June 9, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Six, Day Three

Living Green Tip #14:  Using a clothesline can save you roughly $150 on annual utility costs, cut about 2,400 pounds of CO2 from your yearly carbon footprint, and is less destructive to garments than a conventional electric clothes dryer.

Haley headed through the bedrooms collecting dirty clothes that needed to be cleaned.  Why couldn't anyone get the clothes in the hamper?


Rachel checked out the fridge, humming as she pulled the waffle ingredients out.  Today was a big day! she thought with a smile.
Just as she was pulling the waffles from the oven, the doorbell rang.  Right on time!
Rachel excitedly ran to the door, flinging it open and giving Shaye a kiss in greeting.  "Hey baby!" she told him.  "Come on in.  I just finished the waffles."

Shaye reached his arms around and cupped her ass in his hands.  "They smell great baby," he said as he nuzzled her neck.  "But so do you.  Why don't we slip up to your room?"
Rachel laughed lightly, tugging him inside.  "We talked about this, remember?" she asked.  "We're going to wait a little before jumping into the sack."

Shaye made a pained face. "That's what we said a few months ago," he protested.

Rachel's smile fell.  She could tell Shaye was tired of waiting, but she was worried about jumping into another relationship again.  Oh, she and Shaye were boyfriend-girlfriend, she just wasn't allowing him to "go all the way."  Nothing beyond 2nd base, she'd told him firmly.
She trailed after him into the kitchen.  "Are you coming, Haley?" she asked. 

"Here I come," Haley said, handing Jason an art book to look at while they ate.
As she headed into the kitchen, Shaye stepped into her path.  "Oh, sorry about that," he said, his gaze firmly on her chest.
Haley scowled, knowing that as he brushed against her, it wasn't on accident.  What did Rachel see in him anyway?
Breakfast was much quieter than normal.  Both Haley and Maritza couldn't stand Shaye, so it was really only Rachel and her boyfriend talking.
"Oh hey! I was thinking we might head out to the Fall Festival at the park this afternoon.  We can see who can carve the scariest pumpkin," Shaye said.  "I was thinking about doing one like I saw online where the pumpkin is puking his guts up."  He laughed, looking around the table.  
Rachel laughed appreciatively.  "I wish I could, but I can't.  Remember? I told you that I start my new job today! Background check finally went through!"
 The girls had been worried when the gentleman had commanded them to stop.  But, it turns out, he was the owner of the restaurant and had been impressed with Rachel's feedback.  He'd wanted to know if she'd be willing to come work for him. She'd excitedly agreed on the spot.
 Shaye made a face. "Now you're going to be all busy all the time," he complained.

"Well, I think it's great!" Haley interrupted.  "It's what you've always dreamed of doing! And it's such a nicer place than Logan's!"

Rachel laughed, "I know, right! My mom is thrilled! We've been going through all her recipes together!"

Shaye began to look decidedly bored.


 He perked right up when Rachel called him over to cuddle on the couch, though.
Maritza shook her head as she headed into her room.  She foresaw a lot of heartbreak coming Rachel's way. But Rachel was headstrong and didn't like to listen to anyone.
Reluctantly, Rachel stood up, pulling Shaye to his feet, as well.  "I'm sorry, baby. I've got to go get ready for work."
Shaye pulled her up against him. "Call in," he whispered. "We'll go down to the beach. I love seeing that body in a bikini. Killer!"
 Rachel giggled. "It's almost September!" she told him. "It's too cold for a bikini at the beach!"

"What about a bikini in the bedroom?" he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Soon," Rachel promised.
Shaye growled, pulling her back into his arms.  "You're killing me!" he told her as he expertly kissed her.

Rachel pulled back, breathless.  "Soon," she promised again, passion flaring in her eyes.

Shaye swatted her ass as she headed towards the stairs to change. "It better be!" he joked before heading out the front door.


Good, Shaye was gone, Haley thought when she saw him hurry down the driveway while she was tending to her garden.  Sure, he was cute, but all those tattoos... and then the whole sleaze factor...  Seriously, what did Rachel see in him?

The buzzer on the dryer sounded and she sighed as she headed over to do the laundry. 
It took awhile, but Haley finally got all the clothes hung up on the clothes line.  She eyed the setting sun.  Maybe she'd planned this wrong.  They weren't going to get much time in the sun to dry, she thought worriedly. 
 As she headed inside, Rachel rushed past, "Sorry! I'm late! I gotta go!"

Maritza flew from the house after Rachel, too.  She didn't say where she was going, just called out that she'd be back later.  Strange, Haley thought. She left Mittens.  Where could she be going?


Maritza biked over to the firehouse.  Daryl had called and asked if she could come over!
When she walked in the door, she saw a group of firefighters gathered in the room towards the back.  One of them came out and saw her, calling back towards the room, "HEY DARYL, YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HERE!"

She heard some of the others in the room rib him, making kissey-noises.

"Aw, come on, guys," she heard him saying.
"Don't mind them," Daryl told her. "They're just giving me a hard time."

A female firefighter walked by, "We'll just get out of your hair," she said with a wink and a nudge to Daryl's side.
Maritza smiled. "I don't mind," she told him, blushing.

They weren't boyfriend-girlfriend, but they'd been talking on the phone for the last few months.  Unfortunately, his schedule had kept him pretty busy and they hadn't really been able to get together before now.  She'd started to lose hope that anything might happen between them.  If he was really interested, wouldn't he have made a move by now?
"Hey, so I was hoping that you might want to grab a bite to eat?" he asked hopefully.  "My work schedule's been crazy, but I really wanted to take you out."

Maritza brightened. "I'd love to!" she told him.

A look of relief crossed Daryl's face. "Great! I was hoping you'd say yes!"

"Where did you want to go?" she asked.

Daryl took her arm. "There's this great place across the street. Little Corsican Bistro. My treat, okay?"


Haley smiled.  Her chores for the day were done.  The chickens were fed, the eggs were gathered, the garden was tended, the laundry was done & now she could paint!  She slipped her apron on and started painting.

Management at the Business Office had sent her a letter through the Art Museum saying that they liked her work and wanted to commission her to create 10 original pieces of art for their walls.  She'd been promised a big cash pay-out and she'd eagerly agreed.

To think! Her art on the business center's walls! It was a dream come true!


Tired and cranky, Rio poked Jason in the eye, causing Jason to begin wailing.
Haley set her brush and easel aside.  It didn't look like she'd get anything done tonight.  She headed down the stairs to find both boys looking up at her like angels, as though they hadn't been hollering just ten seconds ago.

"What am I going to do with you two?" she asked with her hands on her hips.
Haley settled the boys into bed and sighed.   Something had to change. She couldn't be the only one doing the chores around the house!


"Thanks for going out with me," Daryl said, "I had a great time."

Maritza smiled shyly.  "I had a great time, too," she admitted.

"Can I see you again?" Daryl asked, heart in his hand.

Maritza nodded. "I'd like that," she beamed. 
"I can't wait!" Daryl said, leaning forward and pressing a sweet kiss on her lips.

Maritza's heart soared.  Her first kiss!

*AN - I totally changed Shavron's name to Shaye.  I kept forgetting how it was spelled! Lol.  FINALLY Haley sees that the other girls need to pull their weight - especially now that I got Ambitions and they had to do laundry!!  Rachel is trying to take it slow and be "Responsible."  We'll see how long that lasts!  And YAY! Maritza got her first kiss? Geez - she's probably 20-21 by now! I neglected her love life for too long!  But boy was it worth the wait! Daryl is a keeper!


  1. Rachel definitely has a type; he's a jerk every time. Wonder if it'll ever change. But good on her for getting a new job! I was hoping it would turn out like that.

    Poor Haley; no time for her own work. And taking care of the babies is also left to her. Hope they grow up soon; it will probably be easier then.

    Yay for Maritza!

    1. She's definitely picked losers. But it's because she's too busy focusing on having a good time! She needs to find a family-oriented guy!