February 1, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Two, Day Five

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Spooky Day Fair!, Get Family Photos, and Have "The Talk" with Haley

Nathaniel honked on the horn once.

"Dad, why do girls take so long?" Ian asked impatiently.  "We're going to be late for the fair!"

Nathaniel laughed.  "If you want to live long, I wouldn't ever say that out loud again!"

Ian huffed out an impatient breath.
The car door opened and the girls hopped in.  "Sorry babe, I had to take a last minute call.  You'll never guess who called!"

"Who was it?" Nathaniel asked as he started to put the car in reverse.

"Seth Davies! He and Farrah just had a little girl."

Nathaniel made a face, "Oh good God! That poor little girl!"  He shuddered to imagine how spoiled a daughter of Farrah's would turn out!

The first stop at the fair was to take family pictures.  Haley groaned and fussed with her hair while Ian tried to make faces.  It was a wonder that the picture turned out presentable!
"Oh, look at the pretty flowers!" Haley said, picking a beautiful flower.  She was going to put this one by her bed!  There were so many bright, pretty colors!
"Psh! Who cares about flowers anyway?" Ian groused. "I'm getting my face painted!"
"Not me," Haley told her parents. "I'm going to enter the pie-eating contest!"
Eva and Nathaniel strolled across the park and settled on a park bench to watch the kids running around the fair. 
"I remember the first time I ever saw you," Eva said, smiling at her husband.

"You do?" Nathaniel asked with surprise. "Where?"
Eva pointed across the park towards  the lake.  "You came over and talked to me when I was watching Farrah one afternoon. I was so embarrassed!"

"I thought you were beautiful!" Nathaniel said, putting his hand on her knee.
She grinned, "And I remember the year you took me through the haunted house, then snuck around the back with me!"

"Best plan ever! I couldn't wait to propose to you without my friends hanging around!"

"Maybe we should go through again, for old times sake," she suggested.
"I'm right behind you!" he said.


"Hey Haley," Armando said, walking up to her.
Haley glanced around looking for Rachel or someone.  "Hey," she replied weakly.  "Umm... I was just going to go get a snow cone," she said, making a lame excuse.
She hurried away, glancing behind her...
"That sounds like a great idea," Armando said, trailing along behind her.
Oh God, Haley thought.  How do I make him go away?  Awkward!  She ate her grape snow-cone. 


Nathaniel grabbed Eva's hand and snuck with her around to the back of the haunted house. 

Eva covered her giggles with her hand.  "Nathaniel! I'm Mayor now! I can't get caught sneaking around and making out like a teenager!"

"Who's going to know?" Nathaniel teased, pulling his wife into his arms. 

Neither one saw the camera flash.


"It's bedtime now, Ian,"  Eva said.

"Aw, mom. Come on! It's Spooky Day!" Ian protested. "Can't I stay up an extra 30 minutes?"

"I'll make you a deal.  What if I read you a story tonight?  And you promise to go straight to sleep."

"So what are you going to read me?" Ian asked after slipping into his bed.
"Your favorite - The Adventures of Raymundo," Haley said, sitting on the bed next to him and holding up the book.  "Once upon a time..."


While Eva was putting Ian to bed, Nathaniel slipped upstairs to talk with Haley.  "We noticed you were kind of quiet after the fair.  Is everything okay?" he asked.
"Yeah, Dad. Of course?" Haley said.  She wasn't going to tell him about Armando following her around the park all evening.  He didn't hit on her or anything... he just followed her around, talking to her.  It was so awkward!

"Good," Nathaniel breathed a sigh of relief. "So I don't need to have a talk with you about boys?"

"DADDY!" Haley gasped. 

"Okay, okay! Just making sure!" he said, tickling her.   "Ummm... one more thing..." Nathaniel added.

"What?" she asked with exasperation.
"What in the heck is that?!" he asked, staring at the pink blob on the easel.



Nathaniel walked into their room and sighed, shutting the door.
"How'd it go? Was she upset?" Eva asked anxiously.  Haley's mood swings were going to drive her crazy!
Nathaniel rubbed the back of his neck.  "Well, she said nothing was wrong.  I think we might have another year before we're fending off boys!"

"Oh goodness," Eva sighed.  "I'm not ready for this! They grow up so fast!"

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  1. Uh oh. Mayor Eva can't even have a little make out session with her hubby! Oh boy, I smell Amelia...