February 5, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Three, Day Two

Perfectionist To-Do List:  City Council Meeting, Sign Ian up for Sports Club

Eva had butterflies in her stomach from being so nervous!

Checking her reflection, she fixed her hair and then headed downstairs to wake up Ian.


There was one thing that was apparent... her son was an over-sleeper!  "Ian, come on, wake up! It's time to get to school!"

"Five more minutes, mom!" he mumbled sleepily.

"Ian, you said that five minutes ago!" Eva said, frustrated beyond belief.  "Get up and dressed right now or I'm going to ground you!"  Seriously, she was at wit's end!

Five minutes later...
"IAN! You're not dressed!" Eva shouted when she'd walked into Ian's room.  "You're going to miss the bus! And I have a meeting!"

Nathaniel glanced up from his video game.  "Eva, don't worry, I'll take care of it," he said distractedly, turning his attention back to the game.

Wrong move...
Eva swung around and pinned Nathaniel with a glare.  "And you?! I could use some more help in the mornings getting the kids to school! You haven't done anything since your contract ended!" she snapped angrily.
Nathaniel frowned, feeling useless. "I know, Eva. I've been looking. I'm not sure what to do."
Instantly Eva felt guilty.  "I know, Nate," she said, reaching out for him.  I know you're going to find something utterly amazing," she told him. "I know you, I know that you're capable of amazing things.  Don't lose sight of that," she encouraged him.  "I love you."

"I love you, too," he told her, a little choked up.
"Wish me luck and get that kid to school on time!" she said, giving him a quick kiss before running out the door.


Nathaniel headed for Ian's room.  "Come on, you need to get ready.  Your mom's going to kill me if you're late to school again!"

Ian grinned.  "OK, Dad.  Can you drive me?"

"Not today.  Get dressed fast and catch the bus!"


Ian ran out the door, hopping on one foot as he slipped his shoe on.  Crap, the bus was leaving.  "Wait!" he called out, chasing after it.  "Hey!"

Damn, that bus driver must be deaf! he thought unhappily as he started the long walk to school.  No way was he going to tell his Dad he'd missed the bus again!


Already at the school, because she'd actually caught the bus, Haley spoke with Rachel.  "Meet me after art club so we can head over to the museum, okay?"

"Yeah, sure!" Rachel said before heading inside.  "See you after school!"


"Thank you all for meeting with me today," Eva said, smiling at the group assembled before her.

"So what are these plans you have?" Noemi asked eagerly.  "You're awful for keeping us in such suspense!" she teased.
Eva took a deep breath and announced, "I'd like your support for building a community center!  It will be the perfect way to bring extra revenue steams into town. And, the community will get wonderful use from it!  I picture it with a meeting room and a banquet room.  Clubs can get together and meet there, we can hold city council meetings there, community members can host banquets, civil weddings, and even dances there!"

Peter Sekemoto grinned.  "I think that's a fantastic idea!"  She listened as her team pitched back and forth ideas for getting funding and next steps.

Eva smiled.  Success!


Nathaniel had gone upstairs after shoving Ian out the door and sat staring at the computer.  The document he'd been working on sat in front of him, the cursor blinking at him.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, he told himself, trying to give himself a pep-talk.  Before he could change his mind, he hit print and picked up the phone.

"Veronica?" he said when the call was answered.  "There's something I'd like to talk to you about."


Nathaniel was walking back and forth at the studio, nervously pacing as he waited for everyone to arrive.
He heard the door swing open and grinned. 
Hurrying over, he shook Veronica's hand. "Thanks for meeting me so last minute," he told her.

Veronica smiled.  "What are friends for?" she asked.  "Besides, it'll be good business for me to get such a star celebrity as you for my resume!"

Nathaniel grinned.  "Well, I trust you a lot more than I trusted Farrah."

Veronica rolled her eyes.  "Don't get me started on that greedy B.  She's poached several of my clients over the years!"
Just then, Kiki Thomas strolled through the door, "Okay, I'm here. Now spill the beans. What's going on?"

Nathaniel turned towards his old director, not a friend by any means, but hopefully an ally.  "Come on in," he said.  "There's something I wanted to discuss with you."


"You want to do documentaries?!" Kiki yelled.  "With your natural talent, you want to do boring documentaries?!"

Veronica covered her mouth quickly to hide her grin.  Kiki looked so appalled!
"I know that I don't want to act anymore.  And I've been working on an idea.  I was hoping that you might support me when I go talk to the studio heads this afternoon."

Kiki looked unconvinced.  "You want to direct documentaries?" she repeated shaking her head.

"I was thinking about the whole reason I got into films in the first place.  It all started with the documentary about my father."

"Documentaries, huh?" she repeated, once again, skeptically.

Nathaniel glanced over at Veronica, at a loss of how else to convince Kiki to support him.  Well, she wasn't the brightest woman in the world, was she, Veronica thought ungraciously.  Probably used to getting her way with that bleach-blonde hair and large bra-size.  Hmmm, reminds me of someone I know, she thought bitterly, thinking of her son's step-mother.  "We're prepared to offer compensation from the proceeds," she announced, a little more sharply than she'd intended, if the looks on Nathaniel and Kiki's faces was any indication.  Gentling her voice, she added, "As a 'thank you' gift."

Kiki's eyes lit up.  Finally, signs of intelligent life!  "Well, I don't see why not.  It's not like we'd be competing, would we?" she asked slowly, then smiling eagerly, "What do you want me to do?"

Ian was talking to his buddy, Ellis Baker-Black (son of Cesar Baker-Black, grandson of Bethany Baker-Black & Topher Baker!)  after school when he spied that flaming red hair down the way.  

He interrupted Ellis and grinned, "Hey, I'm gonna go run and say hi to Cici."

Ellis followed Ian's gaze and nodded.  "Catch you later," he said, waving good-bye
Ian snuck up quietly behind Cici and then lunged at her, "BOO!" he called out loudly.

"AHHHHHH!" she said, her hands jerking to her chest with surprise.
"IAN! You're such a jerk!" Cecelie said angrily when she'd turned around to find him.

Ian chuckled.  "Still not scared, Cici?"

"NO!" she snapped.  "I wasn't scared!  And stop calling me Cici!"
"Come on, don't be mad, Cici.  Wanna toss the ball a few times?"

Cecelie sighed. "Fine," she said in her best put-upon voice.
"You throw like a girl!" Cecelie teased as she pulled her arm back to throw the football back.

Ian scoffed, "Whatever!"


Haley hurried out to meet Rachel after class, but came to a shuddering halt when she spotted her. 
Clearing her throat loudly, she came closer.

Rachel blushed.  "Um, Haley? Can we go later?" she asked apologetically.  "Duanne said he wanted to take me to go see a movie!"  Duanne threw his arm around Rachel and kissed her cheek.

"Um, sure. Maybe tomorrow," she suggested.  "I'll talk to you later!" she said, turning on her heel and hurrying away.  I'm not jealous... I'm not jealous... I'm not jealous... she attempted to convince herself.


Nathaniel was waiting eagerly for Eva to come back home, pacing in the living room.  

When she walked in, he opened his mouth to tell her the good news, but stalled out when she blurted, "You're dressed?!"

Nathaniel's gaze dropped down to his clothes.  Wow, had he been bumming around the house in his boxers so long that his wife was surprised to see him dressed nicely? he thought, de-railed.  Shaking his head, he told her, "You're never going to guess what the studio said?!"

Eva blinked.  "The studio? You're going to act again?" she asked with surprise.  "I thought..."

Nathaniel shook his head and grinned triumphantly, "No, I'm going to direct! Documentaries!"

A slow smile spread across Eva's face.  "That's wonderful, Nathaniel! I'm so proud of you! I knew you would think of something perfect!"


  1. D'awww, Haley. Everyone's pairing off but you, huh? :(

    1. Yeah, poor Haley! She's mostly interested in paintings, her friends, and perhaps Johnny (not necessarily in that order!) But she's just a little bit shy and timid!

  2. I'm surprised that Eva snapped at Nathaniel! But at least it seemed to help motivate him.

    1. She had to give him a little push. :) Enough was enough. Otherwise he would've sat on his couch forever.

      And Ian woke up in a rebellious mood that morning all on his own, snapping at his mom when she went to talk to him. Lol. It didn't help that Nathaniel was out in the livingroom in his boxers playing a video game when it happened. :)

  3. Oh cool, so he's staying in the film career! I thought maybe you'd rolled job-hopper... But directing nature documentaries sounds like the perfect fit for Nathaniel!

    Ian is lucky that Cecelia seems to be a forgiving girl :D

    And aww... Haley... sucks to have a Homecoming Queen for a bestie :/

    1. Nope. It's just weird that the director's career path starts out the same as an actor. :) I was glad that he had a FRIEND helping him with his contract this time around!

      Ian & Cecelia are soooo cute!