February 29, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Seven, Day Five

Living Green Tip #22 - The holiday season is often dubbed a time of excess.  Americans create up to 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and the New Year than they do throughout the rest of the year.  Find alternate ways to wrap gifts - use newspaper, butcher paper, old calendars or posters to wrap gifts.

Haley glanced around the room.  It was Snowflake Day and family and friends had converged in their livingroom.
Rachel was busy flirting with her boyfriend, Clinton.
Haley suspected it had something to do with the fact that Shaye had brought his new girlfriend Kea. 

Even Maritza had her new "special friend," Dr. Wyman.  Maritza refused to concede that they were dating, even though they were romantically involved and saw each other as often as their schedules allowed.  She worried about the impression it would send Darryl, Jr.
"Isn't she beautiful?" her brother Ian asked, grinning at his newborn daughter, Sally.

Haley rocked the tiny newborn in her arms.  "She's perfect, Ian."  She glanced up at her brother with a sad smile.  "I wish Mom and Dad were here to see it."

Ian nodded, reaching out to toy with Sally's small fingers.  "Me too," he agreed quietly.

Shaking her head slightly, Haley turned and smiled at her sister-in-law Cecelie.  "Do you want me to show you where the crib is?" she asked.

Cecelie sighed thankfully. "Oh that would be great! I almost brought our playpen, but Ian told me that you'd probably have something here we could use."

Haley laughed, "And more!"
"UNCLE IAN!" Jason yelled, bounding down the stairs.  "You're here!"
"What's up, little man?" Ian said, sharing a shaka bra gesture with his nephew. 

"Mom got me some dress up clothes! I've been pretending to be an astronaut-prince-assassin!"

Ian chuckled.  "Whoa, that sounds pretty serious!"  He glanced up and saw Rio.  "Oh my gosh! You're grown since I saw you last! What are they feeding you?!"

Rio nodded towards Ian.  He'd tried, but he'd never quite been able to pretend that Ian was his uncle, too.  Even though Ian had been nothing but nice & trying to include him whenever they did something with Jason.

Rio glanced across the room and grimaced.  Great, Shaye was here.
When Shaye saw Rio come down the stairs, he squeezed Kea's knee and headed over to see him.  "Hey, look at you! You've had a growth spurt!" Shaye exclaimed.  "How've you been?"
Rio shrugged.  "Fine," he mumbled.  Why was everyone telling him how big he'd gotten? He hadn't changed that much!

Thankfully he was saved from having to answer any other questions when Tia Haley called out for everyone's attention.
"Time to open presents!" Haley called out.  "Everyone take your seats!"

"That's from me, honey," Rachel told Rio eagerly. 

"My own video game console? Awesome!" Rio said, surprised when he opened the box. 
Rio sat back down in his seat, right next to Shaye.  He looked down when he felt Shaylynn tugging at his leg.  She'd hooked her arms around his and her Dad's legs.  

When she saw that she had his attention, she smiled.  "My Rio!" she told him, then glanced towards Shaye.  "My Daddy!"

Rio turned his gaze to Shaye and shared a smile.  Then, realizing he was smiling at the man who'd abandoned him and his mom, he frowned and turned a cold shoulder.

Shaye sighed heavily, watching Rio shut down.  He'd hoped the kid would chill after a few years of being mad at him, but apparently Rio still hated him.  
Kea's squeal brought his attention back to the party.  "Baby! You shouldn't have!" she cheered, holding up the earrings he'd bought her.  "They're beautiful!"

"You're welcome, babe," he said with a smile. He happened to glance towards Rachel at that moment and saw the sour look on her face.  Maybe having a shared holiday wasn't the best idea.  He'd thought that they were all mature enough to share the holiday with Shaylynn. 

Across the room, Clinton glared daggers at him.  "Open my present, Rachel," he said, pointing to the blue and orange striped box.  "For our three-month anniversary."
"Awww, baby, that's so sweet!" Rachel said, hopping up and grabbing the present.  When she opened it, she gasped with pleasure.  Even louder than Kea.  "Ooo... diamond earrings! You shouldn't have!" she cooed, blowing Clinton a kiss.

Once the presents were all opened, everyone mingled around the room, chatting with old friends and making new acquaintances.
Rachel found her little sister in the kitchen.  "Can you believe that he brought his girlfriend?" she asked indignantly, shooting a nasty look towards Shaye. 

Rose rolled her eyes.  "Why not? You brought your boyfriend."

"Yeah, but it's different! This is my house!" Rachel argued.

Rose just shrugged.  "I guess."

Disgruntled, Rachel glanced back over at Shaye.  Normally she would've had this conversation with Haley and Haley would've taken her side.  But, she and Haley weren't speaking right now. 
She saw Shaye and his blonde bimbo chatting with Rio and for some reason, it made her blood boil.   "I've had enough of this!" she snapped, marching over to their side. 

Grabbing Shaye's elbow, she hissed in his ear, "Can I talk to you outside, please?"

Shaye sighed and let Rachel lead him outside.

"What?" Shaye snapped.  Apparently they weren't going to be able to make it through the holiday without a fight.
"I cannot believe you brought her!" Rachel snapped right back. 

Shaye sighed. "Look, Haley said it wouldn't be a problem since you were bringing your boyfriend."

"Of course Haley would say that," she muttered darkly.
"What is  your problem?" he demanded, ironically echoing Haley's accusation from the night they argued.  "Everyone bends over backwards to make sure you're happy! You get to flit around doing whatever you want in Rachel-la-la-land!"

"I do not flit!" Rachel growled, crossing her arms.
Shaye sighed heavily.  "Look, I didn't want to do this on the holiday. But, I've been thinking..." he trailed off uncomfortably, reaching up and rubbing the back of his neck. 

"What?" she pressed him impatiently.  "Spit it out!"

"I don't think our co-parenting situation is working.  You're hardly ever at the drop-offs and pick-ups.  I usually see Haley."

"So?" she asked nervously.  "What I do on my time isn't your concern."

"Yeah, but it concerns Shaylynn and that concerns me," he said sharply.  "Look, I think I should have full custody.  I discussed it with Kea and we were going to file the paperwork after the start of the new year."
Rachel felt like she'd just been sucker-punched.  "You're going to what?" she asked, feeling sick to her stomach.

"Aw, Rach. Come on, you don't even want to be a Mom. You want to go out and have fun!" Shaye said, trying to convince her why Shaylynn would be better off with him.
Rachel angrily jammed her finger in Shaye's face.  "DON'T," she said sharply, "tell me what I want from life. I might not be a perfect mom like Haley. But, I'm Shaylynn's mom and I love her!"

Shaye held his hands up.  "Then I guess we'll have to let the courts decide," he said sadly, awkwardly adding.  "I'm really sorry."  He headed inside to tell Kea it was time to go.

Rachel stormed inside, seething.  She looked around and found her sister.  "Rose, I need your help. He's going to take Shaylynn from me and I'll never see her again!" she sobbed.
Rose held up her hand. "Whoa. Wait a minute. Who's taking her? What's going on? Tell me slowly."
"Shaye just told me that he's going to file paperwork for full custody! He's going to take Shaylynn from me!" she cried.  "How could he do this to me?!"

Rose bit her lip.  "Are you sure that's not what you want?" she asked cautiously.

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?!" she ranted angrily.  "Of course that's not what I want!"

"Okay. Okay! I just had to ask!" Rose said.  "If he files, I'll represent you.  But, he might not actually do it, so don't get yourself worked up about it."
Rachel took a deep breath, wiping at the tears in her eyes.  That was easy for her to say! she thought bitterly.  Although, she did feel better knowing that her little sister, a legal baracuda, would be representing her.  There's no way he'll win, she reassured herself.
Stepping away, she glanced at the most recent photo she had of her and Shaylynn.  They'd taken it a week ago.  Raising her finger to the photo, she traced Shaylynn's figure.  She couldn't lost herShe was her only tie to Shaye...


  1. Is it bad that I kind of want Shaye to take Shaylynn? Even though he was a jerk to Rachel, she's not a very good mum to Shaylynn and it clearly just isn't working out for her. It's not like Rachel shouldn't have a life, but I feel like it's bordering on her ignoring Rio and Shaylynn.
    Rachel should consider herself lucky that she has two (somewhat) friends who are willing to pick up after her.
    Whatever happens with Shaylynn, hopefully it'll give Rachel the wake up that she really needs.

    1. Lol. I think everyone at this point is rooting for Shaye to take Shaylynn. :) She definitely seems more concerned about herself and her relationships than she is about the kids.

  2. *shakes head. I, uh, boy this is hard. I'm kind of with Shaye. And boy, he really doesn't know just how right he is. However, if he doesn't have proof, I don't see a judge being too agreeable with full custody. Not that it seems that Rachel knows that. Still. *sigh. I guess better a parent than a babysitter? (Y'know what? Let's go ahead and take this full circle. Why not.) At the same time Shaylynn is probably getting better quality attention from Hayley and Maritza than she even would from her dad, so I dunno. So long as she's happy and healthy, I can only hope for brighter days for them all.

    1. Ooo.. there's a thought! Shaye will have to get proof, so he hires a private investigator to trail Rachel and then presents the sleezy pictures for evidence at the trial! Lol.

      I think Shaylynn will get plenty of love no matter which household she grows up in.

      Unfortunately, if she goes, the people left behind will be hurt. (Can you imagine how Haley or Rio will take the news?)

  3. Maritza and dr. Wyman, is she pretending it's not that serious, or is it not that serious?

    Maybe it would be better if Rachel were a weekend- mum...sorry... But what's this with her thinking about Shaylynn as the only tie to Shaye? I can't wait to see Haleys reaction to this though. Even if they aren't speaking together at the moment.

    Is Rio mad at Shaye, or does he feel like he has to be mad at him? I just feel bad for the kid. No dad, no mum, stepdads coming and going and maybe now no sister. Good that Jason is so happy and bouncing.

    1. I think Maritza is trying to keep the relationship low-key, but at the same time feels a strong pull to Dr. Wyman.

      Rachel can't be a weekend-mom, that's the best time to go out! Lol. We'll have to see if Shaye follows through with his threat to file custody papers. Shaye will always be the one that got away to Rachel. I bet she would drop Clinton in a heartbeat if he asked her to come back to him.

      I think that Rio really came to think of Shaye like a dad and took it hard when he left. It's no wonder he's brooding! I think he's also slow to form attachments because he's worried about getting hurt.

      I love Jason! He seems so oblivious to all the tension & angst!

      Thanks for reading. :)

  4. It's sad to see that Rio feels that Shaye abandoned them (since he doesn't know what the full circumstances were). It just goes to show how involved Shaye was before he left. And I don't think Shaye did the wrong thing at the time. Rachel tricked him into having a baby before he was ready. And he didn't abandon Shaylynn, just Rachel.

    I agree that Shaye has a right to fight for custody. Between him and Rachel, he's the better parent. Haley might be better than both of them, but clearly she's getting very aggravated about being a parent to Rachel's children.