August 17, 2015

Maritza: Intermission

Maritza shifted uncomfortably in the backseat.  Appaloosa Plains sure was a long way from Sunset Valley!  Thankfully, the cabbie had stopped trying to make conversation with her after about 15 minutes, allowing the car to fall silent. 
The cab was coming closer to their new rental home and she saw him waiting outside. 
As soon as the car braked, she pushed open the car door as the cabbie went around back to pull her luggage out. 
"Daryl!" she cried, launching herself into his arms.  

Daryl caught her effortlessly, squeezing her tight and nuzzling her cheek. "I missed you so much!" he told her.  Grinning widely, he strode towards the front door.

"Put me down!" Maritza laughed as he bounced her along.
Daryl grinned down at her. "Not on your life.  I want to walk you across the threshold," he told her, nudging the door open after a quick twist of the knob.  Mittens hurried in, dodging feet to check out the new home.
Maritza met his love-filled eyes and sighed happily as her fiance led her straight to the bedroom.
"What about my stuff?" Maritza squealed when Daryl dropped her on the bed, quickly following her down.

"Later," he told her, reaching to pull her into his arms.
"Mmmm... later..." Maritza agreed, eagerly meeting his lips.


Daryl gazed down, memorizing Mari's face while absently stroking her hip.  "I missed you so much," he told her. 

Maritza smiled with her eyes shut, murmuring an agreement.  "I can't talk. I've died and gone to heaven," she said languidly.

He nudged her hip playfully. "You're supposed to tell me that you missed me, too, woman!" he joked.
Maritza laughed, rolling over to face him.  She didn't think she'd ever get used to seeing his handsome face when she rolled over in the morning.  "I missed you so much, it hurt," she told him.  "I don't ever want to be apart again!"
Nestling against him, she tucked her head onto his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her to cuddle. 

He should really go out and grab her luggage, he thought absently.  Instead, he fell asleep with his sweet-smelling Maritza in his arms.


A few hours later, his alarm buzzed.  Time to go, he thought with a heavy sigh.  He rolled from bed, away from his fiance's warm, soft body. 
It didn't take him long to get dressed and ready to go.  He hurried outside and brought her luggage in, sending up a fervent "thank you" that her stuff wasn't nabbed. 
Then, he walked back and leaned down to kiss her goodbye without waking her.  She shifted in her sleep restlessly.

"See you tonight," he whispered with one final kiss.