May 11, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Five, Day Five

Green Living Tip #10:  Planning a party? Avoid paper invitation! We know, there's nothing quite like a personalized invitation in the mail. But stationary can cost a ton of money and use an unnecessary amount of resources.

Haley tip-toed into Rachel's room as quietly as she good managed.  She didn't want to wake Rachel up.
 "Sh..." she said as she lifted Rio from his crib.  "Let mama sleep."

Rio looked over his Auntie Haley's shoulder towards his sleeping mom.  "Mama?" he echoed questioningly, not as softly as Haley.

Haley winced.  "Sh...." she told him again.
Glancing over towards Rachel, she sighed when she saw she was still sleeping.  Good, she needed to sleep.  She hadn't been handling her father's death very well.


"Here you go, Rio," Haley said, handing her godson a bottle.

Rio grabbed at the bottle eagerly, drinking it down in full gulps.

Maritza walked by on her way to the refrigerator. "Good morning," she told Haley. "How's Rachel doing this morning?"

Haley frowned, grabbing a bowl to join her friend for cereal.
"She needs to pull herself together," Maritza said sternly.  "I know she's hurting, but she can't keep going out and partying and drinking."
 Haley glanced over her shoulder and shot Maritza a glare.  "SH!" she said angrily, "Rio's right there!"
Maritza glanced guiltily across the room towards Rio.  "Sorry," she mumbled.  "I don't know why we're tip-toeing around it, though..."

"She's fine, Maritza. She just needs some time!"


Maritza had headed out with Mittens for one of their long hikes and Haley had headed outside with the kids to garden. 
Rachel skipped down the steps, seemingly full of verve and excitement.  "Hey Haley, can you watch Rio today? I'm going to meet a few people at the pool."
"Sure, Rio's no trouble," Haley told her.  Rachel wasn't looking good though.  There were dark circles under her blood-shot eyes.  "Are you sure you should go out again today, though?" she asked.  "Maybe Rio would like to see his Grandma?"

Rachel rolled her eyes.  "It's just a Leisure Day party!"

"Yeah, but it was 'getting to know your coworkers' the night before and  'payday splurge' the night before that," Haley argued.  She nibbled her bottom lip, "We're worried about you Rach!"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "I'm fine!" she argued. "I just want to live a little! Get off my back!"

"Okay! I'm sorry!" Haley said, lifting her hands up, giving up. 
"Mama!" Rio called out happily, trying to get her attention. 
Rachel lifted Rio up in her arms and tickled his belly.  "I'll see you tonight, little man," she promised him.


The sun was shining, the weather was hot, and the people hanging around were all young and frisky!  When she'd arrived at the pool party, she'd been handed a beer first thing.

Grinning, she'd jumped into the pool, smiling as everyone cheered and laughed.

Life didn't get better than this, she thought as she jumped out of the water.
Some guy she'd never met before approached her, his eyes raking over her body.  "Nice dive," he told her, quite obvious in his admiration. "The name's Mack. I love a girl that knows how to  have fun!"

"Then you're going to love me!" Rachel laughed.  "Come on, I need a drink!"
 She headed over to the pavilion and started mixing up a few drinks.
As she chugged down the sugary drink, she wasn't surprised that Mack had trailed after her.  Glancing over the top of her drink, she checked out his muscles.
He grabbed a drink and saluted her before chugging it down.

Btu Rachel's attention had wandered to a nicer-looking chest.  So many choices, so little time, she thought.


"Oh! Look! The Barbour's Map Turtle!" Maritza said happily, after a short search for the turtle that had bitten her finger all those months ago.  "I was hoping to find it again!" 
She glanced over her shoulder towards Mittens.  "You can't get this one!" Maritza said, giggling at how sad Mittens looked.
 After a long hike home, Maritza put him safely in his new home.


"Hey Leanna!" Rachel greeted her coworker as she finished off her drink.  "I'm glad you could make it!"  Everyone had decided to get cleaned up and head over to the Wolff Lounge for an after-party.

"Are you kidding?" Leann said with a light laugh, "You throw the best parties!"
The rest of the night was a little bit of a blur.

So many people came up to greet her and talk to her.  There was a blur of faces and conversations.

"Hey, baby," Mack said, all cleaned up and handsome.  "Come dance with me," he grabbed Rachel's hand and pulled her away from her crowd of new friends. 

"Another round for my friends!" Rachel called out to the bartender as she teetered on her heels, following along after Mack with a giggle.
Rachel danced with Mack, swiveling her hips and flirting with him.  "Having fun?" she asked, pivoting around and wiggling her backside.

Mack grunted.  "I told you I love a girl that knows how to have fun," he said, leaning over to whisper in her ear.  Placing his hands on her hips, he gently steered her towards a corner off in a corner of the room.
Rachel laughed, letting her hands fall loosely at her side as Mack pushed her up against the bookshelf.  "What do you think you're doing?" she softly taunted him.
"This," Mack said, pressing his mouth against hers and hungrily kissing her.


"Hello... Alan?" Haley answered her phone, surprised to hear from Rachel's ex.  Her frown deepened the more she listened to him.  "Thanks for letting me know."

Haley hung up the phone and wrung her hands worriedly.  Well, at least she knew why Rachel hadn't come home this evening.

Nibbling her lower lip, she called the first person she could think of... "Hello?" she asked nervously when he answered.  "Are you busy?"


Rachel hadn't felt this good... this alive... in what felt like forever!  She loved Rio fiercely, but she was too young to just be a mother.  She was a young, sexy woman!

She wrapped her arms around Mack's neck and roughly kissed him back, rising on her tip toes to press up against him.  "Take me home," she whispered.

Mack ran his hands down her dress. "I have a better idea," he suggested breathlessly.  "Let's go back to your place."

Rachel shook her head. "Can't. Roommates," she responded, nibbling on his ear.

Mack groaned.  "Let's get a room somewhere. I know a motel."

Rachel was on the verge of agreeing rather enthusiastically when she thought she heard her brother calling her name.  Her world spun as she looked up suddenly... making direct eye contact with Johnny.
"Johnny?" she asked woozily.  "What are you doing here?"

"Get your hands off my sister!" Johnny said angrily.

Rachel's gaze shot between her brother and Mack, still reeling with confusion.
"Look, I think your sister's old enough to make her own decisions," he said snarkily.  "There's no need to cause a scene."

"Get. Your. Hands. Off. My. Sister," Johnny said through gritted teeth.  He was pissed to find his sister glassy-eyed, two-sheets-the-wind, with this guy pawing all over her.  Just give me an excuse to pummel you, Johnny dared him with his eyes.
"Whatever," Mack said, stepping around Johnny.  When he was a safe distance away, he called back, "I'll call you later, sweetcheeks!"

Johnny looked over his shoulder and glared at the jerk. He stuck his finger in his sister's face. "You are not calling him later," he demanded.

Rachel just sighed dreamily, "But I love him, Johnny!"as she fell against him, unable to stand up straight now that the bookshelf and Mack's body weren't supporting her.

Johnny swore under his breath.  "Let's get you home."


Rachel leaned crookedly on Johnny as he helped her up the steps.  "I love you, Johnny," she told him.  "I don't think I've ever told you, you know.  But I do. I love you!"  She'd been saying it since he'd managed to get him loaded into his car.

He narrowly avoided dropping Rachel as she started to slump over, pulling her against his side. "I know, Rach. I love you, too. Take another step this way," he urged her. 

Haley opened the door and rushed out to greet them.  "You found her!" she said, clearly anxious and worried.  "Let me help."
Haley slipped Rachel's other arm around her shoulders and helped her inside, the three of them awkwardly maneuvering inside, trying to avoid the furniture.
"I love you, too, Haley," Rachel said, her head lolling awkwardly to the side as she turned to look at her friend.  "You're like my sister! I love you!"

Haley felt tears prick her eyes. "I know, Rach. I love you, too."


Together, they'd managed to get Rachel into bed, where she'd promptly fallen sound asleep.  Johnny motioned for them to leave the room, then pulled her into her room.


"How long has she been like this?" Johnny asked with concern.

Haley nibbled her lower lip, not noticing when Johnny's eyes trailed down to watch.  "Since your dad's funeral," she said sadly. "She's been out partying with some of her new co-workers.  I've been worried about her, but kept thinking it would blow over."

Johnny nodded. "I'm just glad I was still in town."  The whole family was still reeling from their dad's death.  But, Rachel had always been more emotional than all of them.  He should've known that their dad's death would hit her harder.
"What do we do now?" Haley asked softly with concern.

Johnny blinked owlishly, reeling his thoughts back from the gutter.  He wanted to pull her into his arms and release all this pent-up sexual frustration.  He hadn't been on a date since he'd run into her again. But she'd never given him any indication that she'd welcome any advances from him... not a come-hither look, or a suggestive comment.. nothing.

He needed to get over it, he thought.  First thing he was going to do when he got back was take his buddy up on that blind date.

"There's no 'we'," Johnny said a little more harshly than he'd intended. "I'll talk to Sonja.  She can talk some sense into her daughter.  It's what you should've done before it got to this point," he said.
"Oh," Haley breathed, glancing away from Johnny's gaze. "I'm sorry. I didn't think...," she trailed off in a small voice.  It hurt that Johnny was disappointed in her, but he was right.  Rachel hadn't been well since her Dad died and Haley had been making excuses for her...

Johnny cursed under his breath when he saw Haley disengage after he'd snapped at her.  "I'm sorry, Haley. I didn't... I just..." he stammered.  "Hell! I'm sorry. I've got to go!"

He strode from the room before he made a bigger fool of himself.


  1. Nooo... when are they going to stop circling around each other?? Haha... Johnny's really cute, I never noticed before. I want them to make babies now, lol. Except, he has to have a hidden trait...

    Great chapter! I loved Johnny's social awkwardness at the end, and poor Rachel's drunken "I love you"s were too funny. But also sad, you know she has to be hurting a lot inside. I hope Sonja can straighten her up soon.

    1. Lol... they'll stop circling each other.. oh... about when Jason's mid-teen! Seriously though, I have a plan! There are just going to be a few detours between now & then!

      I think Johnny is one the handsomest in-game sims I've been blessed with. I might just be partial though! :P

      I loved Rachel's drunken "I love you's" & stumbling around. When she woke up after her father passed away, she started sobbing. I edited that part out of my story and just had her coming down to ask Haley to watch Rio for her.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. *sigh. Johnny. He's got so much pluck and can be so headstrong, yet he won't take charge with Haley at all. :( They *need* each other. *shipshipship

    Aw/ :( Rachel. Burying sorrow with parties is a cheap fix. Thank goodness Johnny showed up before Mack took advantage of her state. At least she's not a mean or angry drunk though. Happy drunks can be funny at least. lol

    1. Ha, that is his funny quirk! There's no obstacle he won't charge in & take care of... but ask Haley out? It scares the living daylights out of him!

      Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. *shakes head* She was going down the wrong road. Johnny to the rescue! *trumpet sound*