August 16, 2015

Haley: Week Twenty-Six, Day Six

Tip #18: A good start to performing an environmentally conscious move is to determine exactly what has to be moved. Go through your home and decide what can be donated, sold, or recycled. The fewer the items being moved the less packing materials, less gas, and less man hours it will take.

"First day of school! First day of school!" Rio eagerly chanted, scuttling out of his top bunk.  Down the ladder, he hopped off 3 rungs before the ladder ended and landed on the floor with a thump.  He hurried over to his dresser and started digging through for clean clothes. 

He was so excited!
Dressed and ready to go in 15 minutes tops, Rio flew down the stairs to his mom's door. 

He was about to knock when he heard raised voices.  "You did this on purpose to force my hand!"  That was Shaye.  He sounded really angry with his Mom.

He knocked tentatively, hoping they would stop fighting this time.  "Mom?" he called out softly.  "It's my first day!" he reminded her. 
"Would you keep it down?" Rachel hissed at Shaye, glancing at the door.  "Do you want Rio to hear?"

"Rio's going to have to hear sometime!" Shaye snapped back at her. 

"SH!" she demanded with a glare. Turning her head, she called out, "Rio, give me a minute! I'll be right down."
Rio's shoulders slumped. "OK, Mom," he said, disappointed but trying not to let it bother him.  He was a big kid now.


Haley wiped at a stray tear.  "Are you all ready for the move?" she asked.  She was going to miss Maritza!
"I just have to finish packing a few things.  Daryl's got the rental house set up, so everything is set in Appaloosa Plains!" Maritza drew a deep breath. "Oh, Haley! I'm so nervous, and scared, and excited!"

Haley nodded.  "You should be! I'm so happy for you!"  She was so glad that her dear friend had found such a great, upstanding guy.  For awhile it had seemed that they had been destined for broken relationships!  Well, at least Maritza had found someone who loved her.  Her mind slipped back to Johnny and their heated kiss...
 They both turned when they heard Rio clunking down the steps.  He looked so dejected!

"Good morning, sweetie!" Haley said with a bright smile on her face. 

 "Ah, good morning, Auntie Haley... Auntie Ritza"
"Are you ready for your first day of school?" Maritza asked.

"Uh, yeah," he replied.

Upstairs, he heard his Mom and Shaye continuing to yell at each other. 
Maritza gave him a big hug, attempting to distract him.  "I'm going to miss you SO much!" she told him.  "You've gotten SO big!

"Why can't your fireman just move in here?" Rio asked plaintively.  "Why do you gotta go so far away?"

Pulling back to wipe her eyes, Maritza gave him a watery smile.  "I'm finding it hard to go, too.  But, he's going to be working in Appaloosa Plains.  I promise to come visit a lot, though!" she told him.
"Sure," Rio told her, obviously unimpressed with adults and their promises.
Just then, then heard the bedroom door slam and heavy footsteps travel the hall.  Shaye appeared at the stairs with an angry look on his face, storming by everyone without a word. 
Rio watched Shaye go wincing as the front door slammed, rattling the pictures on the wall.
Haley put her hand on Rio's shoulder.  "You know how your mom and Shaye are.  They fight and make up. Don't worry about it."
Rio shrugged unhappily.  "Sure."   He glanced towards the stairs. "I guess tell Mom bye."
Haley watched Rio trudge off to school. He'd been so excited for his first day and now it was ruined.
"Why don't you go talk to Rachel. I'm going to finish packing a few things," Maritza said softly.

Haley nodded, ready to give her friend a piece of her mind.


"Rachel?" Haley asked, knocking on the door and then pushing it open. She peeked in and saw Rachel had thrown herself down on the bed, softly crying.  Haley would have felt bad for Rachel, except she always did this sort of thing!  She got over-emotional and picked fights, then apologized when her temper had cooled.  
"You know, your son was really looking forward to his first day. And you couldn't even bother to show up to walk him to the bus!" she said, sitting down on the bed beside Rachel.

Rachel sniffled, then rolled over on her back. "Fine. Then I'm a bad mother!" she wailed. "A bad girlfriend and a bad mother!"

Haley rolled her eyes. "He heard you arguing, you know.  The back and forth with Shaye is really hurting him."

Rachel flung her hand over her forehead. "It doesn't matter. Shaye never wants to see me again anyways!" she cried. 

"You always say that," Haley admonished her, pointing out, "But then you guys always make up."
"Not this time. He hates me," Rachel whispered.  She was silent a moment before adding, "I thought he wanted to be a family with us. But he doesn't want the responsibility!"

Haley cocked her head to the side. "But he's great with Rio!  Why would he say that?"
Rachel moaned, rolling over onto her side.  "I messed up, Haley. I'm pregnant."  Her face screwed up as she began to cry again.  "And he doesn't want to be the father! He said I tricked him and tried to force him into getting married. And I didn't!" Her voice raised hysterically. "I just thought he wanted to be a family!"

"Oh Rachel," Haley said softly.  "It's going to be okay." She rubbed her hand up and down Rachel's arm, attempting to comfort her.  "If he doesn't want to be involved, it's his loss.  It'll be just like before. You're our family!"
Rachel pulled her shoulder away from Haley's touch, closing her eyes against the overwhelming pain.  "Nothing is going to be like it was before.  Everything's different now."  She turned her head into her pillowcase and began sobbing again.


Maritza glanced around the room.  That's the last of it, she thought, gazing at the suitcases and trunks she had packed.  She'd released her animal menagerie into the wild and asked Haley if she could try to sell the cages at the consignment store.  Their rental in Appaloosa Plains was going to be too small to keep animals. She would just have to try a different approach to cataloging wildlife.
Thankfully there was one animal coming with her.  "Are you ready to go Mittens?" Maritza asked, lifting her sweet kitty up.  Behind her, she'd dragged out all of her suitcases and trunks.  And her freshly painted portrait of Mittens that Haley had done for her.  
Haley came down the steps in a much more somber mood than when she had gone up them.  "Did they break up again?" Maritza asked.  
Haley nodded.  "She apparently told him that she's pregnant.  He didn't handle it very well."

Maritza was outraged on her friend's behalf.  "He knew just as well as she did that a baby could result from their hanky panky!"

Haley grimaced. "Apparently she wasn't taking her birth control pills like they'd agreed."

"Oh no." Maritza deflated. "Oh Rachel!"
"Maybe I shouldn't go just now. I can stay and help out," Maritza said.  "It won't matter if I go out a few weeks from now when..."
Haley laid her hand on her friends arm. "No, you know how Rachel and Shaye are. I bet he'll be back tonight with roses, apologizing for getting in the fight."

"Are you sure?" Maritza hemmed.  "I don't want to leave her if she needs me."
"We'll be fine. And we'll see you really soon! We have a wedding to plan!" Haley said, giving Maritza a hug.  "We're going to miss you so much!"

Maritza squeezed her eyes shut and sniffled, trying to keep the tears at bay.  "I'm going to miss you guys, too!"


  1. Oh man. Eek, Rachel. That's... a big thing to do without talking to the potential father about it. Not that her actions (and the result, especially the result) gives him an excuse to... Hooboy. Rachel really takes a long time learning. And...

    What will they do with out Maritza??? :( I get that her and Daryl are in love and need to be together, but they really do *need* her. Poor Haley will end up taking care of 3 kids and the house on her own once the baby is born and Rachel is back to being Rachel. :(

    1. Rachel's a *bit* impulsive. And he SAID he wanted a family, right?! Lol. I'm pretty happy about having a Shaye-baby, though. :) We'll have to see if they make up or if Shaye's had enough of the Rachel-emotional-roller-coaster.

      Rachel was right - it's not going to be the same without Maritza!

  2. Rachel really did that?! That is a decision they both need to make, and is really not fair to Shaye. He should support his future child, but I wouldn't be mad at him if he didn't want to be with Rachel anymore.

    1. *shakes head at Rachel* Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. So impulsive! (And so in need of a 4th child for the generation!) Lol. :)