March 11, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Four, Day Six

Living Green Tip #4: For an eco-friendly picnic, try to choose a destination that's easy to get to by biking, walking or using public transportation.

Haley swiped the brush across the canvas. She'd chosen a red background for passion.. and maybe love!  She'd been with Gage for several weeks now since Love Day, and while they weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend, he'd let it slip the other night that he loved her!

Thankfully, she hadn't heard any of the strange noises since Gage had started coming by more often.  Gage liked to tease her that she'd made it all up to get his attention.  As if!
"I feel ridiculous," Gage grumbled from the bed.

Haley grinned and glanced back over her shoulder.  "Just a little bit longer!" she pleaded.  She really wanted to get his angles right!
Disgruntled, he perched on the edge of the bed.  "I can think of a few things more pleasurable to do in the bed..." he hinted huskily.

"You promised you wouldn't move!" Haley giggled.
Gage surged to his feet and crossed the space between them, running his hands up and down her arms.  "I can't help it," he told her. "I just want to make the most of every minute I get with you!" He nuzzled her neck.  "Lying in your bed while you paint me isn't my idea of fun."
Haley spun in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "I like seeing you in my bed!" she purred.

Gage looked over her shoulder at the work in progress and cocked a brow.  "You're not going to sell this piece, right?" he asked a little hesitantly.

"Why? Are you feeling shy now?" Haley teased.  "No," she assured him.  "This is for my enjoyment!"

Gage looked so relieved, she couldn't help but add, "Can you imagine if the guys are your work saw it?!"
"That's not even funny, Haley!" Gage flipped, raising his voice and jabbing his finger at the painting.  "You said no one would know it was me and that no one would see it!"
Haley felt immediately contrite.  "You're right, Gage. I'm sorry!" she said quickly, wanting to erase the look of disdain from her lover's face.  "I promise it will just be for us!"  She shouldn't have teased him about showing anyone his painting!  She wouldn't like it if he did the same to her.

Even after apologizing, Gage didn't seem quite convinced of her sincerity.  "I promise, sweetie! I shouldn't have joked about it!" she added.

"It wasn't very funny. Something like that could ruin my reputation," he argued, still not mollified.
"I know, sweetie. I know! I'm sorry! I can't believe I was that stupid! Do you forgive me?" she asked, standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

Gage leaned back from her kiss, "I'm pretty sure we can think of something," he said huskily. "This time you have to do whatever I tell you!"
 A thrill shot through Haley.  He forgave her! "Anything," she whispered.

Gage groaned and pulled her against him, crushing her mouth with his kiss.


A few hours later, after they'd bathed and dressed, Haley and Gage were enjoying an impromptu picnic on the living room floor.

"Are you sure you're okay we didn't go down to the park?" Gage asked as he popped a grape in his mouth.

She'd been a little disappointed that he hadn't wanted to go to the park for their picnic.  It hadn't looked that rainy...  Haley smiled. "Of course! You were right, it kinda looked like rain.  Besides! And think about how much gas we saved!"
Setting his plate aside, Gage leapt at her, tickling her ribs.  Haley laughed, leaning back on her elbow.  "Besides," he said as his tickles turned to strokes.  "We couldn't do this if we were at the park.."  
Gage leaned over her and began kissing her.  Haley opened her mouth and groaned, wrapping her leg around him.
Best picnic ever, Haley thought dreamily, reaching down to pull Gage's shirt off.
Just then, the door opened.  "Oh! God! Sorry!" Rachel said when she saw them making out on the floor. 
"RACHEL!" Haley said with surprise, sitting up and gently pushing Gage off.

"I can't do anything right!" she cried, racing to the bathroom and slamming the door.

Gage grimaced and dropped his head on Haley's head.  "I guess that means we're not going to finish," he asked  needlessly.  Haley was already getting to her feet and straightening her clothes.
"I'm sorry, Gage. I should probably see what's wrong.  It's not like Rachel to be so over-emotional... well.. more over-emotional than normal..."

Gage shrugged. "I guess I should get going anyways.  I needed to get home to get dressed for my shift, anyways."
"You can always bring your uniforms over here," Haley suggested.  She'd been hinting that if Gage wanted to stay over more, she'd be okay with it.  She'd even bought him a toothbrush to use while he was over.

Gage looked at her tenderly.  "I told you I'm not ready to move in," he said gently.  "Trust me, moving in too early can change a relationship."

Haley pouted a moment.  That's what she wanted! She wanted their relationship to be more serious!
"I love you!" she told him, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.  "I'll see you soon!"
"I'll miss you!" he said, hurrying from the room to let her deal with her wailing friend.
Haley sighed as she went to the bathroom door and knocked.  "Rach, it's me! Can I come in?"

"Yes!" Rachel sniffled.
"Rach? What is it? Is it Alan again?" she asked.  Shortly after Love Day, Rachel had been devastated when Alan had broken up with her.
 "No, it's not that!" she said, breaking down in tears.  "It's worse!  I really messed up!"
Haley perched on the tub next to her best friend.  "What is it, Rach? You're scaring me!" 
"Oh, God. I don't know what to do!" Rachel moaned.  "I.." she looked away from Haley, almost too embarrassed to admit the truth.  Gritting her teeth, she blurted out, "I'm pregnant!"

Haley's mouth dropped open. Blinking as she tried to assimilate the information, she said,  "Okay. Well, I'm sure when we tell Alan..." she stopped because Rachel was shaking her head.  "Okay? No, what? We're not telling Alan?"

"It's not that, Haley!" Rachel said, burying her hands in her hands and crying even harder. "Alan's not the father!"

Haley mouth dropped open once again.  "Okaaay," she said, cautiously asking, "Do we know who the father is?"
Rachel groaned. "I hooked up with your house-cleaner, Kraig, after Alan broke up with me." She buried her head on Haley's shoulder.  "I can't get a hold of him. I was hoping you could help."

"But Rach! He quit without collecting his last week's paycheck. The agency sent over a new maid!"

Rachel sobbed even louder.  "My life is ruined, Haley!"

Haley wrapped her arms around Rachel and patted her back.  "It's not ruined.  We're going to do this together."

"You mean it?" Rachel asked, leaning back and peeking up at her friend.  "You don't hate me?"

"For what? Getting pregnant? No!! Don't be ridiculous." She squeezed Rachel's hand.  "You're my best friend."


  1. Gage's reaction to the painting and Haley's joke was... Interesting.
    I don't trust him. He's older and seems like he has a bad temper. I don't like him.

    Good on Rachel for interrupting! Otherwise Haley might have ended up in the same situation. Poor her though, at least she has a very good friend to help her through it :3

  2. Uuuhhh, Gage needs to go. :/ And yet Haley doesn't seem to realize it herself yet. Where's Johnny? 'Scuse me while I search for the Johnny and Haley ship. Surely it's around here somewhere... lol

  3. Oh no, that reaction from Gage about the painting was not good.

    For some reason I expected Haley to get pregnant first; it makes more sense this way, though. Good thing Alan's out of the picture; he seemed pretty hot-headed himself.

  4. Not sure what to think about Gage... he seems more interested in Haley physically than in any of her interests.

    And aww, Rachel! At least your baby might get the "makes no mess" hidden trait :D Haley is a good friend :)

    1. Lol - "makes no mess" - although, I have to say I've never noticed whether the child was a cleanly child! :)