February 12, 2015

Eva: Week Twenty-Four, Day One

Perfectionist To-Do List:

Haley stared at her last painting, wondering if she should keep it out of the exhibit.  For some reason, it just felt so personal.

Glancing down at her watch, she frowned. She didn't have time to come up with something different
Deciding she was over-thinking it, she hurriedly put it next to the stack she was going to show.  She called Ms. Keaton, "Hello, ma'am, this is Haley Black-Wolff," she said when the phone was answered. "I have all the paintings ready for you.  Would you like to look at them first?"
"Oh yes, that will be wonderful, Haley! Bring them by my house and I'll make sure everything is set up!"

Haley took a deep breath to calm her jittery nerves and carefully picked up her paintings.  She hoped Ms. Keaton liked them...


"Ian, remember, you promised to be on your best behavior," Eva lectured quietly as they stepped into the art museum.  "This is a big day for Haley.  Be sure to congratulate her."

Ian groaned, "Mom, I'm not a kid anymore. I know how to act," he protested.

Eva and Nathaniel shared a speaking glance above his head. 
As soon as he made it in the room, he pointedly congratulated Haley then hurried over to his friend's side.  "Hey Duanne, your mom dragged you, too?" he asked with sympathy.

Duanne grimaced. "Yeah. At least she's your sister, so you have to be here."

Ian chuckled.  "How long do you think we have to stay?"

Groaning as he looked around at all the milling people, Duanne said, "5 minutes is too long!"

"Tell me about it," Ian complained.  "I had to break a date with Keely! I'm hoping I can still get over there tonight to surprise her! Our one-year anniversary is coming up!" he boasted.


Haley fidgeted nervously as strangers milled around, looking at her artwork.  She saw a few people snickering, like Duanne and her idiot brother, so she tried not to take it personally.  Art affected everyone differently.  She blew out a nervous breath.
"Haley!" Rachel called out loudly in the middle of the quiet exhibit.  "YAY!"  Haley smiled, so thankful her best friend could make it.
And of course she noticed her brother, Johnny, lingering by her side.  She glanced nervously over at him, "Hi, Johnny."  Oh Lord, don't let him look too closely, she prayed.

Johnny nodded, appearing bored as he looked around the room.
"Oh Rachel! I'm so glad you're hear!" she whispered quietly.  "Everyone keeps looking at my paintings!"
Rachel laughed, "Silly! They're supposed to look at the paintings! It's a good thing!"

Haley glanced over and saw what had caught Johnny's interest.
She bit her lip as she walked over, "Do you like it?" she asked breathlessly.

Johnny shrugged.  "It's not what I thought you would paint," he answered, staring at the painting.

Haley flinched, as though he'd slapped her.  "I'm sorry?" she asked with a tremor in her voice.  What did he mean by that?

Johnny glanced down at Haley, who was now frowning fiercely. "No, I just mean, I guess I always imagined you painting unicorns and bubble-gum cupcakes."  He glanced back at the painting.  "So who is he?" he asked, strangely annoyed by the idea that Haley could have guys posing for her.
"Who?!" Haley let out a nervous croak. "I just used some magazine I had laying around," she shrugged innocently. "Artists are able to find inspiration anywhere!"

Johnny turned and stared at her intently for a moment.  "You're hiding something."  He wasn't sure what she could be hiding, but she always got flustered when she had to lie.

 Haley forced a laugh, "Ha! That's so silly!" she said, trying to channel Rachel's confidence.  "Well, I need to go mingle. You should, too. Mingle!" she demanded.  "Go, go!" she said, shooing him away.

Johnny chuckled as he let Haley shoo him back towards Rachel.  He glanced back at the painting. He wasn't sure why, but there was something about it...
Turning her back on Johnny, Haley forced a smile and greeted some of the people that came to see her artwork.  "Maritza! Thanks for coming!" she told her homework buddy.

Maritza Patel smiled as she shook Haley's hand. "I never knew you were so talented!" she said.  "I might be good at math and science, but I'm awful with anything creative like painting or writing!"

Haley chatted for a moment or two before heading to meet the other guests at her exhibit.
Some were strangers she had never met before in her life, congratulating her on a wonderful show.
Others she was more familiar with...
"Hi, Haley," Armando Baker-Black said as he found a chance to greet the star of the exhibit.  "Your paintings are so full of depth.. and emotion.  They really resonate with me," he told her.

Haley smiled. "Thank you, Armando. I'm glad you've enjoyed the exhibit."

"Enjoy it?!" he asked. "I never dreamed you were so talented! You know, I'm a little bit of an art buff.  I knew when we ran into each other while looking at the picture that there was something connecting us!"

Haley smiled, trying to catch Rachel's eye across the room.

Rachel's mouth dropped open when she saw Armando hovering near her and she hurried over to rescue Haley.
"Haley!" she exclaimed as she ran up.  "Sorry, Armando," she said with a brilliantly fake smile, "I need to borrow Haley!"  Rachel hooked her arm through Haley's and drug her through the doors.

"Where are we going?" Haley whispered.

Rachel shrugged. "I dunno. Let's just go to bathroom and fix our make-up. He should be preoccupied with something else by then!"  The girls giggled as they hurried off.


By the time Haley made it back, the exhibit showing was winding down. Many people had already left, leaving their compliments.

What struck Haley was that her picture was gone.
She flagged down Ms. Keaton.  "Someone took one of my paintings!" she said with worry. 
"Oh no, dear, we sold it!" Ms. Keaton told her with a large smile, winking at Haley.  "It sounds like you might have an admirer, my dear!"

"Sold?" Haley gasped.  "But, Ms. Keaton, I didn't know they could be sold!" She never should have put such a personal piece in her exhibit! 

Ms. Keaton frowned, "Oh I'm so sorry, dear. Yes, we make all the art work here available for a price. Don't worry, dear. You'll be receiving a portion of the proceeds!"

Haley felt like crying.  "I just really, really want my painting back," she told Ms. Keaton meekly.  "Could you tell me who bought it? Maybe I can get it back?"

But Ms. Keaton was already shaking her head. "Oh no, dear. We don't release our patrons names. It's all down on a private basis."  

Misunderstanding her cause of worry, Ms. Keaton added, "Don't worry, dear. I'm sure your young beau will be sure to tell you of his regard soon! How very exciting! You were sensational tonight!"
In the end, not wanting to appear high-strung, Haley had chalked her loss up to a lesson learned and attempted to get over it.  Ms. Keaton was right. Her exhibit had been a success.  But who in the world was her mysterious admirer?

Her heart fluttered when she thought of Johnny staring so intently at it...


Ian whistled as he headed up the walkway.  He couldn't wait to see Keely's face when she saw he was able to break away early.  She'd been so disappointed he hadn't been able to come over tonight!
 He hadn't even rung the doorbell yet when Rose threw open the door , saying, "Uh oh."
"Uh oh?" he asked, his gaze drifting towards Keely's bedroom.
His heart slammed in his chest as he watched Ellis with his arms around Keely, kissing her. 
Turning on his heel, he hurried away before anyone could see the tears pricking his eyes.

Eva sighed as she and Nathaniel settled into bed.  "Well tonight went well, don't you think?" she asked.


  1. Ouch! What a rotten friend you are, Ellis :s

    1. A rotten, rotten friend! Guess who's going to wind up married to the Insane, Evil Keely! :) Lol

  2. I'm thinking it was Armando that bought Haley's painting...

    That's a shame after all Ian goes through for Keely.

    1. Darn, creepy Armando!

      And Ian was pretty heart-broken, but maybe it was the wake-up call he needed!

  3. Keely and Ellis, you horrible sims! Pah! They deserve each other >:( Poor Ian... maybe now he'll finally open his eyes and see the right girl...

    I'm curious where that kind of triangle between Haley, Armando and Johnny will lead!