February 28, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Seven, Day Four

Living Green Tip #21 -  Lateness says volumes about your character and work ethic.  Add 5 minutes onto even your most conservative time estimates.

Haley woke early and went through the house collecting the dirty clothes.  Honestly, boys could be so messy!
She smiled softly when she saw Mittens curled up on Rio's discarded clothes.  
Mittens meowed irritably and rolled over in it's sleep when Haley scooped up the clothes and added them to her laundry bag. 

 Rachel hummed as she prepared breakfast waffles.

"You're up early today," Maritza noted, filling Mittens' food bowl.  "Do you work today?"

Glancing over her shoulder, Rachel grinned.  "Nope. I have today off!"

"Cool.  Do you have any big plans?" she asked.

"If I convince Haley to watch Shaye for me!" she said lightly.  "Cross your fingers!"

Maritza rolled her eyes instead.

"Quit playing around and get the eggs," Rio told Jason when he noticed he was playing with the chickens.  "It's cold outside! I wanna go inside!"

"Yeah, okay!" Jason said amiably, trotting around to the back of the chicken coop where the eggs were.
 He scooped out four eggs.  "Come on, let's go!" he said, taking off towards the front door.

"Jason!" Rio called after him.  "Don't run and drop those eggs!"  Sheesh.  That kid ran everywhere!
Jason ran inside and chucked his jacket down on the ground when he came in.  "Yum! Pancakes!" he said excitedly, racing to put the eggs on the counter.  "Oops, I broke one, Mom."

Haley sighed.  "Put it in the compost and make sure you wash your hands really well."

Jason did, then hopped up on the bar chair.
"So? Are you ready to meet your mom's boyfriend tonight?" Jason asked Rio.

Rio shrugged.  "I guess. It's not like he'll be around long anyway."

Jason snickered.  "I wonder if he's rich! Like a millionaire.  Maybe he'll take you up in a helicopter!"

Rio rolled his eyes.  "Right. I'm sure."

"Oh!" Jason said, lighting up, "Or maybe he's a secret agent and he's undercover. Wouldn't that be awesome?"

"Shut up, Jason."

"Boys! School bus!" Haley called out as the adults finished their breakfast.

"I hear Darryl crying. I need to go get him," Maritza said, pushing back from the table.

Rachel stood, too.  "Can I talk to you, Haley?" she asked. "I have a big favor to ask you!"

Haley took a breath and tried to reign in her temper.

 "So, I was kind of hoping you could watch Shaye today," Rachel said, rushing to add, "I'll take your chores for the next week!"

Haley sighed. "Rachel, you don't do your chores unless I bug you!" she lamented.

"Please!" Rachel begged.  "This is my only day off this week! Come on, you're already watching Darryl!"
Seeing Shaye reaching for her, Haley took the little girl in her arms and bounced her on her hip.  "I don't mind watching Shaye, you know that.  You're still doing dinner over here tonight, right?"

Rachel nodded. "Sure!  It'll just be for a few hours. I'll spend the morning with Clinton and then we'll come back here. I'll be back before Rio is home from school!"

"Promise, Rachel."

Rachel clapped her hands together and kissed Haley's cheek. "I promise!" she said eagerly, rushing off to get ready.

Haley sat down with Shaye.  "So what do you want to do?" she asked the little girl. 

"Itsy bitsy!" Shaye said, moving her little fingers like the little spider.

With Darryl gurgling happily next to her, Haley began to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider with Shaye.

At least 10 times later...

"Itsy Bitsy!" Shaye called out happily again, clapping her hands.  "Again! Again!"

Haley hid her smile.  "Again? Wouldn't you rather do Pat-a-Cake? Or Ten Little Ducks? Anything?"

"Itsy Bitsy!" the toddler replied firmly.

Rachel eagerly hurried up Clinton's walkway.  A full day with Clinton alone! She couldn't wait until Shaye was ready for school so she wouldn't have to ask Haley for favors.  Psht! Haley liked to act like a saint since she hadn't dated since Jason was born.  8 years was a little bit too long to go without sex in her opinion!
The moment she walked through the door, he pulled her into his arms and starting kissing her.  "I thought you'd never get here!"

Rachel reached around Clinton's back and started pulling his shirt off his head.  "I told you Haley would watch her!"

Together, they stumbled up the stairs.

Rachel wasn't the only one with a romantic rendez-vous.  "I'm glad you agreed to meet me," Dr. Wyman said.  
He glanced towards the Science Facility with a wry grin.  "I didn't really expect our first date would be here, though."
"I thought it might be fun to show you around.  I sold some of the specimens I created to the science lab when I moved.  They have them on display with the artistic renderings that Haley created."  Her smile fell.  "Unless you'd rather do something else," she finished lamely.  She was so stupid.  Why would he be interested in her unfinished project?

He reached for her hand.  "I'd love to tour the science facility with you.  It sounds amazing," he told her.
"This way, then!" she said eagerly, reaching for his hand with a small smile. 

Haley checked her watch and sighed.  It was almost 1 pm and Rachel wasn't home yet.  "Come on, sweetie. Let's take a potty break and then I'll call your mom."

I knew it!, Haley thought irritably the third time Rachel didn't pick up the phone. Rio was due to be home any minute now and Rachel and Clinton still hadn't shown up.  She knew Rachel was going to flake out!

Maritza unlocked the door and headed inside.  "Hey. I'm home!" she called out in greeting.  "How was my little man?"
Haley turned around with a smile. "He's been an absolute angel," Haley told her.  "So? How was your date?!"

Maritza grinned widely.  "It was nice," she said coyly.  "We went to see my specimens and then toured the science facility.   He said he'd give me a tour of the hospital for our next date," she laughed.

Shaking her head, Haley laughed with her friend.  "I guess if it works for you!" she teased.

Maritza looked around.  "Is Rachel home yet?"
Haley frowned and shook her head.  "No. Not yet," she answered, her voice laced with irritation.  "And I've tried calling her three times."

Maritza let out a low whistle.  "Oh no, Rio's going to be so disappointed.  She might show up in time, though!" she said, trying to look on the positive side.

"You know better than that," Haley said coldly.

Rachel jumped from bed, "Omigod!" she cried out.  "Look at the time!" She scrambled to the floor, looking for her bra.

Clinton leaned back against the pillows. "What's the big deal? We'll take him out for pizza another night.  Just call them and tell them we got hung up and then come back to bed!"

Rachel popped up, wriggling into her bra.  "No! I can't! I promised! Dammit! I can't believe I fell asleep!" she said fretfully.  "Where did my shirt go?"

Clinton sighed, seeing that he wasn't going to be able to talk Rachel back into bed with him.  "I think it's on the stairs."

Rachel slipped into her jeans and then hurried out the door.  "Come on, get ready!" she panicked.  "We have to go!"

Hesitation passed over his face. 

"What?" Rachel asked, stopping.  "What's wrong?"

"I just don't want the first time I meet Rio to be when I've kept him from his mom..."

Tears sprang to Rachel's eyes. "Clinton! You can't change your mind! I told Rio we'd have dinner with him tonight!"

"I know, sweetie," he said, standing up and holding her hand. "But he's already going to be mad at me for dating his mom.  Maybe I can meet him another night."

"Fine," Rachel said in a clipped, angry tone.  "Whatever. I have to go."  She found her shirt on the newel post and slipped it on, slamming the door on her way out.

Haley and Maritza sat down with the boys for dinner.  Haley shot the sullen Rio a sympathetic look.  "You know your Mom.  She probably lost track of time.  I know she was really looking forward to having a nice dinner with you and her boyfriend."
"Whatever," Rio said.  "I didn't want to meet him anyway."
Haley glanced across the table towards Maritza. 

Maritza took a shot.  "I know you were really nervous about meeting Clinton. You know you can talk to us if you need to," she offered.

"I don't care," Rio said, not meeting her gaze as he continued eating.

"What if he's actually a prince from another country and he wants to lay low and he met your mom and fell in love with her. When they get married, you'll be a prince, dude!"

Rio just ignored him.  

Rachel raced in the door at breakneck speed.  She saw everyone getting up from the dinner table and felt a spurt of irritation.  "You ate without me?!" she complained without thought.
Haley snapped, crossing the livingroom to her friend's side within seconds.  "Do you ever once think about someone other than yourself?" she demanded angrily.

"What is your problem?" Rachel asked, taking a step back.

Haley fisted her hands at her sides.  "One - you promised me you'd be back before Rio got home from school," she said, holding up one finger.
 "I'm sorry I'm late! I fell asleep!" Rachel interrupted.

Haley ignored her, plowing on, holding up a second finger.  "Two - you didn't answered your phone the million times I called to see if you were okay!"

Again Rachel interrupted, "Look, you know I'm a heavy sleeper! I can't help it!"

"And three - you broke your promise to Rio!" Haley finished, shoving her three fingers in Rachel's face.

"Clinton said..."
"STOP IT!" Rio yelled loudly from the kitchen,  shaking from anger.  Haley and Rachel turned towards him with their eyes widened. "Stop fighting! I don't care.  I. Don't. Care!"
With a quiet sob, he ran upstairs, "Just leave me alone!"   Haley watched Rio run from the room and felt untold guilt for arguing with Rachel in front of him.  She wanted to go after him, but was worried he needed a little space.

Rachel glanced down at the floor.  Tears pricked her eyes again and she swiped at the tears uselessly.  "I got here as soon as I could!" she mumbled to the room.

Haley glanced back at her friend with a frown.  "Well, it wasn't soon enough," she said, stalking upstairs.

With emotions running heavy in the house, Maritza swept up Darryl in her arms and headed to their room.  "Don't worry, I'm never going to leave you like that," Maritza promised her son, holding him tightly against her.  Sometimes she just didn't understand Rachel at all.
Jason headed into the room they shared in the attic.  "Hey Rio," he said as he climbed up the stairs.

Rio sighed heavily.  "What?" he asked with annoyance.  
"I wouldn't like my mom dating either," he told him. 


  1. Oh, how I'd wish this will be what gets Rachel to wake up, but somehow, I doubt it. Once Clinton wears off, it'll be the next one. Poor Rio.

    So glad to see a new post! Hope your game is working well again and that we'll see more soon.

    1. I don't think Rachel is ever going to get it unfortunately. I think she knows she's hurting Rio and feels bad - just not enough to change.

      Poor Rio indeed! He aged up and got the Brooding trait. Lol. I think it suits him!

      My game is working wonderfully again! I was so glad that we were able to recover the files after the harddrive crash!

  2. (I'm terrible at remembering to comment >.<, but I have been catching up/reading your story)

    Rachel... *sigh* That girl needs to wake up! She's hurting her friends, and her son and I feel like Shaye prefers Haley over Rachel.

    It's nice that Maritza's moving on, but there's still the question of if Haley will too? Maybe when the kids are older perhaps? nudge nudge, wink wink

    1. Thanks for reading. :)

      Rachel is a hot mess! I think Rio & Shaylynn both prefer Haley to Rachel because she's been their steady rock. Something's about to happen that's going to rock her world, though.

      Maritza's got a boyfriend! Haley's heart is kind of taken by Johnny right now, although she keeps wondering when she'll hear from him again...

  3. Haley just knew how this would turn out, and Rachel's predictability is a bit sad. And it turned out to be Rio's birthday! Poor guy.

    Little Darryl is really cute.