February 5, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Three, Day Four

Perfectionist To-Do List: Make Announcement to Children, Pack, Make Kids Schedule for Nathaniel

"Kids, sit down, we have something serious to discuss," Eva said, pointing to the kids to sit.

Haley sunk down on the couch and worriedly exchanged a glance with Ian.  This sounded serious.

Tears pricked Eva's eyes and she looked imploringly at Nathaniel.  "You tell them," she said, sniffling.

No! Haley was already screaming in her mind.  Her parents had always seemed so happy together! They couldn't be getting a divorce!

"...so your mother needs to leave for awhile..." her Dad was saying.

Haley blinked back tears and buried her face in her hands, sobbing.

Eva dropped down to her knees beside Haley and took her hands in her own.  "It's not forever. I'll be back before Christmas!" she promised as she started crying earnestly, as well.

"You'll be back?" Haley asked, wiping at her eyes, confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'll need to be out of town for a few months on the election circuit."  Eva glanced up at Nathaniel.  "Are you sure this is a good idea?" she asked hesitantly.

"Wait," Haley said, tears discarded. "Does that mean you're not getting a divorce?"

Eva looked at her daughter, horrified. "No! Good God! Were did you get that idea from?! Weren't you listening to your father?! Our candidacy is being announced today...."She rooted through her briefcase and handed Haley a flyer.


"Governor Davies and running mate, Mayor Black, announce their intention to run for President and Vice-President of this independent country.  United again, they stand up for the environment, community and your personal rights..."

Haley looked up from the flyer, "They called you Mrs. Black," she pointed out.

Eva swore and jerked the flyer away from Haley and looked for herself.  "Son of a...." she swore angrily and flicked her gaze up to Nathaniel.  "Are you sure this is a good idea?" she asked.


Ian groaned when his Dad came in before the sun was fully up.  "Come on, let's go," Nathaniel said.

 "Dad, is this really necessary?" he asked.

"It sure is!" Nathaniel confirmed.  "You got to start working on that throwing arm!" he said proudly.  Nathaniel was more than a little proud that Ian had decided to go into sports, just like his old man.  He remembered the thrill of a win!  "Meet me out front in 10 minutes."


Nathaniel threw the ball at Ian and watched as Ian fumbled it.  "Be sure to get a firm grip!" he shouted.  "A slip like that will cost you big in a game!"

Ian grumbled under his breath.

"Make sure you put your fingers were I showed you when you throw it!" Nathaniel called out.
 "Like this?" Ian asked his dad as he threw the ball back towards his dad.

Nathaniel caught the ball easily and grinned. "Exactly like that. Keep practicing that!"
 Twenty minutes later, Nathaniel was still giving Ian tips on how to better throw and catch the ball.

Anxiously, he shifted from one foot to the other.  "Dad!" he finally interrupted.  "I've gotta go meet Cici before school!"

Nathaniel sighed, feeling chagrined.  Give him a son interested in sports and he'd turned into one of those crazy football dads!
"Go! Go!" he called out, shooing Ian away.  "We'll practice more tomorrow."

"Greeeeeeat," Ian mumbled under his breath as he jogged away.

Nathaniel watched him head over to Cecelie's house and smiled.  He wondered when Ian was going to admit he had a thing for Cici...

 Upstairs, Haley was putting the finishing touches on her painting. 
 There, perfect! she thought, hanging it up by her bed.

Staring at the blank easel, sudden inspiration came to her.
 She grabbed a clean brush and began to paint.


"Hi, Haley?" she heard a voice behind her ask. 
Haley glanced up.  "Maritza, hi!" she hopped up and quickly greeted her study partner.  "Thanks for agreeing to help me!"
"No problem," Maritza answered.  "So, do you want to go over the homework and show me what you're stuck on?"

Haley laughed, "What am I not stuck on?" she asked self-derisively.  "I just can't seem to figure out how to solve any of these graphing equations!"  She sank to the grass helplessly.  "I've just gotta get an A, but I don't understand!"

Maritza nodded and settled next to Haley on the ground.  "So, let's start with problem 1.  2x + y = 8..."


"Come on, Al.  Let's practice our lay-ups," Ian called behind his back to teammate, Alan Langerak.
He dribbled the ball and then jumped up and dunked the ball through the net.  "Yes!" he said excitedly.  "I nailed that!"  Maybe those practices with Dad were paying off, he thought smugly.  Glancing over towards Cici, he pumped his fists in the air.  She laughed and clapped for him, enjoying his antics.
Then the cheerleaders showed up...
"Come on, Emily, let's get the music set up," Keely Vasquez said, setting their bags on the bench next to Cecelie.  As the girls strutted by, they shot Cecelie a look, then whispered with each other, laughing.  All of a sudden, Cecelie felt incredibly self-conscious.
Ian's attention was diverted when he glanced over and saw the pretty, little blonde cheerleader.  In particular, his gaze was drawn to the parts of her that bopped and jiggled as she did her cheer.  Keely had certainly grown up, and filled out, since he'd seen her last.

"Ian! Heads up!" Alan called out after tossing him the ball and realizing that Ian wasn't paying attention.
Ian glanced away from Keely's chest and got hit right in the head with the basketball.  Crap, that hurt! he thought.

He heard someone gasp.

Man, that hurt! He shook his head once to try to clear the haze and then chased after the errant ball. 
Keely ran up to Ian.  "Oh my gosh. He hit you right in the head!" she said, reaching up and prodding his head.  "Are you okay?"

Ian nodded, dragging his eyes upward.  "Yeah," he said.  "It's cool."
Cecelie's heart plummeted when she saw Keely standing so close to Ian and fawning over him. She hadn't missed that he'd gotten hit in the head when he'd been blatantly ogling Keely's boobs. Probably socks, she thought spitefully.
Feeling sick to her stomach, Cecelie headed home.  Ian had never looked at her like that...


Nathaniel grabbed a drink at the Wolff Lounge.  "Mr. Wolff, we are so honored that you chose to have your premiere here at the Lounge!" the bartender gushed.  "A real honor!"  Nathaniel smiled.  Veronica had worked out a deal that he would be seen drinking a few cocktails at the bar as a celebrity endorsement.

And if it just so happened to coincide with his director premiere, then that was just gravy!
Friends and family crowded the Lounge, he noted as he glanced around, sipping on his drink.   

Well, everyone but Eva.  An over-booked schedule and inclement weather had forced Eva to miss out on his showing.  She'd been devastated when she'd called to tell him that the planes wouldn't be leaving due to the snow.  He'd been disappointed, but assured her that he'd give her a private viewing when she got home.
"Cliff! How've you been?!" Nathaniel greeted his elder brother.  He was the spitting image of their father.  

Clifford thumped his back, "Just proud of my little brother!" he said good-naturedly.  Clifford's screen dreams never came to fruition, but he never harbored a grudge against his little brother.  In fact, he was always the first one to brag about his brother, the actor, and now, his brother, the director!
Turning, Nathaniel handed a flyer commemorating his premiere to Kiki.  "For a keepsake," he said with a wink. "From director to another."

Kiki looked down at the flyer in her hand and frowned.  "You're handing out flyers?" she asked.

"Sure, it helps promote the documentary! Veronica suggested it and the studio ran with it."

Kiki pouted, "The studio never produced flyers for my films!"

Nathaniel shrugged, "Perhaps they thought they weren't necessary," he said.

"That must be it. My films are blockbusters!"  Kiki said, then probably realizing how petty that sounded, she added, "But this is nice.. for the first premiere..."

He gestured towards the staircase. "After you, mi'lady," he said.


All the guests headed upstairs to watch the documentary Nathaniel had shot about the nature spots surrounding Sunset Valley.

"I never knew we were the only spot those birds migrated to," someone behind him commented.  Nathaniel smiled.
He turned to Kiki and said in a low voice. "This might not be a blockbuster, by any means.  But, it's something meaningful about a topic a lot of people care about." 

Kiki scowled.

When the documentary was finished, Nathaniel stood up and took his bows, answering a few questions from his guests.  Veronica had planned this launch as a small, intimate affair to really show-case his work and his love of the land.
 It looked like his fans loved it. And so did the studio...

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