February 1, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Two, Day Six

Perfectionist To-Do List:  Hold Campaign Fundraiser, Attend Ian's Scout Ceremony, Purchase More Art Supplies

Eva was determined to get the kids on a better morning schedule so that there were no more missed buses!  The best thing for everyone was a set routine!

She hummed merrily as she whipped up some breakfast using an easy waffle mix.  She really hadn't spent much time in the kitchen!  Betty Crocker, she was not!
"Ian! I told you not to use my paints!" Haley snapped.  "You left the lids off last night again!"

"Ah, Haley. I was just looking at them! I wanted to see what colors they were!"

"Ian! Stop going in my room!"
Nathaniel decided it was time to step in before the kids bickering got out of hand.  "Haley, there's no need to shout at him.  He knows it was wrong, don't you, Ian," he stressed, shooting his son an apologize-now-or-else look.

"I already said I was sorry!" Ian groused.

"Come to the table guys, the waffles are done!" Eva announced brightly.
"There? Isn't this nice? A nice, perfect morning spent with family!" Eva said once everyone had been seated.  "Haley? How are your art classes going?" she inquired.
"It would be going better if someone left my paints alone!" she huffed.

"Ah, all she can paint are big blobs!" Ian grumbled quietly, shoveling waffle in his mouth.

"It's not a blob!" Haley said.
"That's enough fighting this morning!" Eva declared.  "Honestly! I don't know if I should leave you guys alone tonight or not! Maybe it's better to call the babysitter in!"

"No!" Haley and Ian said together quickly.  "We'll be good!" Haley promised, prompting her brother, "Won't we?"

Eva sighed. "I don't know..."

"Okay, but I'm trusting the two of you to be on your best behavior!" Eva said sternly.  "Ian, you listen to your older sister!"
On the way out the door, Haley elbowed her brother, "Did you hear that? You have to listen to me!"

The house was quiet after the kids went off to school and Eva went to work.  Nathaniel checked the reviews and then tried to find things to fill the day...

...like playing video games...
...or playing around on the computer...

So far nothing he really had no clue what he wanted to do now that his acting contracts were over!


"Hey girl! We still on for the night?" Rachel asked, hurrying over to Haley after dance class was over.
"Of course! I was waiting for you! Come on! Let's get back to my place! Tonight is going to be so much fun!"
"...You should've seen him!" Haley gushed, telling Rachel about Armando at the fair, "He just stood next to me the whole night, trailing after me! I didn't know what to say to him!"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Ew! I would've told him to get lost!"

"Aw, I didn't want to hurt his feelings!" Haley said.

"Maybe he likes you!" Rachel teased, then made a face, "EW!"

Haley glanced over at her brother playing nearby.  "Let's go up to my room!" she said, grabbing Rachel by the hand and pulling her upstairs.
"Okay, so I totally have the hots for Duanne! He's this hottie in my science class!" Rachel told her friend.  "I'm hoping he'll ask me to the dance.  What about you?  Who do you want to ask you?"

Haley sighed heavily. "I don't know! There's no one I really like," she complained.

"What about Ar-MAN-do, your lover-boy?" Rachel teased, laughing.

Haley rolled her eyes. "No way! He's friends with Johnny!"

"Yeah, that's definitely not a point in his favor! Why would anyone ever want to hang out with him?!"

Haley shrugged, "He used to be nice," she said softly.

"Psh! He's never been nice to me!"

Haley rested her head on her knees, listening to Rachel vent about her half-brother.  It wasn't disloyal if she thought Johnny was cute, was it?  It's not like she wanted him to ask her to the dance!


Eva had worked late in the office before heading over to Wolff's Lounge for the campaign fundraiser.  She'd worked on her speech and felt prepared for any questions that might come up during her mingling.
"Hey babe," Nathaniel said as he hurried to her side and gave her a quick kiss. 

Eva smiled.  "Wow, you clean up nice!" she teased.

"What do you know? I am a man of many talents!"

"Come on, let's get started!" Eva said as the guests began to trickle in.
It was nice to be surrounded by so many old friends!  Who said you couldn't mix business with pleasure!


"Mom's at the campaign fundraiser that Haley's folks are hosting.  Wanna have some fun tonight?" Johnny asked gleefully.  Haley and his half-sister, Rachel, had started snubbing him after he'd pulled the chair out from Rachel one day at lunch.  To be honest, though, he hadn't meant to hurt Rachel! He'd just wanted to pull a stupid prank. 


"Take that!" Haley said as she swung the pillow at Rachel. 
"You missed me by a mile!" Rachel taunted.  "Slow poke!"

The girls had changed into pajamas and were enjoying their little slumber party! 


"Watch the road!" Johnny whispered tersely to Armando as he ran up the stairs.
Pulling his arm back, he pitched the egg at the door as hard as he could.
The girls heard a noise as they were getting ready to get to sleep.  "Did you hear that?" Haley asked worriedly.

Rachel threw the blankets off.  "Do you hear someone laughing?" she asked.

The girls ran to the window and looked down.  "It's my idiot brother and his friend!" Rachel screeched.  "And they're egging your house!"
Johnny saw some movement in a window and grinned.  Serves the girls right!  Quickly he hurled a few more eggs.
Haley and Rachel burst through the front door.  Haley cringed when she stepped in a pool of eggy-goo.  "Johnny! What do you think you're doing?!" she demanded.

Johnny hid the eggs behind his back.  "Cute jammies!" he teased, surprised that the girls had run out the door in their jammies.

Rachel took a step forward and stamped her foot angrily, "Johnny, you little rat!"
"Prove it!" Johnny yelled before he took off - alone. Armando had cut and run at the first hint of trouble!
"Just wait until Dad hears about this! He's going to kill him!" Rachel fumed.
Haley pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.
"Daddy? It's me... are you guys on the way home?" she asked, near tears. Why did Johnny have to be so mean?!


  1. I'm really hoping Johnny just has it bad since his behavior pattern has gone on for so long toward his half sister and Haley. But geez. Time for him to pony up or grow up. :/

    1. It's clear to see that Johnny has issues! Right now he's just acting out, trying to get attention from *anyone*! Only time will tell if he's able to work through all that teenage angst!

  2. I was surprised at how upset Haley is at the end! Hopefully Johnny will realize that it's not just a prank to her anymore.

    1. It made a huge mess and really, really hurt her feelings. She has a crush on the idiot & he egged her house. :)

  3. Boys can be so dumb! That slumber party was really adorable though :D

    Eva and Nathaniel are such a sweet couple. I'm curious to see what he'll be doing next for work!