May 14, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Five, Day Seven

Green Living Tip #11: Ditch the dudes and hit the play button for a movie-and-pajamas night with the girls. There's nothing quite like curling up on the sofa in cozy pj's with some great snacks and a good love story.

"Marissa! Good morning!" Caleb said.  "Thanks for agreeing to meet for some coffee this morning!"
Marissa smiled. "No problem. Professional courtesy and all!" she teased.  "I did promise that I would let you know if I found anything in the exterior gardens."
Caleb swallowed nervously, taking a quick drink of his coffee.  After swallowing, he nodded, "So you did."  He'd been hoping that Marissa would be meeting with him based on his own merits, he thought with disappointment.
 "So? What did you find?" he asked brightly.
"Unfortunately, all I found was a common gecko," she told him.

Caleb thumbed his chin, "Hm," he said. "Has it exhibited any unusual characteristics?" he asked.

Maritza shook her head. "Nope, just a run-of-the-mill, ordinary blue gecko!" she replied.  "To tell the truth, I was hoping for something a little bit more exotic and usual!"

Caleb laughed along with her. "Ah, the bane of the scientist. Always searching and reaching for something unexplainable!" he commiserated. 


Haley hummed as she tended to the garden, keeping a close eye on Rio and Jason while they played.
They were still so young and already were showing signs of being best friends.


Rachel sucked her lower lip in between her teeth and made an impatient noise.  She'd been watching Bernie play this stupid racing game for over an hour.

"Come on... come on..." he said, leaning over and rocking forward, as though that would make him go faster.
"Dammit!" he swore when another car pulled in front of him, taking first place.


Bernie flashed her a smile. "One more round," he promised.

After paying for her coffee, Caleb started to walk with her to the sidewalk.  Nervously, he pushed his glasses up on his nose.  "Actually," he said, his voice catching as he stopped in his tracks and turned to face her.  He cleared his throat and started again in a firmer voice, "Actually, I asked you for coffee this morning because I wanted to get to know you a little better," he told her.  "I'm fascinated by you!" 

Maritza blushed prettily and shyly smiled back at him.  "Well, then I should tell you that I accepted your offer because I was interested in you and wanted to get to know you better, too!"


Rachel rolled her eyes and groaned.
She and Bernie had been dating for about three weeks now and this was literally all he wanted to ever do!

This was not her idea of a good time...
"Shoot!" he cursed when he lost once again. 
Rachel made her move, leaning across and pulling the game controller out of his hands.  "I'm sure we can think of something more entertaining to do," she whispered huskily, leaning over to plaster herself against him.
Bernie pulled back slightly.  "Why are you all over me?" he asked petulantly.  "Ever since you got here this afternoon, you've been gritching and moaning."
Rachel stood up indignantly. "Maybe I was hoping that my boyfriend might want to do something other than play on his video game all afternoon!"
"Hey!" he exclaimed, surprised by the level of her anger.  "Why are you so ticked? Did you want a turn?"
"Did I... Did... GRRR!" Rachel fumed. "No I didn't want a turn! she shouted.  "You know what. This is stupid. We," she said, pointing between them, "are NOT going to work!"
She stomped from the house before she could say something else she might regret.


"Come on Rio, just a little further!" Haley grinned, taking a small step back and smiling as Rio made it that extra step.  "You did it! You're walking!"
 "Just wait until I tell your mama!" Haley said, tossing him in the air and making him giggle.


Maritza waved to Haley when she'd returned from her coffee date with Caleb.  "Can you believe it?" she asked Mittens. "A real date!"

She snuggled Mittens against her chest as she smiled widely.  She felt like she was floating on cloud nine!  "Come on, let's go to the park," she said.  "I bet you need to get out and stretch your legs!"
They wound up at a smaller park in the town that was pretty undeveloped.
Maritza looked around. "It doesn't have much, but it's a pretty lot. Don't you think?" she asked Mittens, dropping him down to the ground.  "Come on, let's look around."
Mittens followed along, trailing behind her and looking for any sign of wildlife that he could find to catch.

Maritza sighed as she watched Mittens creep around the park.  She tried to keep a close eye on him to keep him from harming any of the small wildlife.
She was just about to crack open her book when someone ran up behind her, surprising her. 
"Hi, I saw you across the way and thought I'd come over and introduce  myself.  My name's Daryl McDermott."

Maritza blinked, wondering if her eyes were deceiving her.  Did a hunky fireman just run out of nowhere to introduce himself to her, plain-Jane Maritza?

"I... uh... hi!" she squeaked.
 "Whatcha reading?" he asked, pointing down to the book in her hand.

Glancing down, Maritza blushed furiously because the cover showing a couple kissing amorously was blatantly obvious.
"Oh, um, nothing!" she said, hiding the book behind her back.  Drat! Why couldn't she have had her chess book with her or her handy-man manual?  But Rachel's romantic drivel? GAR!

Daryl smiled at her and winked, leaning forward to tell her, "My mom reads those books. I've gotta admit that my friends and I grabbed one to read one day." He wiggled his eyebrows, "It definitely made an impression on us!" 
Maritza stared. He had such a great laugh. She realized she hadn't really said anything and could've kicked herself.  "Oh!" she managed to spit out.  "I bet!"
Unfortunately, Daryl was getting a pretty hands-off vibe from the pretty girl.  He'd taken a chance, manned up and introduced himself, but he was pretty sure he was striking out.  "Well, it was really great meeting you," he told her.  "I guess I'll see you around!"
 Maritza nodded. "Have a good night!" she called out as he hurried away.

Oh double drat! she thought when he was out of sight. She'd really blown that.  She hadn't even gotten his phone number!
What a waste.

"Hey Haley," Maritza said as she walked in. 

Haley glanced up with concern from the floor when she heard the tone in Maritza's voice.  She'd been in the middle of teaching Jason a nursery rhyme, but that could wait.  "What's the matter?" she asked, getting up.

Maritza's face fell and she threw her hands up in the air with frustration.  "I blew it, Haley!" she said right before she started to cry.


"Rachel!" Bernie said, rushing out the front doors after her.   

This isn't going to be good, she thought.  Bernie had been glaring at her all night as she was trying to work.   She turned back to face him, "What do you want, Bernie?" she asked.
"What is your problem?" he demanded.  "Why would you break up with me like that? Over stupid video games?!"
"Look, I'm sorry Bernie, but that's not what I consider fun!"
"Oh yeah, you consider drinking and partying and leaving your kid at home with your roommates a good time! Good-time-Rachel!" he taunted cruelly.  "That's what they say about you!"
Rachel stuck her finger in his face. "That's not fair!" she said angrily.  "And my Dad had just died!  I was going through a lot!" she argued in her own defense.  "I'm not like that anymore!"
"Yeah, whatever!  You broke up with me because you wanted me to take you out to dinner, and out dancing, and down to the beach! You're too high maintenance for my blood," he snapped, crossing his arms.

Rachel glanced down.  He was wrong about her, she told herself.
But still, she felt small and selfish as she hurried away from the crowd that had started gathering around their fight.  Hanging her head down, she pushed past a couple and hurried home.

The boys had been fed, changed and put to bed and it had been declared an official girls' night. 

 Rachel slammed the door and stomped inside. 
"You are NOT going to believe the night I had!" she said angrily.
Haley patted the seat next to her as Maritza turned to face her. "What happened?" Haley asked.

Rachel wiped at a tear that had gathered.  "I broke up with Bernie.."

"Awww..." her friends said.

Rachel laughed, "That's not even the worst part! I broke up with Bernie and then after work he said all these mean things! He said I was good-time-Rachel..." Haley and Maritza winced as she continued on indignantly, "And he said that I was high-maintenance! And he said I wasn't a good mother!" 
 The tears really started flowing then.

Haley wrapped her arms around Rachel and gave her a hug.  "I'm sorry, Rach. He wasn't right for you."

"That's the thing!" Rachel said through her tears. "How am I supposed to find the right guy and why do I keep picking the wrong ones?"

Maritza rested her head on her knees and closed her eyes as Haley struggled to come up with an answer.


  1. Holy Tolito Batman! Hunky firefighter Daryl McDermott came out of nowhere! Literally! He blind-sided me! I was all prepared to have Maritza in a relationship with Caleb Shyster! But how can I pass up a charming firefighter that she heart-farted?!

  2. OMG, Daryl is one good-looking Sim! Go, Maritza!

    Poor Rachel, her love life is not going great.. Maybe she should put boys on the back burner for now and focus on being a Mom first, lol.

    1. Thank you EA for apparently following my stroryline & giving me a handsome hidden-trait love interest for Maritza. All of the babies this generation are going to get a hidden trait.. that is if Maritza can FIND him! :P

  3. Poor Caleb. lol. Just not going to get the girl this time, is he? Hopefully sexy firefighter will show back up and Maritza can continue getting to know *him* a little better. :D

    Alright, I'm with Rachel here. Some boyfriend Bernie turned out to be! She wasn't saying she wanted to go partying, or go out. She just wanted some attention from him. Poor thing. That was really unfair. However, he did say one thing you showed really clearly. Where was she for her son's first steps? She may not be a bad mom by any means, but she does need to focus on her son for a little bit.

    1. I feel a little bad for Caleb. He's going to give it the old college try, but I think he's going to find Maritza a little bit distracted! I am definitely looking forward to when she meets her hunky fireman again!

      Yeah, Bernie turned out to be a dud. That's what happens when you start dating someone without really knowing them! He was being a little jerky because he was upset, but maybe it's what she needed to hear! It might just be enough to push her in a new direction!

      I felt so bad for my single girls! (Darn the single roll anyways!) They all looked so sad and disappointed at the end!

  4. I just kind of laugh at Bernie. So Rachel wanted to go out to dinner, or dancing, or the beach? Those sound like she just wanted a date from her boyfriend. Not high maintenance.

    Aw, Caleb. Is Maritza really going to be so taken in by the firefighter? I was surprised she was so upset by the encounter; she just met the guy and it wasn't a total disaster. Then again, I'm guessing she doesn't get hit on very often so she just felt like she blew it?

    1. Hehe, well, Bernie seemed like a college-age guy too interested in gaming and lounging on the couch to really want to go out... at all. Order him a pizza and grab a beer and he was happy!

      Aw, but the firefighter and Martiza had HEART sparkles! Lol. That means it's a deep soul-connection that goes above and beyond the usual crush! He ran across the park specifically to talk to her! And Caleb had another mark against him - he's a little bit insane. We'll have to keep our eye on him!