February 11, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Three, Day Six

Perfectionist To-Do List: Schedule Family Calendar Meeting,  Make Birthday Party Plans?

Ian tossed the stupid dart at the dartboard, not surprised when it fell harmlessly to floor.  Stupid CiciWhat the hell was her problem anyway? he thought indignantly.  She loved sports!

He threw another dart, even harder at the board, watching it clatter to the floor.  If she didn't want to be friends, then fine they wouldn't be friends! He had tons of friends besides her!
A knock sounded lightly on his door before his mom peeked her head in.  "Ian, I wanted to make sure you were available tonight for a family dinner."

Ian tossed the dart and sighed when it hit sideways and fell to the floor.  Only then did he answer his mom, snapping, "No! I have basketball practice tonight!"

"Oh, I didn't see that in the family calendar," she said, glancing down at her phone. "Ian, you have to make sure you enter your activities in the calendar so that we can plan things!"  Even though her schedule was so packed with work and traveling, she tried to make sure she had good, quality time with her family.  It was important to her!

"What?! Can't I do anything right?!" he yelled, grabbing his backpack and storming out of the house.

That didn't go very well, Eva thought as she watched him go.  She would need to speak with Nathaniel to see if he knew what was bothering Ian.


Likely promise, she thought, watching him run off to school.
"Haley, I just wanted to make sure that you didn't have any activities planned for this evening," Eva told her daughter, pausing to watch Haley swirl the paintbrush around the canvas. "Are you sure you should be painting in that dress?" she asked.
Haley quickly put down her brush and checked her dress. "Did I get any paint on it?" she asked worriedly.

Eva looked the dress over carefully. "No, dear, I don't see any."

Haley sighed with relief. "Thank goodness! I want to look my best today! The Keaton Art Foundation is having a talent show tonight at the art museum. They're going to pick one of us to receive the chance to put together an exhibit!"

"Oh, that sounds so exciting!" Eva said, thrilled for her daughter. "I know you'll do well. That's today?" she asked, checking the calendar.

Haley smiled apologetically, "Sorry, Mom! I forgot to put it on the calendar!"  Haley grabbed her bag and started to run out the room.

As an afterthought, Eva called out to her daughter, "Do you know what's wrong with your brother?" she asked.

"What isn't wrong?" she quipped, hurrying down the stairs.
Eva sighed and headed into the study, where Nathan was hard at work on his next documentary script.

"Looks like it's just you and me tonight," she said.
Nathaniel swiveled around in his chair, "Didn't I tell you?" he asked.

Eva threw her hands up in the air. "Not you, too!" she said with exasperation. "Doesn't anyone other than me use the family calendar?!" 
"Just kidding, babe," Nathaniel said as he gave her a quick kiss. "I have plans for us tonight that you aren't going to believe!  I'll pick you up after work."


Nathaniel skipped down the stairs, tossing the keys up in the air and catching them, whistling a happy tune.  Tonight was going to be amazing!
He pulled up just as Eva was getting out of work and she hurried down the stairs to greet him.
"Are you ready to go?" he asked.

Eva smiled at her husband's enthusiasm.  "Let's go!"


"Good practice tonight, Ellis," Ian said as he and his team-mate headed out.  "Wanna throw the ball a bit?"

"Sure," Ellis agreed readily.  "Aren't you meeting with Keely tonight?"

Ian shook his head, "Nah, she had to go do something with her family tonight. We're getting together tomorrow night." Ian waggled his eye-brows.

Ellis shoved his shoulder. "God! You're so lucky! Has she let you go all the way yet?" he asked.
"Dude! I don't kiss and tell!" Ian said, grinning before he confided, "But I'm hoping she'll let me soon!"
The two boys chuckled and made a few ribald jokes before Ian glanced up and saw Cici.  She looked sad. Without taking his eyes off of her, he told Ellis, "Hey, I'll catch up with you later."

Ellis glanced backwards and rolled his eyes. "Why do you even bother with her when you have Keely?!"

Ian frowned. "It's not like that. She's my friend!"

Ellis laughed, shoving at Ian's shoulder. "Sure! Better hope Keely doesn't find out!"
Ian brushed Ellis off and headed across the playground. 
"Hey Cici," he said as he clambered up next to her.  "What's going on?"
"Just go away," Cecelie said as she turned her head to try to hide the tears.  "Leave me alone!"

Haley was so excited to be here with Byron Keaton's daughter, the administrator of the Keaton Art Foundation, dedicated to encouraging young artists with a gift.  She was competing against two boys from her class that she didn't know very well.

She was so nervous, she was sure her paintbrush was shaking!
Haley tensed as Ms. Keaton came up behind her and observed her painting.  She was like a hovering presence leering over Haley's shoulder. 

"Miss Black-Wolff, I must say that I am very impressed with your technique," Ms. Keaton finally said.  "On behalf of the Keaton Art Foundation, we would like to offer you this original artwork of my late father's and work with you to set up an exhibit!"
Haley screamed with excitement, giddily clapping her hands together.  This was a dream come true!


"Cici, come on? Talk to me!" Ian implored, reaching across the space to nudge her knee. "Is it your Dad?"  Ian had heard that Cici's mom had caught her dad cheating on her, again.  But this time, it sounded like it was over.
"I don't want to talk about it, Ian!" Cecelie snapped angrily, brushing the tears from her cheeks with quick swipes.  "Especially not with you!"
She hurriedly got up and slid down the pole, telling him, "Just leave me alone!" 
Ian trailed after her sadly, watching her quickly run away.  He wasn't sure why she hated him now, but he really missed her, he thought with a heavy heart.


"Happy birthday, Eva Black-Wolff," Nathaniel said, pulling his wife into his arms for a birthday kiss.

"Happy birthday to you, too," she said as she linked their fingers together. 
 "I did good, didn't I?" he asked as they gazed up at the stars together.

Eva leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder.  "You did good, babe."


  1. Aww, look at them, still adorable after all those years, and what a nice birthday celebration they had. Hard to believe they are elders already.

    How exciting for Haley, she gets her own artwork exhibit. As for Ian--he really is clueless isn't he? lol

    1. They are so stinking adorable! I love them! I'm not ready for them to leave, but I am ready to get started with Haley's generation! And Ian is EXTREMELY clueless. :) Poor guy.

  2. Haha, I can't help but laugh at Haley screaming in excitement--she looks so funny there. Also, congrats to her!

    I wonder what's up with Cici?

    Aw, Nathaniel and Eva had a sweet birthday together.

    1. Hehe.. that is a pretty funny shot. I picture her hands in the air and a squeal of excitement... really ear-piercing. :)

      Poor Cici. Her parents are getting a divorce and her dad impregnated his younger girlfriend. She's feeling a little lost right now!

      And I LOVE Nathaniel and Eva's birthday! They were the perfect couple!! :)

    2. Aw, Cici. Sounds like she needs her friends right now.