February 21, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Four, Day Four

Living Green Tip #2:  If you feel strongly about buying healthy produce, but don’t necessarily have the funds to buy exclusively organic, growing your own vegetables is a great alternative option.

Haley greeted her first day on her own with eagerness and excitement.  There was so much she wanted to do!  Knowing she would have a busy day, she grabbed a quick bowl of oatmeal before heading out for her errands.
First stop?  The garden center's All About Gardening class they held once a month.

Learning all about the different ways to start a garden, using transplants or seeds, was so motivating!  They'd provided a few seeds for her to get started!

She might not love hiking and fishing, but she had become more and more interested in growing her own produce after her dad had produced the documentary Inside the Food Cycle, an expose on the less-than-stellar practices various manufacturers had when packaging their food.  Ew! 
On the way home, she stopped by the grocery store and filled her basket with cheese, tofu and eggs!  Everything else she would grow on her own!
Carefully slinging her bags over her shoulder on the bike, she started home, feeling quite proud of herself.
Salvaging a few old wood pieces, she fashioned a nice, little garden bed in the front of her house.  She was ready to grow the perfect garden! 
Trying to hurry before the rain hit, she quickly planted the seeds: two lettuce, two grapes, one tomato and one apple!  She couldn't wait to see something start to grow!


Maritza Patel walked some trails, hoping to find some sort of animal life that she would be able get her great animal study started.  Glancing through the fence, she saw something moving!
A turtle! she thought excitedly, trying to figure out what kind it was based on it's markings.

"What a pretty little guy you are!" she said, reaching down to pick it up.
"OUCH!" she yelled as she pulled her hand back, her finger smarting where the blasted thing had bitten her.  Apparently she had a lot to learn about wild animals!


Haley had just headed upstairs to start a landscape portrait.  Hopefully the lighting was good enough to really showcase the pond and the willow!  Tilting her head to the side, she tried to mix the right shade of blue...


"Oh!" Maritza said when she came across the little kitten.  "Are you lost little one?" she asked, crouching down to pet the little baby.

The kitten meowed in response and nuzzled her hand.
"Aw, I can't just leave you here!" she said, picking it up into her arms.  "We're near Haley's house. Maybe she knows who you belong to!" 
"Hi Haley!" Maritza called out in greeting as she headed up the front drive.

Haley put her brush to the side and glanced down.  "Oh! Hi Maritza! What are you up to?"

Maritza held up the little kitten.  "Someone got lost! Do you know their owners?"

"Aw!" Haley gasped. "I'll be right down!"
Downstairs, Haley crouched down and petted the little kitty.  "I've never seen her before," Haley said sadly.  "You don't think she got too far away from home, do you?"
Maritza chewed her lip with worry. "I don't know.  I was hoping you might've seen her around or known someone. I guess I can always take her to the animal center to see if her owners are looking for her."

"Poor thing," Haley said.  "Maybe..."
She was interrupted as the maid came out.   "It's all clean, Miss Black-Wolff. I'll see you tomorrow!" 
Maritza's mouth fell open as Kraig walked by.  "That's your maid?" she asked.  "He's too hot!"

"Sh! He'll hear you!" Haley shushed her friend as Maritza giggled, checking him out over her shoulder.    Although, to be honest, Maritza was absolutely correct.  Kraig had been with the family for 6 months and she'd yet to work up the nerve to do more than say hi.  He was so handsome! And those hands!  He had such strong, rugged hands that had inspired a few daydreams.
"Well I should get going!" Maritza announced, giving Haley a hug goodbye.  "I should get this pretty little kitty over to the animal center to find her mommy!"

"Let me know how it goes!" Haley told her, waving as Maritza trotted away with the kitten tucked safely in her arms.


Returning upstairs to her painting, Haley picked up the brush and glanced down to the pond.   She would work on her painting until the light began to fade.  

She had just decided it was probably time to head home when she heard a noise from the treeline.    It sounded like someone walking through the leaves.
Haley walked to the railing, trying to peer through all the foliage.  "Hello?" she called out.  "Maritza?"

No one answered.

She strained to hear any sort of movement, but didn't hear anything else.
"Must've been my imagination," she told herself as she hurried inside.


 A noise startled her awake.  After the noise earlier in the evening, she was officially creeped out.
Quickly dialing 9-1-1, she told the dispatcher that she thought she had an intruder. The dispatcher calmed her down and told her that an officer was on the way.  "Oh thank you!" she said, nervously biting her nail.


 Within minutes, Officer Solomon was hurrying up her front walk.


"I walked around the perimeter and didn't see any evidence of anyone.  It might've just been the wind or a raccoon," the officer told her. "Sometimes when people aren't used to living alone, they think they hear all sorts of noises."
"Oh, I'm so embarrassed," Haley said.  "It's my first night on my own! I feel so silly!"  She can't believe she'd managed to spook herself out so thoroughly.  "I could've sworn I heard something!"  Both times!
"That's what we're here for."  Officer Solomon patted her shoulder.  "Don't hesitate to call us in the future."  He slipped his business card into her hand.  "If you're worried, you can always call me directly."
Haley blushed as she held the business card in her hand.  "I will," she told him shyly.
"Night ma'am," Officer Solomon tipped his hat as he let himself out of the house, whistling as he headed back to his patrol car. 



  1. Well that's more than slightly unsettling. Lucky burglar must've helped with the officer pictures. Staging is really the hardest part when it comes to blogging sims legacies. Great job!

    1. I still can't believe I was lucky enough to have a burglar break in on her first night alone! Hello Mr. Officer... welcome to my random legacy... I'm in need of some hidden trait genes! :)

  2. Maritza is cute, and she seems to collect strays, lol

    Uh oh---something is watching her---maybe it is the mama cat? And---what a thoughtful officer, giving her his number, lol

    (Psst---MC lets you add a hidden trait to anyone...)

    1. I happen to love Maritza! She was born in-game, too! She does seem quiet interested in animals, doesn't she? :)

      Ooo... what or WHO is watching her?!

      A very kind and helpful officer! He seems like a really nice guy. (And oh my gosh, I hemmed and hawed so much trying to decide if I should give Johnny a hidden trait. Lol! But I'd be too sad if they had a baby and he didn't stick around. I'd have to kill him off and that would suck!)

  3. Someone really is watching her. Nice to have officer Solomon's personal information--for more than one reason. ;)