April 14, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Four, Day Seven

Living Green Tip #5: Turns out, biking is not just good for your body and joints, but it's also the best choice for the environment. 

Haley finished her special painting of Gage and smiled.  It had been a few days since she'd seen him last.  He'd told her a few weeks back that he'd be taking some double shifts around the spring holidays, so he wouldn't be able to come over as often anymore.

She sighed.  She missed him so much!  She couldn't wait to tell him that she'd finished his portrait!
Quietly, Haley headed downstairs to write her love letter.  Her emotions poured out on the sheet, telling him how much she loved him, how she adored the things he did to her body, and how she couldn't wait to see him again!  With a flourish, she pressed her lips to the sheet for a lipstick kiss.

She grinned when she looked at it.  This had to be the best love letter in the history of mankind!  Hurrying to the mailbox, she posted it, eager to hear back from Gage!


Now that her painting was complete, Haley had a little more time to spend in her poor, neglected garden!  Although, the plants all seemed to be growing!  At least nothing had died yet!
There were always so many weeds to pick though!  Next year she was going to invest in some good weed-blocker fabric!
"Morning, Haley," Rachel said as she came down the steps.

Haley looked up from her weeding.  "Hey Rach! Did I wake you?"
"Psh," Rachel waved her hand as she waddled over to sit on the nearby bench.  "I can sleep through anything."  She glanced down at the little bunny gnome.  "New garden decoration?"

Haley followed Rachel's gaze. "Huh, I don't know. I haven't seen it before.  Maybe Gage left it for me since he knows how much I love my garden!" she said with a grin.

"Have you seen him lately?" Rachel asked, surprised since she hadn't seen him around.

Haley hedged, focusing on watering the plants and avoiding Rachel's eye.  "Well, no," she admitted finally.  "But, he said he was going to be pulling some double shifts since so many of the guys he worked with had kids." She turned just in time to see the face the face Rachel made.  "Well, I think it's nice! He's letting the guys with kids spend time with their families!"

Rachel nodded, unconvinced.  "So, are you almost ready to go to the appointment with me?"

Haley wiped her hands off on her jeans. "Yeah, let me just go wash up!"


"Thanks for taking the taxi with me," Rachel said as they slipped into the air-conditioned car.

Haley smiled, "Well, you're not going to ride your bike pregnant, are you?"

Rachel laughed. "I don't even know if you'll be able to convince me to use a bike after I've had the baby!"

"For every mile you bike, you can save about 1lb of cardon dioxide and other pollutants from entering our atmosphere..." Haley lectured.

Rachel interrupted her before Haley could really get going. "I know! I know! I told you that after this baby is born I'll bike!" She held her hands up in supplication.  "I promise!" she added with a laugh.

Haley grinned sheepishly.  "Sorry," she said.  "I know I can go on and on about it, huh?"

Rachel elbowed her.  "Ya think?"
"Well here we are!" Rachel said when the taxi pulled up to the hospital.  "Time to check up on my little baby!" she said, rubbing her bulging belly.  She reached across the taxi and squeezed Haley's hand.  "Thanks for coming with me," she said with emotion.  "It means a lot to me."

Haley squeezed her friend's hand back.  "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"


"I can't believe you got his phone number!" Haley said as they walked out of the double doors.  She couldn't believe Rachel had gotten the phone number of the guy that did her ultrasound! 

Rachel glanced back at her friend. "What? I'm pregnant, not dead!"

"But you're not really going to call him, are you?"

Rachel shrugged. "I dunno. He was pretty cute. And he's a doctor."

"Rach, he's not a doctor. He's an imaging technician."

Rachel shrugged again. "Close enough for me!"
"But..." Haley started to press before Rachel interrupted her.

"Look, can we just not talk about this right now. It's a beautiful day. I'm having a good hair day. And, look! The Spring Fair!  We should totally go and enjoy the day!"  Rachel said, attempting to distract Haley from the serious conversation she seemed intent on having. 
Haley sighed heavily, but agreed, heading down the street towards the fairgrounds.
"Oh! Let's get our pictures taken!" Rachel said as they neared the fair and saw the photo tent.  "A picture for the start of our adult lives! I'll finally get to be on your family wall!"

"That sounds like a great idea!" Haley agreed.  They had four generations of pictures on the dining room wall at home going all the way back to her great-great-grandfather, Jesse Black!

The two friends crossed the street and mugged for the camera.  "Okay, serious this time," Haley said when she was done laughing.  It was so nice to get out of the house!


"I can't wait to see the last picture!" Haley said as she ducked under the tent's curtain and waited for the pictures to drop from the slot.  She glanced around the fair with a smile. "You were making such a goofy.. Oh God..." she said in a strangled voice.
Rachel exited the tent, with a flippant remark on her tongue when she saw Haley had paled. "What's wrong?" she asked, "Is it that bad?"

Haley bit her lip, tears forming in her eyes and pointed across the park.
"It's Gage..."
Rachel followed Haley's gaze.  "Son of a bitch! I'll kill him!" Rachel growled, cracking her knuckles before she started to stalk towards the lying sack of manure.

Haley reached out and grabbed her arm.  "No. Rachel. Don't," she pleaded.

Rachel hissed, pointing towards Gage as a little girl ran up and wrapped herself around his leg. "Don't defend him! He's cheating on you, Haley!"

Haley shook her head and pulled Rachel back again.  "Don't you see?" she asked tearfully.  She pointed at the little girl that clung to his leg and the baby in his arms.  "I'm the other woman..." she said shakily.   "Please...  I just want to go home.."

With one last deadly glare towards the jerk who broke her friend's heart, Rachel wrapped her arm around Haley and lead her away. 

Gage remained blissfully unaware that his dirty little secret had been discovered.


"Are you sure you're okay?" Rachel asked, for the third time since they got in a taxi.
Haley just nodded as she walked in the house, hurrying towards the stairs.  "I can't talk about it right now" she managed to spit out without crying. 
"If you need me, I'm here!" Rachel said as she watched Haley head upstairs and cringed when she heard the door shut quietly.  If it had been her, she'd have been ranting and raving and letting the creep know what she thought of him!  Maybe that was just her pregnancy hormones speaking, though...
Haley quietly shut the door and perched on the edge of her bed, staring at the portrait of Gage that she'd completed just this morning. It was like her was mocking her for her stupidity.  She'd been so blind and naive!

She lowered her head into her hands and bawled.


Rachel's heart broke when she heard Haley sobbing.  She knew Haley had been crazy about him, but Rachel had never liked him much.  He always seemed shady to her... and now she knew why.  The lying jerk-face had a whole freaking family on the side!

Rachel hung up the picture they had taken at the fair and straightened the corners.  You never really knew what kind of crap life was going to throw at you, she thought sadly.


  1. Aw. I just thought Gage was a jerk. Didn't realize he was such a total sleeze bag on top of it. With a baby in his arms, does that mean his wife was preggers while he was carrying on with Haley? At least Haley knows now. Hopefully she can stick to her guns and not let him mess her around any more.

    1. *sniffles* Poor Haley's first taste of love is going to be a BIT bittersweet! Gage is the sleaziest!

  2. I love the last picture of Rachel. It's like she knew it was coming.

    Now that she's discovered the truth about Gage, is she going to sell that portrait of him? I totally think she should.

    1. I loved that picture of Rachel! She definitely saw the signs that Gage was a jerk. Too bad she can't see the signs in the guys SHE dates! :)

      Lol. You think she should sell the painting? Gage would flip his lid!

  3. *wipes forehead* I caught up! Lol. I love your legacy, it's so realistic and well-paced. Anyway, I can leave comments now! Yay.

    Hm, no wonder Gage reacted that way about the painting, I was wondering what his deal was about that. I'm also wondering who the second help will be. I'm hoping it's Maritza 'cause I really like her!

    Speaking of Maritza, where did you get her hair? It looks nice!

    1. Glad you've enjoyed it! I need to get to playing & writing again!

      Hmmm... second help is going to have to be either someone who loves animals or cooking. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Gage = bad. And he's hot-tempered to boot!

  5. Arghh, Gage! How horrible of him to make poor Haley the other woman!

    It's so nice that she has Rachel living with her now though. She's so much fun :D

    1. Gage is the worst!

      Rachel is so different than Haley - it was fun seeing their friendship grow. :)