February 5, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Two, Day Seven

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Rehearse Speech for Community Center Proposal, Pick up Dress for Haley

Nathaniel walked outside and grabbed the newspaper.  He'd gotten hooked on reading the celebrity gossip since the paparazzi had started printing about him.  Guilty pleasure, he'd told Eva sheepishly.  But, now that he wasn't starring in the studio's films - no one was really writing about him anymore.  That was a good thing, right?


Haley dipped her brush in the paint and start stroking the brush against the canvas.  She was really improving with all this practice! She couldn't wait to show her art teacher her new painting!


Eva stood in front of her mirror, practicing her speech for the informal city council meeting she had scheduled for Monday morning.  She wanted everything to be perfect!  She was going to put forth a new proposal for a new community center!


Nathaniel slid into his chair and checked the gossip page, then moved on to the jobs wanted section.  Surely there was something he could do!  Manager... nope.  Stylist... nuh uh.  Part-time Clerk... nope.  He sighed heavily and chunked the paper in the trash.

Glancing at his watch, he hopped up.  The morning had gotten away from him!  Their guests would arrive soon...


Haley heard the car doors slam and turned to look out the window.  Ugh! Johnny?!  What was he doing here?!  Fuming, she put down her paintbrush and stalked downstairs.


"This bites," Johnny complained, feeling incredibly anxious.

"Not another word, young man," Tomas threatened gruffly.  "I've had it up to here with you!  You're lucky Mr. Wolff is a friend of the family or you could've wound up in a lot more trouble!"

Johnny grumbled under his breath. Ever since Haley's dad had called his mom and dad, he'd been getting reamed from both sides.  Usually he could depend on his mom to take his side.  But this time she was just as pissed as his dad was.  And his folks never agreed on anything
"Tomas! Good to see you, man!" Nathaniel said, jogging down the steps.  "It's been too long!"

"Good to see you, too!"  Tomas gave his old friend a bear hug.  "That's for sure! Sonja and I have gotten busy raising three girls!"  With a side-long glance at Johnny, he added, "And this one!"  Tomas nudged his son.
Johnny scowled briefly at his dad, then turned towards Nathaniel.  "I'm real sorry, Mr. Wolff.  I don't know what I was thinking," Johnny said, honestly if not begrudgingly.

Nathaniel nodded.  "I appreciate the apology, Johnny.  But, you made a big mess. Your Dad and I agreed that you'd clean up the mess you made and spend the afternoon doing odd chores around the house to make up for it."  He glanced back towards the porch when he heard the front door close.  "But, I think someone else deserves an apology, too..."

All eyes turned towards the porch where Haley was hovering.
Johnny cleared his throat nervously and headed towards Haley.  She looked at him like he was scum on her shoes.
"I'm sorry if we scared you last night," Johnny said awkwardly, unable to meet her eyes.  "I thought it was going to be funny..." he trailed off.
"Well it wasn't funny, Johnny Hernandez! I don't know why you have to be so mean all the time! I thought we were friends!"

Johnny hung his head and shuffled his feet, mumbling sorry again.
Tomas glanced over at Nathaniel and sighed, "I've tried everything I can think of to fix Johnny's attitude. He and Rachel have never seemed to get along.  I'm sorry it boiled over at your house."

"You can only do your best," Nathaniel said.  "I'll drop him off at your place when he's done working on the yard."

"Thanks for being so understand, Nathaniel," Tomas said.  "Call me if he spouts off at the mouth at all!"
Johnny got right to work, scrubbing the egg off the door and cleaning up the front porch while Haley glared at his back.
"Haley, come on, take it easy on the guy. He made a mistake, but he's owned up to it. You're not going to solve anything glaring holes in his back."

Haley crossed her arms, "He's such a jerk!"

Nathaniel sighed, "Well, he's going to be here this afternoon.  Find something else to do."
Haley tried to go back upstairs and paint, but she couldn't concentrate.  She snuck downstairs and silently watched as he raked the yard. Why did he have to be such a jerk? she thought irritably.  And why did she care so much?
Finally, done! Johnny thought tiredly, wiping sweat from his brow as he dropped the last bag of leaves in the trash.  He'd been working for hours!  Hopefully Mr. Wolff would be happy with the work he did.  And hopefully Haley managed to forgive him. Hmph! Maybe if pigs flew, he thought caustically.  Haley was never going to forgive him!
"You did a good job today, Johnny," Nathaniel said, shaking his hand.  "I hope you learned a lesson."

Johnny nodded, embarrassed.  He'd almost rather have Mr. Wolff shouting and yelling at him than acting all sympathetic.

"Good, now I promised you a lift home. I'm proud of you, you know," he added.

"What?! Why?!" Johnny wheezed out in surprise.  All anyone had ever been telling him lately was how awful he was being.

"It takes a lot of courage to own up to a mistake," Haley's dad told him.

Johnny shrugged, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment.  "Yeah, well, my Dad made me," he said off-handedly, trying to act like the compliment hadn't meant the world to him.


Haley was fluffing her skirt out when her mom walked in. "Are you ready for the dance?" Eva asked as she walked in.  Stopping short, her breath caught and she pressed a hand to her heart.  "Oh honey, you look beautiful all dressed up!"

Haley beamed.  "You think so?"

Eva smiled in response.  "I know so."
 Haley smile faltered and she glanced down as she fussed with her skirt some more.  "Nobody asked me to to the dance.  I'm kind of tagging along with Rachel and Duanne," she admitted.

"And you are going to have so much fun!" Eva assured her.  "You know, I went to the dance with a group of my friends, too!" 

"Really?!" Haley asked.  "You didn't go with Daddy?"
Eva shook her head.  "No, I went with my boyfriend, Nick, and Arturo and Penelope,"  Eva explained, her face scowling when she mentioned Penelope by habit.  "Your father actually went with my little sister, Farrah!"

"Aunt Farrah?! Haley gasped, "Why?!"

Eva laughed at the look on her daughter's face, "The point is, just because you go to a dance with someone doesn't mean you'll spend the rest of your life with them.  And just because you don't have someone hanging on your arm at the dance doesn't meant you'll meet someone special!  Go! Have fun and enjoy being with your friends!"
"Thanks Mom!" Haley said, giving her mom a big hug.  "I'm so excited!"


Haley headed to the school and looked around for Rachel.  I should've made plans to meet her outside, she thought as she walked up those steps all by herself, feeling alittle self-conscious despite her mother's pep talk. 


"Hey Cecelie!" Ian greeted his school friend.  "Let's go play in my room!"  Since Haley was going to be at the dance tonight, Ian had arranged for Ian to have a play-date with a school-friend (who happened to be fellow actor Mick Murphy's daughter).
Cecelie Murphy look around the room at all Ian's toys.  Ian had a great time pulling out all his toys and showing them off.  "And these are my toy cars!" he said, "And these are my dinosaurs, and my legos and army action figures!"

"Cool, wanna play cars?!" she asked.

"Awesome!" Ian said, plopping down to the ground and dumping out the bucket of cars.  "This one is mine," he announced, pulling his favorite car out of the pile.  "But you can pick any other one!"
After they played with the cars and the action figures, the kids wound up bored.  "Wanna watch a scary movie?" he asked.  "My parents rented one but wouldn't let me watch it."

"Sure!" Cecelie said excitedly. She'd never seen a scary movie before!
Ian hurriedly put the movie in and they started watching.  Just minutes into it, Ian began to think he'd made a big mistake.  This was pretty creepyDon't open the door, don't open the door, he thought uncomfortably, shifting in his seat.  He glanced over at Cecelie, who was smirking.
"This isn't scary at all! You know that girl is going to open the door and get it!" she laughed.

"Yeah, it's real dumb," Ian said half-heartedly.  Don't open the door, don't open the...

A knock sounded on the door.


Ian jumped in his seat, his heart racing quickly. 

He heard his Dad running down the stairs.  "Is everything okay? What's wrong? Who screamed?"  Quickly, he turned the TV off so his Dad didn't know they'd been watching the horror flick.
Ian shakily pointed at Cecelie.  "She did! Cecelie screamed!" he made sure to point out.  "It wasn't me!"

Cecelie looked incredibly embarrassed.  "There was a knock on the door," she answered lamely.

Nathaniel breathed out a sigh of relief.  "Guys, it was the pizza delivery," he said looking at them incredoulously.  "There's nothing to scream about!"
Nathaniel paid the delivery driver and chuckled under his breath about kids over-active imaginations.
"I wasn't scared!" Cecelie told Mr. Wolff.  "It just surprised me!"
Ian grinned. 
"BOO!" he said after creeping up behind her.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Cecelie screamed again, turning to glare at Ian as he swiped a piece of pizza.
Cecelie followed suit.  "That wasn't funny, Ian!"

Haley came home and sighed.  The dance had kind of been a let down.  Rachel had been nominated Homecoming Queen.  Of course, Rachel was beautiful! She'd danced all night while Haley had been a wallflower.  Although, she hadn't entirely lacked for attention, she thought, rolling her eyes.  Armando kept coming around and getting her drinks and trying to talk to her.  She wound up trying to hide in the girls' restroom the last 30 minutes of the dance. Noticeably absent was Johnny.  Rachel had told her that he'd been grounded, so he hadn't been allowed to go.

Some dance...


  1. Heheheheh ... there'll be time to re-kindle your friendship, Haley :)

  2. That's a lot of squirrels on the walkway! Are you sure it was eggs what Johnny threw at the house? XD

    Nathaniel is such a great dad - even to other people's kids!