February 1, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Two, Day Four

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Amend Mayorial Calendar - schedule children's activities and husband's showings.

Haley stared at her "participation" award.  She'd probably only gotten it as a thanks for not messing up the whole show.  She was so much happier now that she'd started ditching the dance class!!


"Ian?! The school bus is here. You need to be on it!" Eva called through the bathroom door.  She heard sounds of splashing again.  "IAN?! What are you doing?"
 "I'll be right out, Mom! I'm finishing my bath!" he called out. 
"You promised you wouldn't be late again!" Eva called out irritably.  "I need to get to work and I can't drop you off again!"

"Don't worry, Mom!" Ian called back through the closed door.  "I won't miss the bus!"


Ian hurriedly dried off and grabbed his clothes from the floor.  He sniffed them first. Cool, they passed the sniff test! He threw the clothes on and peeled out the front door...

...and saw the bus pulling away.  Waving his hands frantically, he tried to wave the driver down. "Hey! Wait! I'm right here!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, chasing after the bus.  When the bus rounded the corner, Ian stopped and leaned over, hands on his knees.

"Well, crap," he muttered sullenly as he headed back inside to get his mom.

Haley knew something was wrong the minute she saw her mom waiting for her outside, tapping her foot.  Mom was never home this early!
Uh-oh, Haley thought.  "Hey, Mom. You're home early..." she said cautiously.

Eva raised an eyebrow. "I could say the same about you! Aren't you supposed to be in dance class?"

Crap! Haley tried to quickly think of a lie that her mom might believe.  But before she could come up with anything, her mom sighed heavily, saying, "Oh, Haley! Why would you skip your dance classes?!"
Haley shuffled her feet nervously.  "I'm sorry, Mom.  I just... I hate it!"

Eva's mouth dropped open, "Why wouldn't you tell me?!" she asked with surprise. 

"I was trying to make you happy," Haley said weakly.  "I know how much it meant to you..."
Eva half-laughed, half-snorted, "Haley, I could care less what activity you choose! I just wanted you to have a chance to do something! I want you to be happy!"
"Really?! Does this mean you'll let me take art classes?!" Haley asked excitedly. 

"Of course! If that's what you're interested in! Taking an after school activity isn't supposed to be a punishment - it's supposed to help you explore the world around you!"
"Oh Mom! That's great! I can't wait! Rachel always said that I should talk to you! I can't wait until I tell her that you were so cool about it!"  Haley threw herself into her Mom's arms and hugged her tight.  This was like her dream come true!

Eva chuckled, "Well, you'll have to tell her at school.  Despite the fact that I am fine with you choosing an after-school activity, you're still grounded."
"Grounded?!" Haley echoed unhappily.  "But I thought you understood..."

Eva interrupted, "I understand that you skipped an activity, lied to your father and I, and wasted perfectly good money for no reason whatsoever."  Haley scowled.  "Now, march on inside and get started on your homework!"


Eva sighed as Haley stormed into the house and slumped in the kitchen chair, working on her homework.  Teenagers moods swung back and forth!  No one ever said raising a teenager would be easy!


Nathaniel was ready to go home.  The movie studio had arranged for a screening of the just-finished cowboy film. He was here with director, Kiki Thomas, and a few of his fellow actors, Mickey and Layla.  Families had been discouraged as the movie-heads wanted the fans to see them as the characters in the movie - not as human beings.

For an hour, they smiled, signed autographs, and chatted with the fans.
"Oh yeah! We made it big time!" Mickey said with a hearty slap to Nathaniel's back.  "We're celebrities! And now that your last film is done - Kiki's promised me the lead roles!"

Nathaniel glanced back at his co-worker and smiled wanly.

Layla scoffed, "As if! Kiki's with Lyle now! There's no way she'll give you the lead roles!"

Mickey's face fell comically.  "But, she promised me..." he argued.

Layla rolled her eyes, "Just like you promised to be faithful to your wife and three children?" she asked innocently. 

Nathaniel sighed and discreetly checked his watch.  He was ready to go home! Once this production was finished - he was a free man!


"You're home!" Eva grinned as her husband walked through the door.  "How'd it go?"

Nathaniel just grimaced and dropped himself down on the couch in a slump. 
 "Oh, that bad?" Eva winced as she came over and sat next to him.  "Did they not like the screening?" she asked softly.
"That's the problem," Nathaniel said. "They loved it!"

Eva nodded sympathetically.  "Yes, I can see how that would be a problem," she responded tongue-in-cheek.

Nathaniel blew out a breath. "It's just that now that the contract is over, I don't know what I'm going to do with my life! I don't want to act anymore, but I don't know what else I can do with my life!"

"Don't sell yourself short!" Eva argued, putting her hand on his knee.  "I know you'll do amazing things now that you have the opportunity!"


  1. Eva took Haley's hatred of dance really well! And, considering all that, yeah Haley deserved the grounding.

    1. Eva felt like she missed out on a lot in her childhood because Yvonne was such a dismissive parent. Eva wants to make sure *her* kids get to enjoy their childhood - joining clubs and after-school activities. She's mostly hurt that Haley didn't trust her enough to *tell* her!