everyone can see it!"
"You like it, Mom?" Haley asked nervously as Eva hung the painting up.

"I love it!" Eva assured her. 

Ian cocked his head and stared at the painting. "Kind of green, isn't it?" he asked.

Eva put her hand on her hip "Enough teasing, Ian! Haley worked really hard on this and it's perfect just the way it is!"

Haley was touched. "Thanks, Mom!" she beamed.  Her mom loved it!


The Christmas party was going to start soon and Eva prepared a few cappuccino drinks as Nathaniel set up a drink tray.

"It's going to be so nice to see everyone again!" Eva said cheerfully.  "I haven't seen Greyson in ages!"

"I wish Clifford was able to make it," Nathaniel said.  "But at least my niece and nephew are going to be able to come."

"Clifford said he'd try to stop by later, right?" Eva asked him, finished with the drinks and ready to continue prepping for the party. 
As she walked by Nathaniel into the dining area, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Not so fast," he grinned.

Eva glanced at him in surprise. "What?" she asked, confused by his manner.

Nathaniel pointed up with a big grin.

Eva followed his gaze and then smiled.
"Mistletoe!" she exclaimed happily.

Nathan was already pressing a kiss against her lips. 


Nathaniel looked around the room, full of family members.  Greyson Black chatted with his daughter, Haley.  His wife, Isabella Black-Goth chatted with his 19 year-old cousin, Trent Wolff.  And his favorite, and only, niece, Laura Wolff, was talking to his son, Ian. 

It was so amazing to see how much his family had grown!
Greyson turned towards his son, Mason.  "Say hi to your Uncle Nathaniel," he urged.

Mason looked up at the stranger and balked.  He looked up at his Dad, "Do I have ta?" he asked shyly.

Nathaniel grinned down at the boy.  "How about we open presents and get to know each other that way?" he asked.

"Alright!" Mason cheered as Greyson smiled and shook his head.
"Me first! Me first!" Mason said, grabbing his present as everyone found a seat. 

"Mason, behave yourself," Isabella admonished her son.

"Aw, all I got was a stinkin' mistletoe!" he complained as he peeked inside the box.

"Mason! You're supposed to say thank you!" Isabella said, embarrassed by his behavior.

Greyson glared across the room, "Come and sit down with us," he told Mason.  Telling the room at large, "Sorry, he's only 5 and we're still working on how to behave in public!"
"Don't worry, we've all been there. It gets better... " Eva reassured her brother.  "Mostly..." she added as she glanced at Ian popping 3 fried bacon bites in his mouth at one time.

The rest of the party went off without a hitch - presents were opened, festive Christmas drinks were consumed, and Eva was pretty sure Ian ate the entire batch of fried bacon on his own. 
"Thank you for coming. We need to get together more often," she told her brother as she hugged him goodbye. 

"We had a great time. Glad Ian liked the fried bacon so much!"

She shuddered with distaste.


After the party, the kids had run out of the house, yelling that they were going to give their friends their presents. 
And Nathaniel and Haley found themselves in a quiet house, all alone. 

"So what would you like to do?" Nathaniel asked, reaching for Eva's hands.


"Hi, Haley. How've you been?" Rachel's mom, Sonja, greeted her at the door.  "Rachel, honey, I'm going to go get dinner started."
"So what'd you get for Christmas?" Haley asked her best friend.

"You'll never guess!" Rachel said excitedly, prepared to show off the bracelet her dad had bought her, but then Rachel's younger sister, Keely walked through the door.
Her eyes zeroed in on Haley. "Is Ian coming over?" she asked eagerly. 

Rachel rolled her eyes at her sister's dramatic entrance.  "You're butting in," she told her sister.

Keely dismissed her sister with a flip of her hand.  "So? Is he?"

Haley shrugged.  "I don't know. I didn't talk to him."

Keely huffed with indignation.  "Fine!" she snapped before storming off.
"I brought you this," Haley said, handing Rachel the present she'd picked out.  It was a small recipe book for all sorts of cookies that she'd found at the book market. 

Rachel's eyes lit up. "Ooo.. we'll have to make these at the next slumber party!"

"Rachel! Can you grab Rose for me?" Sonja called from the kitchen. "She's grabbing all the pots again!"

"Coming, Mom!" Rachel called back. "Hold on a sec," she said.
The back bedroom door opened and Johnny walked out.  "Hey Rach, what's Keely's prob..." he stopped mid-sentence when he saw Haley.


Ian made a quick detour before heading over to Keely's house with Haley.  He wanted to give Cici his Christmas present!
"What do you want?" Cecelie said flatly when she answered the door.

Ian nervously shifted.  Ever since he'd started dating Keely, Cici had been acting weird.  "I brought you a present," he said, pulling it from his pocket. 
Cecelie gasped with delight. "For me?" she asked with wonder as she accepted the present.  "That's wonderful!"  She opened the present and saw...
"A baseball?" She couldn't help feeling disappointed beyond belief. 

Ian scratched his head.  Cici wasn't as excited about the baseball as he thought she'd be.  "What? You don't like it?" he asked.

Crossing her arms, she asked sadly,  "You don't know me at all, do you?"
Dropping the ball to the ground, she hurried inside.

"What?!" he called out, exasperated by her reaction, "You love sports! I thought you'd like it?!"

Her only response was the soft click of the door as she shut it.
"Screw this," he muttered, jogging down the steps, leaving the ball where it laid on the porch.  If she didn't want it, she could throw it away.


"Hey, Haley," Johnny said, walking over to her.

Haley greeted him awkwardly.  The last time they'd seen each other, she'd acted horribly rude to him.  Granted, he'd just egged her house and scared her.  But, shortly after that, Rachel had confided in her that he'd been sent to Fort Starch Military School.  She'd always felt a little bit responsible for him getting sent away.
"It's been awhile," he echoed her thoughts. "How've you been?"

"I've been good. You?" she asked.

Johnny shrugged, admitting. "Military school isn't all that bad. I'm home on Christmas break." He paused, adding, "It's real good to see you again,  Haley."
Haley's heart soared, and she blushed heatedly, making her feel incredibly foolish.  She hated this stupid crush she had on him!

Johnny stepped closer and said, "I wanted to..." 
"Hey! What's going on guys?" Ian said as he hurried inside, rubbing his hands together. "It's cold as hell out there!"

Haley turned towards her brother with surprise.  Johnny wanted  to... what?  Why did Ian have to interrupt?! 
Ian took in the tense posture between Johnny and Haley. "Umm, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" he teased.  Psh! Johnny and Haley?! They couldn't stand each other!

"No! What? Of course not!" Haley said quickly, avoiding Johnny's gaze.  "I'm just going to go find Rachel," she said, turning away.

She was saved from any further explanation when Keely came running into the room, shrieking, "Ian-poo!" as she launched herself into his arms.
She hurried into the kitchen to find Rachel and put some distance between her and Johnny...


"This is going to be great!" Nathaniel said as he put his arm around Eva and pressed play. 
Eva turned to smile at her husband. "I'm sorry I missed your big showing! I read all the glowing reviews, though!"

The sounds of a bath came from the TV and she turned towards the TV curiously. 
 "What the..." Nathaniel said with surprise.
Eva leaped up. "You said you destroyed it!" she gasped.  Oh God, she felt sick to her stomach.

"I did!" Nathaniel scowled. "I thought I did..."

"Oh my God, do you know what would happen if this leaked?!" she demanded, whirling around to confront him. 
"Okay, Eva, calm down," Nathaniel said, attempting to placate his wife. "It was a really long time ago. It must've gotten mixed up with one of the other..."

"Has anyone one else ever seen this?" she demanded.

"No! No! Of course not! I thought I got rid of it!" he assured her.

Eva hurried to the DVD player and managed to get the disc out of the player, despite her agitation.  With trembling hands, she snapped the disc in two.

"There! Now it's destroyed!" she said angrily.


  1. Uh oh--Mr. Director has been filming naughty movies, lol Of course it gets leaked, they always do, right? Whatever happened to that picture that was taken of them kissing behind the bushes? Inquiring minds need to know...ha!

    Keely is obnoxious, I hope Ian realizes it before it's too late. And if I were Cici---I would have thrown the baseball at his head, lol She handled it much better! :P

    Hmmm, it seems Johnny might have a crush on Haley, and Haley definitely likes him. I'm rooting for Johnny, despite the fact that Armando has been creeping around in the background. =)

    1. Hehe, he recorded that movie way back in the day after they were first married and swore he was going to delete it. WHOOPS! At least he didn't accidentally play that one at his film review. ;)

      Lol, I was going to use that paparazzi picture as the reason Nathaniel starts constantly checking the gossip pages! The paparazzi guy scared me so bad, too! I took a picture and no one was there, then zoomed in to take a different angle and he popped out! Talk about Spooky Day!

      Keely is INCREDIBLY obnoxious and Ian is going to deserve her if he can't see that! Hopefully he's just clueless!

      I think the crush is mutual - but now Johnny's been sent away to boarding school. There doesn't seem much hope that those two crazy kids'll get together! Added to that - she rolled single with double help. DANGIT!

    2. Aw, that is sad. That doesn't stop her from having Johnny babies though, right? lol :P

      Off to read your next chapter. =)

    3. Mwah ha ha ha... we'll have to see. :)

  2. Hmm. Personally, I think Ceceile needs to step it up. The boy's not a mind-reader! :P

    1. Poor Cici doesn't think she stands a chance. And Ian is utterly besotted with Keely, so he probably wouldn't take her seriously even if she mustered up the courage to say anything! *sighs* Sometimes people have to grow first... *alot* Lol! :)

  3. *feels sad for the single with double help roll* At least Haley will have friends, though.

    Lol, Mason. Family get-togethers are always so fun.

    Sure, Eva snapped the dvd, but they better check for digital copies too!

    1. I know! I think Haley's generation is going to be quiet exciting though!

      I love family get-togethers! It's so interesting to see how all the cousins turn out. :)

      Lol! Uh oh! Didn't even think about digital copies! WHOOPS!

  4. Uh oh, the bath video came back to haunt Eva XD Naughty Nathaniel!

    Aww... Johnny and Haley... get together already!! <3

    1. Lol. Nathaniel's in big trouble! Lol Not exactly the romantic evening they were plannning!

      Johnny & Haley - I love them so much! So cute seeing them as teenagers again!