May 26, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Six, Day Two

Living Green Tip #13:  It is common knowledge that exercise is important to human beings.  Walking with family, friends, or neighbors can be a social outlet!

"Hey Rach? Can we talk?" Haley asked, glad that she found Rachel alone this morning.

"Sure, what's up?" Rachel asked, glancing up towards her friend.  Uh oh, serious frowning meant Haley was tense about something.
Haley set Jason on the floor. "Go play so Mommy's can talk!" she said, pointing the boys towards the play area. 

"Come on!" Rio said, jumping to his feet and toddling at break-neck speed towards the blocks.  
Once the boys were safely out of hearing distance, Rachel  shot Haley a look. "Okay, lay it on me," she said.  "What's bugging you?"
Haley nibbled her lower lip and glanced down, feeling extremely nervous.  How was she going to say this?

"Come on Haley! Just spit it out!" Rachel urged.
 "Please don't date my brother!" Haley begged.  "I saw the way you were looking..."
Rachel interrupted her. "Wait. Hold up. You think I would date your brother?! He's a baby!"

In for a penny, in for a pound.  "You guys were flirting last night!" Haley argued.

Rachel snorted, "So?!"  Adding with her hand on her hip, "And what? So you have to protect your brother from Rachel-the-heartbreak?"

"It's not like that, Rachel! I just don't want you two to hurt..." Haley could tell she had hurt her friend's feelings.

Rachel waved her hand dismissively, "Yeah, whatever, Haley. Don't worry. Your baby brother is safe from me!"  She turned and her heel and left the room.

Haley sighed.  That hadn't gone well...

"This should be fun!" Haley said brightly as they all walked down Sim Lane towards the Skyborough Shops. They'd eagerly watched the new construction and were excited for the Big Opening. 

Rachel nodded, glancing down at Rio, who was toddling along beside them.  "This is so exciting, isn't it Rio!"

Maritza glanced between Haley and Rachel and shifted uncomfortably.  They seemed really upset with each other and she didn't have a clue why!

 "Oh!" Rachel said excitedly, "They're having an opening sale at Barney's!"
"Maritza? Do you mind watching Rio for me?" she begged, turning away from Haley.  "I wanna get something done. Maybe a tan or a makeover!"

Maritza snuck a glance at Haley. "Sure," she said.  "If..."

"Thanks!" Rachel interrupted, hurrying off before Maritza could finish her sentence.
"Rachel! We were supposed to stay together!" Haley called out, irritated with her friend.  They had planned on walking down Skyborough to see the new shops and finally stopping at the Little Corsican Bistro for lunch. 

"I'll catch up with you soon!" she called out over her shoulder.

Rachel headed into the salon and eyed the guy leaning against the counter.  "Hey girl, you come in here for some ink?" he asked.
Rachel shot a glance over towards the stylist and then back to the hottie.  "Umm... maybe..." she said playfully.  "What do you think would look good?" she asked.

The tattooist looked her up and down, "Girl, anything would look good on you," he drawled.

"Come on," Maritza said to Haley, "It'll still be fun to see all the new shops! Rachel will catch up with us soon."

"Ba-w-oon!" Rio cried, pointing up at the hot air balloon hovering over the new Sudsy Laundromat building.
"That's right," Maritza said, smiling down at Rio. "Ba-LL-oon," she repeated, echoing the L-sound.

Haley shook her head.  "I bet that laundromat uses so much water! It's better for the environment to wash at home and use the clothes line!"

Maritza nodded.  "I love the smell of freshly line-dried clothes!"

"Oh! Look! A consignment store!" Haley exclaimed, looking through the windows at the Sell n' Swap.  "It might be nice to clear out the attic for some extra space!  Especially since the kids are growing up so fast!"

Maritza shook her head, "No! There's so much family history up there! You can't get rid of any of it!"

"I'm ti-erd," Rio complained, steps slowing.

In front of the library, Rio collapsed to the ground in a full-fledged temper tantrum.  "I don't wanna walk no more!" he cried.  "I wanna go home!"
Maritza rushed to lift Rio up into her arms.

"It has been a lot of walking," Haley said.  "Maybe we should take a break."

Maritza nodded. "What do you want to do? Should we head home?"

Haley glanced up at the library.  "Maybe they have a toddler-time at the library," she suggested. 
Maritza made a face. She loved her roomies' kids, but toddler-time was not her idea of a good time. "Oookay.." she said slowly, willing to go along.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to," Haley said. "I can handle the kiddos. We can meet up at the bistro."

"Are you sure?" Maritza asked, setting Rio on his feet, already eagerly looking forward to heading to the park to look for any wildlife.  Too bad Mittens wasn't with her!
"We'll see you soon!" Haley called over her shoulder, following behind Rio as they headed inside.

"Come on, Auntie Haley!" Rio said happily, full of energy now that fun was within sight.

"Slow down!" Haley said, "Come hold my hand!"
Inside, Haley headed inside and pulled out a few kids art books to read with Jason and Rio. 

"Sit right here, girl," Shaye said, pointing to the chair.  "This is only going to hurt a little."  He winked. 
Rachel boldly took her top off and set it aside, then sat down on the seat.  Taking a deep breath, she glanced up nervously, watching him prep for her session. 

Shaye grabbed something that looked surprisingly like a gun and Rachel swallowed thickly, pulling back slightly.  "Are you sure this only going to hurt a little bit?" she asked hesitantly.

He smiled down at the newbie.  "Promise. Just a little pinch!" he said, adding, "But it's going to look hot!" His gaze strayed to her cleavage.

Maritza headed down Skyborough, intending on crossing over into the park when she saw the fire station.  She hesitated, thinking of Daryl...
She drew closer until she was standing in front of the doors.  It wouldn't hurt just to pop in and say hi, right? she told herself. 
"Hello?" she asked, stepping inside, looking around the empty room. 
Nobody answered.

Maritza was just turning to leave when a loud bell started shrilly ringing.  She jumped in surprise, her heart pulsing a mile a minute.
The doors at the end of the room burst open.
Daryl was rushing to answer the fire alarm when he saw her.  The girl from the park.  He stopped for just a moment, surprised to see her at the station.  Did she come for him?   The clanging of the fire alarm pulled him from his reverie, catapulting him into action again.  He couldn't afford to waste precious moments like this.
"Can't talk right now," Daryl said as he ran past, "Leave me your number!" The look in his eyes implored her.
She stepped outside and watched as he jumped on the fire truck with a few of his fellow firefighters hop up with him.  She saw him wave and then make a phone hand sign, holding his fingers up to his ear in the universal call-me sign.  The engine honked twice for her and then sped away.
Maritza stood still at the station, now silent and devoid of activity, amazed by the flurry of activity that had just played out in front of her. 

Maritza looked up as Haley walked towards her with Jason and little Rio toddling behind her.

"Auntie Ritza!" Rio called out happily, running up to her and throwing himself into her arms.

Maritza laughed, pulling Rio up onto her lap. "Did you have fun at the library?" she asked.

Rio nodded his head, laying his head on her shoulder. "Uh huh," he said. "We read Johnny Sp-ocket!" he chatted happily, telling her all about the books he'd read with Haley.
"Oof, Jason is getting heavy!" she said, sitting down and switch Jason to her other arm.  "What'd you wind up doing?"

Maritza met Haley's eyes and blew out a nervous breath. "I went to the fire station..."

Haley brightened, "Oh! You did?!" she squealed. "Did you talk to him?!" she asked.

Maritza chuckled, "Kind of," she said, telling about how the alarm went off right as she'd entered and how Daryl had been called away.
"Guys! Guess what!"Rachel said, hurrying up towards her friends.

Maritza and Haley glanced up in surprise. They hadn't even heard her approaching.
Rachel lifted her shirt up above her belly. "Look! I got a belly ring!" she sang happily.

Haley's mouth dropped open.

Rio laughed, pointing at his mother's belly, "I see your belly!"

Rachel laughed at their reaction.  Priceless!  She preceded her roomies into the bistro, calling out, "Come on guys, I'm hungry!"

"I can't believe they botched the recipe so badly!" Rachel complained as they left the Bistro.  She had not been happy with the quality of her meal, so she'd sent it back.  "That was not Goopy Carbonara!" she continued with disgust.  "I could make it better with one hand tied behind my back!"

Haley had never been so embarrassed in her life!  Everyone at the nearby tables had been glancing over at them and whispering.  She hated being the center of attention!  "Let's just go home," she said.
"One moment, miss!" someone called out from the doorway.
"I'd like to speak to you a moment!"


  1. Phew. Here's hoping Rachel keeps to the line that Ian is just a baby to her. As impulsive as she is, I can see her forgetting how 'young' he is in her opinion if she gets lonely enough.

    Look at all the fun new stuff in town! And Daryl's back! Yay! Now for he and Maritza to stop these near misses and actually get to spend some time getting to know one another. <3

    Poor Haley. That's got to be a horrid feeling for her, the proprietor coming out after them... Here's hoping he's coming out for something not so embarrassing. :)

    1. I'm not sure if Rachel would've stayed away if Haley hadn't said anything! Although, Ian being several years younger probably helps!

      Daryl's back! Big yay! It wasn't going to be a big miss, but Daryl was actually on his way home and wouldn't stay at the darn fire station to talk to Maritza!

      Haley is incredibly embarrassed! Wonder what happened!

  2. Rachel and Ian didn't hide their flirting too well! haha

    That tattoo artist was being totally sleazy! All guys seem to become jerks around Rachel, or maybe she just attracts jerks somehow.

    Maritza can't catch Daryl so far. Maybe he's too busy to date.

    I wonder if Rachel is about to get a job at the bistro? Since she worked at the diner before.

    I keep forgetting to tell you, but I nominated you for a Liebster!

    1. Lol. Rachel is nothing if not *un*subtle!

      The jury is still out on Shaye. He's a bit *cough* understatement *cough* sleazy, but maybe there's something under there worth salvaging. (Or maybe not!) I think she's attracted to the bad guys & easily blinded by good looks.

      *ding*ding*ding* You get the door prize! :) Rachel's moving up in the world!

      And thanks! Those liebster awards have been a lot of fun! I've found so many new blogs that I didn't even know existed!