May 8, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Five, Day Four

Green Living Tip #9:  Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched, or even after, for that matter!

"Come on, little man," Rachel said as she lifted Rio from the crib.  "We're going to go visit Grandma and Grandpa!"  She had the day off and she was worried about her dad.
"How's he feeling?" Rachel asked her mom anxiously.

Sonja just shook her head slightly.  "He's still the same," she said sadly. 
Tears welled in Rachel's eyes.  It sucked that her dad was so sick.  She wasn't ready to say goodbye yet! 
Sonja cheerfully announced as Rachel carried Rio into the house, "Tomas, look who came over to see us!"
Tomas leaned heavily on his cane as he shuffled forward.  "Aw, my princess!" he said softly.
"Oh, Daddy!" Rachel said, her voice catching and a few tears leaking from her eyes. 
Tomas wiped the tears away.  "Now, now, Rachel, no tears, okay?"

Rachel nodded quickly, attempting to squelch the tears that seemed to be multiplying.  "Okay, Daddy," she tried to promise.

Tomas chuckled and pulled his daughter into his arms.  "You always were my over-emotional girl. You just feel things so deeply," he said, stroking her hair. 

Rachel closed her eyes, content to be held in her dad's arms.

Why did he have to be so sick?


Maritza headed to the beach in hopes of finding another specimen.  Besides, Mittens had never seen the ocean before!

Haley hurried to the door, wiping her hands on her jeans in an attempt to dry her sweaty palms.  This was it, she thought, attempting to bolster her confidence.  She opened the door and it hit her.

Gage was at her house.

She stared a moment before pulling it together and inviting him in. Best to get this over with.   She wanted him out of her life. Period.
The door closed behind Gage and he stared at the girl who'd caused him so much trouble.  She'd sent that thug after him and had him demoted all because she was mad he wasn't screwing her anymore. She definitely wasn't worth all the trouble she'd caused!

His gaze shifted to the canvas.  "Is that it?" he asked with annoyance.
Haley followed his gaze and swallowed. "Yes. That's it."

"Good," Gage said. "I'm going to use that trash for target practice!"


"What are you doing here?" Keely put her hands on her hips with affront when she saw Rachel.

Rachel gaped at her sister. "What do you think I'm here for?" she snapped. "I came to see Daddy."

"Well, some people live here and take care of him every day, not just when it suits them!" she said snidely.
"Girls, there's no need to bicker," Tomas said quickly, stepping between the sisters with his grandson in his arms. 


Gage was on his way out when the sound of a baby cry filtered down the stairs.  He froze in his tracks and dropped the canvas to the floor.
He whirled around and confronted her, letting the door slam shut.  "Was that the baby?" he asked.

Haley pointed to the canvas on the floor, "Just take the painting and go!" she told him.

Gage kicked at the painting. "Do you think I care about some dumb painting?" he demanded angrily. "I want to know about my child!"
"He is nothing to you!" Haley said stubbornly.

Gage turned in a circle and swore loudly and viciously, then turning back towards Haley.  "You've screwed my life up!" he yelled at her.  "What am I going to tell my wife?!" he demanded.
"I screwed your life up?" Haley demanded angrily.  "All I did was foolishly trust you! Believe me, I want nothing else from you! You don't have to tell your wife anything!  I just want you to take the damn painting and GO!"
His anger faded and he looked at her questioningly.  "Why didn't you use birth control?" he asked incredulously.  "How could you be so irresponsible?"  
Haley growled.  How did he manage to turn everything around and make it her fault?  "GET OUT!" she screamed, absolutely losing her temper. What did she ever see in him?!

She watched him stoop down and quickly pick up the painting, stalking from the house. 

She hoped this was the last she ever saw of him!


Working out in the garden helped soothe her nerves.  Haley weeded, harvested and watered her thriving plants.
She'd brought Jason out with her so that she could watch him while she worked.  He was resting safely in the shade of the apple tree.
Not too far away, the baby chicks darted around.
Taking a break, Haley scooped up one of the soft chicks and snuggled it.  They were so little and cute!  Even Rachel hadn't been immune to their cuteness!


Maritza played with Mittens in the sand, laughing as the cat leaped back and forth, trying to catch the laser point. 
Turning, she saw a lizard dart by. "Oh! Everyone! Stay back!" she called out.

Yesenia Baker-Black squirmed in her lounge-chair. "Will it bite?" she asked, pulling her legs up from the edge of the seat.

"Oh no," Maritza assured her. "It's just an extremely rare lizard that I'd like to catch to study!"
She slowly crept up towards the little green lizard.
"MITTENS! NO!" Maritza yelled, lunging towards the lizard to try to catch it before Mittens.
Darn, she thought.  It had gotten away!
She sighed heavily.  Maybe she shouldn't bring Mittens on her hikes anymore. She seemed to scare away more of the wildlife than not.

Dropping to her knee, she petted the cat's head.  "Come on, Mittens.  Let's go home," she said dejectedly.  She'd hoped to be so much further along now in her studies!


"Goopy Carbonara," Rachel said as she rested her hip against the cabinet.  "Daddy's favorite!" she said, approving of her mother's choice.
Sonja smiled sadly at her daughter. "Go on, go get everyone for dinner."
Rachel carried Rio to the highchair as everyone grabbed a plate and sat down.

"I grabbed you a plate, Daddy," Keely announced, flashing a triumphant look towards Rachel.
"Thanks, sweetheart," Tomas told his daughter as he slowly made his way to the table.
He gazed around the table with a smile.  A man couldn't be prouder of his family than he was.  He had a beautiful wife, three beautiful daughters, and a strong, handsome grandson to carry on the name.

A man could die in peace...


"Have you heard from Rachel?" Maritza asked worriedly as she took a seat next to Haley.

Haley shook her head.  "No, she called earlier in the day and said that her dad was hanging in there."

"So that's good news, right?" Maritza asked matter-of-factly.

Haley nibbled her bottom lip, "I hope so!"


  1. Aw. At least Rachel was there plenty before her dad got so sick. She's been over with Rio lots too.

    Puh. How does Gage think he will get to know about his child with such an attitude toward Haley? Dropping the pretense, and the arrogance, would be a big step forward for him. Is he capable of such a big boy move though? I don't blame her for demanding he do nothing more than leave.

    Aw, Mittens. lol.

    1. Rachel thankfully had the day off from work, so it was fitting she spent the day over there talking to Tomas & arguing with Keely. (They really don't get along in the game!)

      Gage is such a worm! The only good thing that came of him was Jason & the Can Catch Burglars hidden trait. :)

      I think the only reason Maritza saw the lizard was because Mittens was stalking prey. It sure would be cool if Maritza could get in there first and save the little minor wildlife! I have not had a lot of success CATCHING anything. Lol. So much for THAT story line!

  2. Aw, Tomas. At least he seems really happy, and his family is taking good care of him.

    Gage is so stupid. Does he actually want to be a father for Jason? I wouldn't have guessed. And the thought of him using the painting for target practice is hilarious! He can shoot at his own butt!

    1. I'm going to miss Tomas! He was fun to watch! What's even more sad is that it means Eva and Nathaniel's time will be coming along sometime. :(

      Gage is incredibly stupid! He doesn't want to be a father - but he's one of those "want my cake and eat it,too." Lol @ the target practice. I imagined him using it as target practice to make sure it was good and destroyed so it wouldn't cause him any more trouble. But, it IS kind of funny to imagine him shooting at himself! Hehe.. hope he shot it where it hurts! :)

  3. Well, it seems Keely hasn't gotten any more likeable as she got older, she's still a jerk, lol Pretty, but a jerk. =)

    1. Keely's a huge jerk! She kept picking fights with everyone before the dinner!

  4. Aww... such an adorable family dinner! I like how we get to see Rachel's and Maritza's daily lives as well as Haley's :)

    And wow, Gage! That guy is getting worse and worse every time he shows up! I seriously hate him now, haha. Well written!

    1. I decided since Rachel & Maritza joined the house, we should see what they're up to, as well. :)

      Now that his secret is out, Gage has no reason to be charming & smooth. He's showing his true colors. And because he's such a snake, he's going to choose the path of least resistance - which will be not acknowledging his child. Thank goodness! Can you imagine Haley sharing custody with him? Ugh!