February 12, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Three, Day Seven

Perfectionist To-Do List: Prepare for Big Announcement, Find out what's wrong with Ian, & Pry Haley from her easel

Haley woke up first thing and started preparing for the art exhibit.  She wanted to a have a few selections that really showcased her talent.  Ms. Keaton said she should bring two large, one medium, and one small painting to her for review.


After telling Nathaniel that something seemed to be bothering Ian, Eva practiced her big speech that she would be making at City Hall today.  She wanted to get it just right...

Ian threw the dart at the board, actually managing to make the dart stick - but still nowhere near the center.
Ugh, he groans, I suck!  His life had been going so great! He was one of the best sports players on his team, he had the cutest girl in town, and loads of friends!  But now it was all falling apart! Ellis lied and told Keely that he was cheating on her with Cici!  The rat bastard! he seethed.  So now Cici and Keely were mad at him! Girls!
"Hey there, son. What are you up to?" Nathaniel asked just as Ian threw the dart. 

Ian winced as the dart flew way off mark.  "Nothing," he responded sullenly.  "This is a stupid game anyways!" he complained, pitching another dart at the board.

Nathaniel watched a moment, trying to think of the best way to approach Ian.  Uncrossing his arms, he held out his hands.  "Give your old man a try. I used to be good at this back in the day!" he boasted.
"Oh yeah?" Ian asked, handing over the darts and stepping ot the side.

"Yeah, watch how it's done!" Nathaniel took steady aim and then threw the dart.
"Not too bad after so long!" he proclaimed proudly when he got pretty close to the center.  He turned back to Ian, "It's all in the wrist."

"Yeah, I guess," Ian said with a frown.
Nathaniel sighed and set the darts aside. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

"There's nothing to talk about," Ian grumbled, avoiding his dad's eyes.

Nathaniel raised his brow skeptically. "So your bad mood lately doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Cecelie's not coming over anymore?"
Ian's chin dropped.  "It all started when Cici got mad at the present I gave her. She won't even talk to me!" he complained indignantly.  "And Keely's mad because she thinks I have a thing for Cici!"

Nathaniel grimaced. "Ouch," he commiserated. "That does sound like a mess."  He wondered which one bothered Ian more.  "Did you ask Cici why she was mad at you?"

Ian threw his hands up in the air, "How am I supposed to ask her when she won't talk to me!"

"Well, what'd you get her?" Nathaniel asked, trying to think of another way to solve the problem.

"A baseball!" Ian said petulantly.
"Son, let's go for a drive and talk about girls..." Nathaniel said, clasping his son on the shoulder.  He figured Ian could  use all the help he could get!  A baseball?!


"Keep your eyes on the road, Ian," Nathaniel lectured as they drove by Cici's house. 

Ian jerked his attention back to the road, embarrassed to have been caught creeping down Cici's street.  "Sorry," he mumbled. "I'm just trying to figure out how fast to go."

"Well, you can go a little bit faster than that!" Ian said with a chuckle.  "So, while you're driving, I thought I would tell you a little something that I learned about women..."


Haley had heard her dad and brother leave, followed shortly by her mom.  She wasn't sure were they went or if they'd even told her.  She was completely focused on the canvas before her!


Eva felt her stomach pitch when she stepped up the podium steps.  When she was at the microphone, the crowd gathered before her cheered and clapped. 
Raising her hands, Eva called out warmly, "Thank you, Sunset Valley! I think that it's only fitting that since I started my political career here so many years ago that I should tell you all my future plans first!"

Taking a deep breath, she continued,  "Although President Davies and I have been able to make many positive changes during our tenure, the fact remains that our interests are not aligned.  For that reason, I am here to announce that I will not be campaigning with him again for his re-election."

Utter silence.

"Instead, I am here to announce my own plans to run for President, with Peter Sekemoto as my running mate!" she called out, raising her voice to be heard over the cheers.

"Let's show this country how we do it in Sunset Valley!"


Haley put the finishing touches on the last piece for her exhibit and eyed it critically.  Perhaps it would be too obvious, she worried.  She couldn't help it though, she'd always been fascinated by the way the light played in his eyes...


Nathaniel the day teaching Ian to drive and giving him the benefit of his experience.  He did a lot of listening and a little bit of counseling.  "So, for example, if Cecelie didn't like the gift, find out what interests her and surprise her!" he told his son. "The key to a woman's heart is to listen to what she tells you and to act on it." 

Ian came home excited and ready make things right!

"Hey, dad?" he asked as they headed inside. "Do you think I could borrow the keys.  There's something I need to tell someone!"
Nathaniel laughed as he tossed Ian the keys.  "Don't stay out too late!" he called out to his son, watching him hop in the car and drive off.  Good for him. It's about time he makes up with Cecelie, he thinks warmly.


Ian headed straight to Keely's house. 

"What is it?" she asked him tersely, clearly still peeved. 

Ian took her hand in his own and squeezed, "Can we go somewhere to talk, Keely? There's a few things I really want to say."

"So? Say it!" she said with a dismissive shrug.

Ian tugged on her hand. "No, I've got something planned. Come with me!"

Keely's little sister Rose followed the teens out, "You're going to get in trouble, Keely!" she needled.  "I'm going to tell Dad!"

Keely glanced back at her retreating sister and then turned to Ian, "Okay, Let's go!"
They hopped in the car and Ian took off.

Keely was impressed. "Ooo, your parents are letting you drive?!" she asked. "That is so sexy!"

Ian glanced across the seat and grinned.  "Yeah, pretty cool, huh?"
Reaching a secluded spot, he pulled off the road and parked on a dirt patch.  "Come on, this way!" he called back excitedly.
Keely hurried after him.  "Ian! I'm wearing heels! Where are we going? How far is it?" she whined, "My heels are going to be ruined!"
Finally, Ian came to a stop and laid out a blanket he'd grabbed from the back of the trunk and an emergency candle. 

"What is that for?" she asked him.

Ian lit the candle and held his hands out.  "I promise I have never been interested in Cici like that. She's always just been one of the guys.  But if I need to not talk to her to prove my love for you - then you've got it. Because I love you, Keely!"
"Oh, Ian! You're so romantic!" Keely said, rushing into his arms and kissing him.  "I knew you couldn't be interested in her!"

Ian felt a twinge of guilt for not sticking up for his old friend...
...but it was quickly forgotten...


  1. Hmm. I actually DON'T dislike Keely. And yeah, the baseball was a thoughtless gift ... but sulking, pouting and running away doesn't solve anything. Particularly when Ceceile never even let Ian know she liked him! He might be clueless, but she's expecting a little too much considering how passive she's being!

    1. Oh, just wait! This chick is Evil, Insane, AND Mean-Spirited! Run, Ian! Run!!!!!! :)

  2. I hope Haley's art show goes well!

    Congrats to Eva running for president!

    Hmm I'm not sure what's going to happen with Ian now.

  3. Oh wow, Ian! One talk with Nathaniel and he became a real ladies' man XD

    1. But he chose the wrong girl to talk to!!