February 5, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Three, Day Three

Perfectionist To-Do List: Make Sure Ian Catches the Bus, Grand Opening of Community Center

Ian hit the alarm button and hopped out of bed, dragging his jeans on. 
Fifteen minutes later, Eva walked into the room expecting to find Ian still sound asleep.  "You're up!" she said, surprised.

Ian was just finishing putting the gel in his hair.  "Yeah," he answered, as though his not needing to be told twenty times to get out of a bed was a regular occurrence.
"What's going on?" Eva asked, reaching forward to feel his head.

Ian jerked away from her coddling, "Nothing, I just told Cici that I'd walk her to school," he said grumpily.

Eva opened her mouth to reply...
"Gotta run, Mom! Have a good one!" he said as he raced out the door.
"Hey, Cici. Ready to go?"

"You're never going to stop calling me Cici, are you?" Cecelie asked grumpily.

"Maybe when you can beat me in a basketball game!" he teased.

"Just tell me when and where!" she shot back.


Now that he'd made his decision about his future, Nathaniel felt so energized!  He couldn't stop writing! He'd decided that his first documentary would be on Sunset Valley.

 "Well, City Council! I give you our new meeting room!" Eva announced, pleased with how well the Community Center had turned out. 

"It's lovely!" Delia announced.  "Everyone is very excited to host their events here!  In fact, Lyle Simmons told me that he and his fiance, Kiki Thomas, were planning to get married here!"

"We should offer them a discount for being the first couple!" Noemi gushed.  "That's so romantic!"
Just then, an unexpected visitor arrived...
Eva turned around and saw governor Seth Davies, her brother-in-law.  Putting a smile on her face, she greeted him warmly.  "Mr. Governor, how are you doing?"

Seth grinned his trade-mark grin and winked at her.  "Being family and all, you can call me Seth," he teased.
"Oh my goodness! It's the governor!" Noemi said excitedly.  "We're so pleased to have you here!" she gushed.

"Well, it's always nice to meet loyal constituents, but there's something I really needed to speak with Mrs. Black."

The room emptied quickly.

Eva gritted her teeth behind her smile.  He knew darn well and good that she went by Black-Wolff.  He was being condescending on purpose!
Flouncing into her seat, she magnanimously indicated he should sit.  "Well, it seems you've got me alone. Now what can I do for you?" she asked.
Seth grinned as he took his seat.  "The question is actually, 'What can I do for you?'..." he said, oozing charm.


"...And he scores!" Ian laughed as Duanne fell down after attempting to dunk the ball.  Sports Club was over, and a few of them were fooling around, practicing their lay-ups.  "Let me show you how to do it!" Ian ran towards the hoop and jumped up.
He didn't fare much better.
Laughing from the side-line caught his attention.
Grinning when he saw Cici, he jogged over.  "You're not supposed to laugh!" he told her, mock-sternly.

"Aw, poor thing!" Cecelie teased him.  "Perhaps I wouldn't laugh if you didn't look so goofy!"

"I'd like to see you dunk the ball!" Ian scoffed. Turning back towards the guys, he waved.  "I'm out, guys! I'm going to walk Cici home!"

"Cecelie," she hissed under her breath.


Haley walked around the art museum with Rachel trailing around behind her.

"It's a toilet.  Why is that art?" Rachel asked grumpily.

Haley sighed.  Maybe it would've been better not to drag Rachel with her.  Rachel had come because lover-boy was going to be busy with Sports Club, but all she'd done since arriving was complain!
"I'm so hungry!" Rachel whined.  "Aren't you almost done?"
Haley turned and looked at Rachel.  "You didn't have to come, you know? I just thought we could have a good time together."

Rachel looked around with disbelief, "At a museum?" she asked incredulously.  "I don't think so!"
But Haley's attention was riveted on the photographs in front of her.  "I don't see why you don't like art so much!" Haley said, talking to Rachel over her shoulder.  "I look at this and I feel so..." she grappled for the right word.  "So inspired!"
"Inspired, huh?" someone said from right behind her in a very deep voice.
Haley was startled and turned around quickly, facing... "Armando?!"
"Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" he apologized. "I just saw you over here talking to yourself and thought I'd say hi."
"I wasn't talking to myself. I was talking to..." Haley looked around for Rachel.  That fink! She'd snuck off!  "...myself..." she finished lamely.

Armando laughed.  "Well, you can always talk to me now since I'm here," he offered.
"Umm... thanks.  But, I should probably go see what happened to Rachel," she said, scurrying away.  How embarrassing! she thought to herself. Followed by another thought, Wow, Armando had grown up!


  1. Yeah he did! He's handsome, too! And no worries that Rachel doesn't get inspired by art, Haley! I know a lot of people like that, lol.

    1. He grew up way more handsome than I thought he'd be! Although, I might just have a soft spot in my heart for Topher Baker (and he looks so much like his grandpa)

      I thought Ian grew up cute, too! I was hoping he looked more like Nathaniel! :)