May 12, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Five, Day Six

Green Living Tip #11: Both lime and lemon juice help balance the body, stabilizing blood sugar and altering the pH. First thing in the morning after drinking, add 2 tsp. of fresh lime or lemon juice to 8 oz. warm water. Stir in a teaspoonful or two of raw honey and drink it down slowly.

Haley was so excited that her artist's block had lifted.  She felt so energized and excited to start painting again!

She felt like things had finally gone back to normal...
 ...well... almost...
"No Jason! Don't put that in your mouth!" Haley cried when she saw her toddler cramming a sample of paint in his mouth.  Thank goodness it wasn't open!
She hurried to his side and lifted him up before he could wreak any more havoc with her art supplies.  
"Yucky," she told him, making a face.  "Don't put that in your mouth. Yucky!"  Looks like the time had come to baby-proof her room!

For now, she set him with Rio at the "baby station."  They'd pulled down a few toys from the attic for the boys to play with and keep entertained.  So far, it'd worked like a charm!


Rachel was still hungover as hell. She rolled over and squeezed her eyes shut.  She was never going to drink again, she swore.
Suddenly, the lights in the room were switched on, nearly blinding her.  "What the...?" she cracked her eyes open with annoyance.
"MOM?!" she gasped in horror.  What was her mother doing here?!
"Rachel Isabella Vasquez!" Sonja snapped angrily. "I did not raise you to live like this!"

Rachel sat up in bed, ignoring her heaving stomach.  "MAMA!" she screeched, "What are you doing in my room?!"
Sonja put her hands on her hips.  "Your brother paid me a visit and told me about your deplorable behavior!  Didn't I raise you better?" she demanded.
"I'm just having some fun! I don't know why everyone's flipping their lid!" Rachel protested angrily. "I'm not hurting anyone!"

Sonja fixed a stern look on her daughter. "What about Rio?" she asked.

"I'm not hurting my son, Mom! How could you say that to me?!" Rachel yelled, jumping from the bed.

"You're hurting your son because he's missing out on time with youYou are his mother.  His world revolves around you.  You will never get this time back with him!"  Sonja said angrily, starting to get choked up. "Why do you think I stopped fixing drinks & working at the dive bar when I got pregnant with you?" she added softly.  "You were more important than my love of partying..."
Rachel's lifted her gaze to her mother's.  "I didn't know... I didn't realize..."  All of her anger and indignation fled, leaving her sad and bereft.  She choked on a sob.  "I miss him so much, Mama!"
She threw herself into her mother's arms, sobbing uncontrollably.  

Sonja wrapped her arms around her daughter and hugged her tightly, wishing she could absorb all of her unhappiness.  "I know, baby. I know..."  Resting her cheek against Rachel's head, she rocked her gently, soothing her as she'd done when she was just a little girl.
After Rachel's tears had lessened, Sonja pulled back and looked her in the eye.  "We're always going to miss him. He was a good man," Sonja said.  "What helps me is to ask if he'd be proud of me, of the way I'm acting."

Fresh tears sprang to Rachel's eyes. "He wouldn't be very proud of me right now," she said miserably.

"Then change your behavior. Stop all this partying and be a good mother to your son."
Rachel nodded mutely, feeling worn out and emotionally drained.

"Good girl.  Now, go take a shower and freshen up.  I'll be downstairs."


Rachel stepped under the spray and let the water pummel her face.  Lathering up the soap, she scrubbed herself until she felt clean again.
Stepping out of the shower, she took the time to apply her make-up nicely.  Her eyes were still bloodshot, but she was beginning to look a little bit more like herself...

"Thanks for coming over, Mrs. V," Haley told Rachel's mom.  "I was really getting worried about her. I just didn't know what to do!"

Sonja smiled at her daughter's dear friend.  "Sometimes a situation needs a mothering hand," she told her.  She glanced down at the boys' who were playing nicely.  "You'll understand soon enough!" she added with a smile.
Sonja glanced up. "There she is!" she said cheerfully as Rachel made her way down the stairs. 
Sonja stroked her daughter's hair and hugged her tight.  "You be good!" she told her, "And bring my grandson to visit sometime soon!"
"Bye mama," Rachel said, watching her mother leave.  She felt more at peace than she had for weeks now.
Haley nibbled her bottom lip and turned to her friend.  "You're not mad at me, are you?" she asked worriedly. 
"No, I'm glad you called her," Rachel said, attempting to set Haley at ease.

Haley sighed deeply with relief.  "Oh, thank goodness! I was so worried you'd be mad at me!"
Rachel whimpered at the pounding the mixer caused in her head.  She might be vertical, but she was still crazy hungover from all her partying.  "Why are you doing that?" Rachel asked in horror.  She'd pay any amount of money to make the noise stop!
"Try it!" Maritza said. "I looked up a hangover cure online this morning.  I figured it might come in handy."

Rachel tentatively picked up the drink and sniffed at it.

Maritza rolled her eyes. "Don't smell it! Drink it!"

Rachel pursed her lips, shooting Maritza a side-long glance, but gamely drank her concoction.
 "So? Did it help?" Maritza asked eagerly.
It was on the tip of Rachel's tongue to deny any improvement.  But, the bubbly lime drink actually seemed to have settled her roiling stomach.

"Oh my gosh! I do feel better!" she said, amazed.  "Thanks, Maritza!"
She was feeling better just in time for work!


Mittens swished his tail as he watched the turtle circling the rock.  His eyes tracked its movement, ready to pounce if only somehow it could get past the glass.
Maritza sighed. "You're hopeless, Mittens! How many times do I have to tell you that you can't attack wildlife?!"  She dropped to one knee to pet her wayward kitty.  Mittens rubbed his head against her hand, purring with delight.
 "Thanks for working on the picture, Haley!" Maritza said.  "I'm going to take Mittens for a hike!"
 "See you tonight!" Haley said, too distracted with her project to pay much attention.


This time, Maritza had chosen to scour the area near the Landgraab Industries Science Facility.  The idea of finding specimens near the bio-dome was a brilliant idea!  She wasn't sure why she hadn't thought of it before!

She was told that she needed to get special permission to tour the exterior bio-dome gardens.  She'd arranged to meet one of the lead scientists, Caleb Shyster for a guest pass.   She eyed the three scientists and tried to gauge which of them Mr. Shyster was, discounting one for obvious reasons...

She cleared her throat.  "Mr. Shyster?" she asked, turning towards the older gentleman.
To her surprise, it was the younger man who greeted her with a smile.  "Hi, Maritza, right?" he asked, shaking her hand. 

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you, too," she told him. 

Caleb pushed his glasses up on his nose.  "So, I've been told that you're doing a study of the local wildlife and are looking for specimens. A very worthwhile endeavor!  Have you had much success?"

Maritza was slightly taken a back.  Nobody ever expressed an interest in the data she'd accumulated.  Rachel just complained about having reptiles in the house, while Haley's chief concern was sketching their likenesses. 
She smiled and eagerly leaned forward.  "I've met with some success.  Finding the specimens has proven to be the most difficult task," she indicated Mittens. "But with my trusty aide, we've been able to collect a few specimens."  She grinned sheepishly.  "It's still a work in progress!"

Caleb looked down at the cat at her feet.  "Very interesting," he said, clearly fascinated.  Maritza waited expectantly for a few moments before clearing her throat, "And I was told I'd have access to the exterior gardens?" she prompted.

"Oh! Yes! Of course!" Caleb said, embarrassed to have been caught drifting. "How absent-minded of me! Come this way, I'll lead you back. You have free reign, but I must admit to being interested if you find any fauna, unusual or otherwise.  You'll let me know?" he pressed.  "Professional courtesy and all?"

"Oh, of course!" Maritza assured him.


"Come on Mittens," Maritza said to her cat. "And you'd better be on your best behavior!" she warned.  "I don't want you embarrassing me in the science community!"  She was actually in the exterior gardens near the bio-dome.  If only she were allowed in the interior gardens!
As she stepped up to check out a spot, Mittens bounded away.  "Mittens! Where are you... oh!" she exclaimed. 
 "A gecko!"  Perhaps it would be easier to grab the gecko if Mittens weren't under foot.
Maritza hurried over and grabbed as quickly as she could.  Success!  She'd gotten the small, blue gecko.  They were common enough, but she was still filled with a sense of pride and achievement. 
 She heard Mittens yowl in indignation and glanced over just in time to watch Mittens fall head first into the pond.  Stifling a giggle, she shook her head.  The silly thing must've gotten distracted by the fish that were jumping nearby.
 Silly kitty!


Back at home, Maritza carefully handled the gecko and put him in his new temporary home.  She was getting rather good at this, she thought proudly. She couldn't wait to tell Caleb!


Haley plopped down in the chair across from Maritza after putting the boys to bed.  She glanced anxiously at her watch.  "Do you think we should be worried?" she asked.  Rachel should have been home 30 minutes ago.


"Thanks for helping me take out the trash," Rachel said, fluttering her eyelashes flirtatiously at Bernie.  "

Bernie shrugged.  "Yeah, sure. No problem," he told her.  He'd do just about anything to spend a little extra time with Rachel!
Bernie turned to leave, but Rachel grabbed his hand and stopped him.  "You're sweet," she told him.  "And I kinda need some sweet in my life right now."  It might've sounded like a corny pick-up line, but Rachel was trying to take a step in the right direction. 

"I... uh... " Bernie stuttered, looking down at Rachel's hand.

Rachel smiled.  Bernie was just the kind of guy her Dad would be proud of her for dating. 
She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips.  "Will you be my boyfriend?"


  1. Rachel is moving a bit fast there, isn't she? I mean, last night, she was 'in love' with someone else entirely! Maybe Bernie will turn out to be good for her though... Hopefully.

    I can imagine Haley was worried for sure. Thank goodness Rachel understood why Haley did what she felt she had to do.

    Oh yay! Looks like Maritza might have a potential romance, huh?

    1. It was just the tequila talking! Lol. Rachel's a bit of a heartbreaker. All I can say is that she's going to need to get on birth control to make sure we don't go over the 3-kid limit! :) She's rushing forward with Bernie without knowing too much about him because she thinks it's the "mature" thing to do. *smacks forehead*

      I couldn't have Rachel get mad at Haley! They're too good of friends! Now if it was Maritza... lol...

      Yay! Maritza's met a boy!!! (Finally!)

  2. YAY Maritza! I'm always glad to see things going well for her, she's my fav. Haha.

    Wow, Jason sure looks a lot like Gage, huh? I can't wait to see how he looks when he's older.

    Poor Rachel. She's trying to live up to what her father would have wanted for her, but is this really what *she* wants? I just hope she doesn't hurt Bernie, lol.

    1. I'm really enjoying Maritza, as well! But, goodness, it's been hard for me to find minor wildlife! I'm getting desperate! I thought it would be WAY easier! Lol. When she gets enough lifetime points, I'll have to get the Collection Helper!

      To me, he looked a lot like his grandpa, Nate! We'll see what he looks like when he ages up!

      Oh, Rachel! When will she learn? :)

    2. Oh oops, typo, it was indeed Nate I was thinking of, not Gage! Lol. He seems to have a Wolff-y nose.

  3. Sonja to the rescue! I hope Bernie turns out to be a nice guy for Rachel; she's just addicted to love, isn't she?

    That's a rare moment of Maritza and Rachel bonding. I always kind of think they just get on each others' nerves.

    Is that a man for Maritza? :O

    1. Nothing like a mom to put things in perspective (and yell at you)! Rachel is a flirty heart-breaker whose lifetime wish is to have 10 different boyfriends. :) Plus she's afraid of commitment! She's a mess! :)

      I think Maritza and Rachel typically don't get along all that well. They're too different with only the common link of Haley.