June 10, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Six, Day Four

Green Living Tip #15:  Although it might seem overwhelming at first, creating a cleaning schedule that works for your own home and family life can be incredibly liberating.  Suddenly instead of a big daunting mess in front of you, there is a workable plan to take care of it.

Haley yawned, slowly waking up.  Time to get the boys up and ready for the day.
As she approached the crib, she saw the boys snuggled against each other.  She was so happy they got along so well.  It was almost like they were brothers!  She felt a small pang at the thought of Jason's half-siblings.  It was better to not even think about that, she told herself.  One day she would have to tell him... but not yet...
 For now, he could just enjoy the innocence of youth!


Rachel yawned sleepily and threw the covers off to get out of bed. 
She didn't make it very far before a strong hand grasped her elbow and tugged her back to bed.  Laughing, she fell on her back and stared up at Shaye.

He was smiling, shaking his head with disappointment.  "It is not time to get up yet," he told her lazily.

"Oh yeah?" she asked with an arched brow.  "What if I'm ready to get up?"
Shaye slid over her, caging her in.  "Then it's up to me to change your mind," he told her wickedly.
And boy did he ever!!


Haley rolled her eyes as Shaye strutted through the house like he owned it.  "Hey Rach, I was hoping we could have another room-mate meeting!"

Rachel groaned.  She was beginning to hate these weekly "sync-up" meetings where they went over chores and bills and any other issues they were having.  Why couldn't they just keep things the way they were?!

Shaye chuckled under his breath when he heard Rachel's groan.  "Come on bud, that means we get to watch some TV," he said to Rio.
He plopped down on the sofa, hearing the wood groan from age and use.  Seriously, how old was this couch? 

Rio clambered up next to him and looked at him eagerly.  "Shaye, can we watch cartoons?" he asked, reaching for the remote.

"No way, dude! We're going to watch some sports.  FOOTBALL!" he cheered, thumping his chest.  "Expose you to some testosterone!"  Poor kid was growing up in a house-full of females!  The little dude was starting to grow on him.  

"FOOTBALL!" he shouted, thumping his chest to mimic Shaye.

Shaye and Rio fist-bumped like he'd taught the little dude to do.  Seriously, the kid was starting to grow on him.


"Why do we have to have this meeting every week?" Rachel asked impatiently.  "I think we should only meet if someone's not holding up to their part of the bargain."
Haley pulled her spiral out and flipped it open.  "It works better when we have regular meetings to go over stuff," she said.  "Before, I felt like I was doing everything and didn't know how to bring it up.  But, now that everyone's been pitching in, I think it's been much smoother!"
 "I agree!" Maritza said.

"You would," Rachel muttered under her breath.  Before either of her friends could admonish her, she hurriedly changed the subject, "Okay! So what's on the agenda for today?"
 Haley glanced down at her list.  "So, first off, the electric bill and the gas bill are due. Split three ways, the total is $97, okay?"

Rachel and Maritza nodded.

Haley smiled and looked back down at her list, "Okay, and chores for the week are posted on the calendar.  Rachel is taking care of the chickens this week, Maritza is doing laundry, and I'll be tending to the garden."
Rachel grumbled, just as Haley knew she would.  She hated taking care of the chickens, but they'd all decided to rotate the chores so that one person wasn't always doing the same thing.

"Fine!" Rachel griped.  "Anything else?"  She started tapping her foot, ready to spend the rest of the morning with Shaye.
Maritza glanced towards the sofa and asked, "So, how long until Shaye has to do some chores around here, too?"


Smiling that the weekly meeting had been resolved with little bloodshed, Haley headed outside to paint.  The property management firm at the business office had contracted with her for 10 paintings to spruce up the decor.  They'd promised a big paycheck! 

Thankfully, Rachel agreed to help watch Jason a little more on her days off so that Haley could devote a little more time to her artwork. 


Rachel was glad that Shaye hadn't complained too much about staying in this morning so that she could watch Jason for Haley.

"Why do you gotta watch her kid for her?" he asked.

Rachel rolled her eyes.  "We don't look at it like that!" she told him, a little offended.  "Jason might not be my baby, but I've helped raise him! I'm his tia!"  Besides, what about Maritza? She didn't have any kids, but she was always helping out and didn't even hesitate to change a diaper.  Now that was the sign of love!

Shaye shrugged and flipped the channel back to sports after Rio had switched it to cartoons. 
"Tia!" Jason said, echoing Rachel.

"That's right!" she cheered. "I'm your tia! That's aunt in Spanish!" She turned to look at Shaye. "Omigod, Shaye! Did you see that? He knows tia!"

Jason smiled and pointed to Shaye.  "Tia!"

Shaye laughed at her crest-fallen expression.
"Tia means aunt,  Jason.  Tio means uncle," Rio said from beside Shaye  as he played with the stuffed shark Shaye had gotten him.  "Shaye is our tio!"
Rachel winced inwardly at the expression that crossed Shaye's face.

"Uh, on that note, I'm gonna go.  I gotta get in to work," Shaye said, hurriedly getting up.  "Catch ya later, little man," he said, ruffling Rio's hair.  "Keep these girls in line, would ya?"

"Got it, Shaye!" Rio said with a fist bump.

Rachel snorted with indignation. "What are you teaching my son?" she demanded.  She liked that Shaye got along well with Rio, but geez, what the hell!
Shaye laughed as he pulled her into his arms.  "Aw, come on, you love it," he teased.

Rachel slapped at his chest, "No I don't! I don't want him acting like a neanderthal!"

Shaye lowered his voice until it came out like a husky drawl.  "That's not what you said last night," he said teasingly, hips lips hovering over hers.
Rachel forgot what they were even arguing about when he finally stopped teasing and kissed her.
"See you tonight, baby!" he said as he left. 
"Bye, baby!" Rachel called out, waving to him.

Rio waved, as well.  "Bye tio!"


Maritza hurried through her chores.  She and Daryl had plans for the day.  They were going to go for a hike and she was going to show him her favorite trails.  

When she saw his name light up on her caller id, she answered quickly, "Hey Daryl!" she said breathlessly.  "Are you all ready to go?"

"Ah God," Daryl said, sounding tired and down.  "I hate to do this to you..."

Maritza's smile fell as he explained about budget cuts, staff shortage, and working overtime.  

"...I need to crash for a few hours so that I can go back on shift this evening," he said apologetically.  "I swear I'll make it up to you!"  
Maritza hurriedly tried to set him at ease, "No, it's okay! I know your work is demanding. It's okay. We'll just get together... later..." she trailed off, knowing there was no point in trying to set a firm date or time right now.  He would need to look over his schedule to find a better time.

"Aw, Mar, I'm so damn sorry," he continued, guilt-ridden.

"No! No! It's fine!" she lied, her voice thick with unshed tears.  "Hey, I gotta go. I'll see you soon!"  She hung up the phone before she did the unforgivable and cried.


It had been just Rachel's luck to run into some friends at the bar when she'd been hoping for a little personal time with Shaye.
She introduced everyone and Shaye had been cool with her friends.  He was such a great guy!  She was pretty sure Leann and Chastity were totes jealous of her.  She hung on his arm, smiling widely.

"Hey, baby, why don't you grab us another round," Shaye asked, reaching down to pat her ass.

Rachel looked up into his eyes and grinned. "Sure, baby," she said, hurrying over to the bar.
The bartender was new and was taking awhile to get the drinks put together.  Rachel sighed, feeling a little buzz from her previous drinks. 
When she heard the loud laughter, she figured Vinny had told another one of his corny jokes.  That Vinny sure was a character!
Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Crissy talking to Shaye and felt a spurt of annoyance.  Crissy could damn well find her own man!
Grabbing a drink, she hurried over to Shaye's side.  "Here you go, baby," she told him.

"Oh! That looks good!" Crissy said, licking her lips.  "I'm so thirsty!"
Rachel jerked her heads towards the bar. "Drinks are over there," she said flatly.

Shaye's turned his head and shot Rachel a quizzical look that screamed What the hell?

Rachel averted her gaze, shooting Crissy a big, fake smile.

Crissy wasted no time returning the same type of feral smile.  "I'm surprised you're drinking, you know, after what happened last time," she said in a fake whisper.

Rachel ground her teeth.

Haley yawned and set her brush aside.  She'd gotten through three paintings today.  Only seven more to go...


Oh God, Rachel thought as she hurried into the bathroom.  She had to go again!  Sometimes when she drank, she felt like she had to pee every 5 minutes.  She giggled at the thought.  Okay, maybe she was a little wasted, she thought as she reached out towards the stall for balance.  Just a bit.

Little did she know she left her man unprotected...
Crissy pounced on Shaye the moment Rachel teetered off towards the ladies room.  "Omigod," she told him. "Your tattoos are so sexy! You know, I was thinking about getting one!"  She fluttered her eyelashes.  "I'm so nervous though! I don't know where I should put it!"
"Aw, come on, girl.  It's not that bad!" he said, in his element discussing tattoos.  "You should come by my shop and take a look at some of the artwork."

Crissy fluttered her lashes again.  "You don't mind helping me?"

Shaye laughed, "No way, girl.  I love getting girls turned on to tats." He wiggled his eyebrows.  "Once you start, you'll never go back!"

Crissy giggled, making sure he got a good shot of her cleavage.


 Maritza had put the kids to bed about an hour ago, but she felt restless.  She stared out the window, watching the rain fall outside.  Today was supposed to have been a special day, but it'd really turned out crappyWhy did she and Daryl always seem to be missing each other? 
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, she thought huffily, throwing herself down onto her bed. 
Feeling unsettled, she grabbed a pen and paper and sat down at the table.  Lists always made her feel better.  Maybe that was why she and Haley got a long so well.

She stared at the page a moment and wrote "DATING DARYL" on it, underlining it twice.  Then, she set up her pros and cons columns.  She had a pretty decent list going on the con side, mainly having to do with his lack of time.  Sighing, she propped her chin her hand and tapped her pencil against her lips.

But those times they did get together! she thought dreamily. It was magic!  Smiling wistfully, she added "Great kisser" to the plus side, quickly followed by, "Go all the way?"  

A thought struck her.  Maybe that's why she was so frustrated!  For the first time ever, she was actually interested in experimenting with sex and he was never available! She chewed on the tip of the eraser.  At this rate, she was likely to die a virgin! 

Disgusted, she looked back at the list. If she was analyzing it based strictly on the number of pros vs. cons, the answer was clear that she should break up with him and move on.  But, although the plus side was shorter, it was heavily-weighted with items such as: "I think I'm falling in love with him."

Sighing, she folded the list and shoved it in her folder.  This wasn't getting her anywhere. She couldn't even be logical about it!

She stood up to leave, not noticing when the letter slipped to the floor.

Back at the bar, Rachel sauntered over to the sink and washed her hands, then took a little more time reapplying her lipstick.  Hot, she thought.  I look damn hot.  She blew kisses to hers reflection in the mirror.
She stepped out of the rest room and stopped short.

...and saw Shaye and Crissy standing WAY too close.
Steaming mad, she rushed over to his side, shoving Shaye's shoulder.  "What the hell are you doing?" she asked him heatedly.

"What's your problem?" Shaye shouted, holding his hands out the side as Crissy gasped.

Rachel turned her glare towards her supposed friend.  "Why don't you two just go and get a room already?" she asked.
"WHAT.. are you talking about?" Shaye said through clenched teeth.  "I was talking to Crissy about a tattoo she wanted to get!  You know, my job!"
Rachel dropped her gaze.  "Oh."

"Christ, Rachel! What the hell is your problem?" Shaye demanded indignantly.

Crissy glanced between the arguing couple.  "Um, I'm just going to go," she said, pointing towards the door.  "Nice meeting you," she mumbled uncomfortably.
Shaye shifted his gaze to Crissy. "Nice meeting you, too. Sorry," he said, motioning towards Rachel. 
She glanced back and smiled, "I'll call you!"  Seeing Rachel glance her way, she hurriedly looked away and hightailed it from the bar.


The drive home was quiet. 
"Do you want to come in?" Rachel asked hopefully when he pulled up into her driveway.
Shaye stared straight ahead with his wrist resting on the steering wheel.  "Nah, I'm just gonna head home," he said tightly.

Rachel winced, near tears.  "Um, okay. See you tomorrow!" she tried to say brightly, but failed miserably.

"Yeah, I'll call you," he said dismissively.
She stepped from the car and watched him reverse and peel off. 
And there by the street, sloppy drunk, she burst into tears.  "Oh God, what did I do?" she asked, wiping the tears from her eyes.  Why was she such a fuck up when it came to relationship?!


  1. Rio is so cute, explaining tia and tio to Jason. He seems pretty smart.

    Aw, Maritza. Hopefully her and Daryl can work through it.

    I have to admit Shaye didn't do anything wrong in this instance. It was probably all the drinks making Rachel so jealous. I don't know if he's worth sticking it out for, but Rachel does seem to be getting attached.

    1. Hehe.. I love Rio! Poor Shaye couldn't get out of the house fast enough!

  2. *sigh. Oh Rachel. *sigh. Oh Rachel. Though it was good to see her helping out a little bit more. Forced to, yes, but at least she was present for her son a little bit!

    *hugs for Maritza. I think I'm falling in love is enough of a reason to stick around. No logic needed. Hopefully she'll agree with that and stick it out. At least Daryl is decent and kind. If he were a sleeze then there might be cause for concern.

    Oh Haley. She's really working her head off isn't she? Though the others are at least helping out more now. Here's hoping she doesn't get too stressed with all that time spent at home.

    1. Rachel spent some time with her son, but she also went out drinking again. (She really shouldn't drink!) Hopefully she doesn't start partying too much again!

      Yay Maritza! Hopefully Darryl isn't too busy for her! Wouldn't it be embarrassing if he ever saw that pro/con list? :) Mwah ha ha...

      Haley is going to LOVE the chore list! Especially now that she has that contract for artwork!

  3. Aww, Shaye is a jerk! Poor Rachel, always picking the wrong guys... Shaye's interaction with Rio was pretty adorable though!

    1. Shaye is a pretty cocky young-adult. He was really good with Rio, though! But, Rachel picked him!