April 4, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Eight, Day One

Living Green Tip #25 - "Sure, drinking too much alcohol can make you physically ‘green’, and have you hugging your new ceramic friend for the best (worst) part of the night. However, drinking the good stuff will have you inadvertently being a “green god/goddess” for the whole of the next day." (hehehe... Alcohol: Bad for You, Great for the Environment blog was hilarious!)

 "Look at the pretty painting Aunt Haley made!" Maritza said, holding Junior up to see.  When he reached out to touch the canvas, she reached for his hand and spun him around. "No.. no.. no touching!" she said with a smile.  "Not with your sticky fingers!"
When she saw Haley come downstairs, she sent her a sly look. "So? How did it go with Alan last night?" she asked.

Haley blushed.  "He took me out to the Bistro.  It was really nice."

"AND?" Maritza pressed for the juicy details.

 Haley giggled and playfully smacked Maritza in the arm.  "What about you? You've been sleeping over at Charles' house lately!" she teased.  

"I know!"  Maritza sighed happily.  "He's so wonderful!"  Her smile faltered.  Despite moving forward in their relationship, she still struggled with the fear of losing him.
Rachel blatantly eavesdropped, angrily stirring the pancake mix.  Haley's favorite breakfast was blueberry pancakes.  Everyone else was moving on and starting relationships except her.  It wasn't fair. 

"Pancakes are done!" she called. When Maritza and Haley moved to grab a plate, she shooed them to table. "Sit! Sit! I'll bring you a plate!" she told them.

She ignored the fact that they both stared at her with open mouths. 

What?! She could be helpful! 

She slammed the plates on the table.

Haley and Maritza shared a look.  Christ, they always did that, she thought irritably.  "Sorry," she apologized insincerely as she sat down at the table.
 "It looks delicious, Rachel! I love blueberry pancakes!" Haley said.  "I don't know what we would do without you cooking for us!"

Immediately Rachel's mood lifted.  She smiled at Haley.  "Well, you're not going to have to worry about that, huh? We're like sisters!" she teased.
Rachel gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.  "Omigod! Your birthday is coming up, Haley! We should totally go out tonight and celebrate!" Rachel saw the look on Haley's face and sternly pointed her finger at her. "Don't say no!" she begged.

Haley nibbled her lip.  "I don't know..." she hedged.

Maritza tipped the balances by echoing Rachel's eagerness. 
 "Oh, alright!" Haley relented with a smile.  She looked at Rachel, "But no drinking, okay?"

Rachel shrugged.  "Sure, why not?!"  She jumped up from the table.  "RIO!!!!!"

 "What?" Rio asked, turning from the sink.

"Will you watch the kids for us tonight?" she asked.
Rio hesitated.

Jason, who was nearby, shouted, "Hey! I don't need him to watch me!"

"Pleeeeease?" she begged. "Tia Haley never gets to go out!"

"Fine," Rio told her grumpily.  If it was for Tia.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Rachel squealed, giving him a big hug. 

"No, Haley! You look beautiful!" Rachel told her, reaching out to fluff her friend's hair.

Haley stared at her reflection.  "Are you sure?" she asked hesitantly.  "Do you think the red lipstick is too much?"
Maritza shook her head.  "No! Rachel is right! You look stunning!"

Haley laughed, tugging at her hem.  "I feel like I'm playing dress up!"

Rachel laughed. "You promised you'd wear what I picked out for you!"
Haley stepped back and smoothed her hands down her dress and took a deep breath.  "Promise I don't look silly?!" she asked Maritza.

Maritza smiled.  "Promise! Rachel should've been a stylist!"

Rachel beamed.

 Rio scratched Mittens back, smiling as the cat arched it's back and purred. 
"Thanks for watching the kids for us, Rio," Maritza said when she found him downstairs.  "I left a list on the table of what time Junior needs to eat and sleep.  I have my number and also Charles number for an emergency contact."
 As Maritza continued giving Rio a few last minutes instructions, Haley gave Jason a big hug.  "Listen to Rio."

Jason kicked at the floor and looked up at Haley with a grimace.  "Aw, Mom, I don't need Rio to watch me!" he argued.  "I can look out for myself!"

Haley tweaked her son's nose. "I know, sweetie.  Maybe you can help him watch Junior! Be a good helper, okay?"

"Okay!" Jason said, running over to play with Junior at the activity table.

Rachel and his tias had just left to go to the Wolff Lounge when a visitor arrived at the Black-Wolff house...

Charles and Maritza were oblivious to everyone else, slow dancing on the dance floor.

Haley fussed with her hem as Rachel told her a story about one of her coworkers.  She felt so sillyWhy in the world had she agreed to do this? 

"Alan! Over here!" Rachel suddenly called out, waving towards the entrance.

Haley took another breath as her stomach flipped.
 "Hi Rachel," Alan said before turning those baby blue eyes on Haley. 
She felt like a third wheel, Rachel sighed as she walked away, leaving the new couple to talk.  

A little while later, Rachel had pulled everyone over to her side and loudly announced it was her birthday.  The lounge erupted in cheers and cat calls.  Friends and acquaintances sang her happy birthday, some rather sloppily since they'd been drinking.

She glanced over at Rachel, so happy to see that she'd stayed true to her promise to avoid drinking.
 "Thank you!" Haley laughing, blushing red from all the attention.  "Rachel! Make them stop looking at me!" she whispered.
"They're looking at you because you look beautiful tonight," Alan told her. 
Haley laughed again.  She wasn't sure the last time she'd laughed this much or felt this happy and free!  She brought her hands up to her cheeks and felt them burning her hands.  "Oh! I'm so embarrassed!" she told him.

Alan looped his arm through hers.  "Let me be your knight in shining armor," he teased, looping his arm through hers and leading her outside.

Haley closed her eyes with a smile as the night air cooled her flaming face.  She stood at the railing and stared at the scenery.  "This view is so beautiful, isn't it?" she asked, staring up at the stars.
 "It certainly is," Alan said, quietly watching her.
Haley turned to Alan and meet his gaze.  Seeing the desire in his eyes made her stomach flip. She had a moment to freak out that he was going to kiss her when his lips met her own.
Shock held her still a moment, but it felt so good...  his touch, his kiss, his cologne, everything...

Haley wrapped her arms around his and pressed herself against him, kissing him back just as passionately as he kissed her. 

"Thanks for helping me get them to bed," Rio said as he sat down on the couch next to Nadine.  "I didn't think Jason was ever going to go to sleep!"

Nadine laughed.  "He didn't want to miss out on anything!"
 Rio rolled his eyes.  "He's a pest!" he said, the smile on his face taking the sting out of the words.

"I think it's cute!" Nadine told him.  "You're such a good big brother!"

An awkward silence fell between them now that they were alone... sitting on a couch... at night...
Rio made the first move, scooting over next to her and slipping his arm around her.  "So..." he said nervously. "Do you want to.. you know? Makeout?" His voice cracked.

Nadine smiled at him and nodded. 
He tentatively leaned closer to press his lips against hers, pulling back after they'd barely touched.  Licking his lips, he leaned forward again and kissed her again, this time slipping his tongue between her lips. 

He was in heaven...

Rachel wound up alone.  Maritza slipped away with Charles and Alan had lead Haley out onto the balcony.

Feeling sorry for herself, she slipped over to the bar and ordered a Pomegranate Passion.  Apparently a drink was the only way she was going to get some romance in her life!
Feeling sorry for herself, she threw back the first drink. Then another one. She would've had a third one, but closing time was announced.
Rachel stumbled to the door.  She wasn't going to be alone another night...

The taxi dropped Rachel off at Shaye's house.  After Haley called for the second time, she turned her phone off. 
 She pressed on the door bell and stepped to the side. 

"I'll be right back," Shaye said as he walked outside. 
He turned to face her.  "Rachel, what are you doing here? It's almost 3 in the morning!"

Rachel looked up quickly, wobbling unsteadily.  "I just had to see you to tell you..." she said.
Rachel lurched towards him, trying to wrap her arms around him. "I love you, Shaye! Why can't we be together?" she slurred.
"Rach? Have you been drinking?" Shaye asked, pulling away, reaching out to steady her when she would've fallen to the ground.  He shook his head with annoyance.  "Plumbbob, Rachel! Go home and sleep it off!" 

"But, Shaye! I've been thinking..."  She began, readying herself to launch into her plan to make him love her again.
"Is everything okay?" Kea asked, coming to the door with Shayla in her arms.  She looked surprised to see Rachel standing there. 

Rachel stopped and stared at the other woman holding her daughter.  Why was she holding her daughter?

Rachel started to stumble towards the door when Shaye stepped in front of her, holding his hands out. "Whoa, where are you going Rachel?" he asked.  Without turning his back on Rachel, he told Kea to go inside and put Shayla to bed. 

 Kea slipped away inside and shut the door.
"She's my daughter, Shaye! You can't keep her from me!" Rachel said angrily.  "You can't just start a new family without me!" She shakily stuck her finger in his face.
Shaye smelled waves of alcohol wafting off of Rachel.  "Rachel. Go home. You're not taking Shayla anywhere tonight."

"I'll call the police!" she yelled. "You think I won't? You can't keep my daughter from me!"

Shaye shook his head with disgust.  "Rachel, you're drank off your ass.  Call the police. They won't let you leave with her."  He pulled his phone out of pocket and dialed a number number.  Keeping his eye on Rachel, he waited until Haley answered.  "Haley, it's Shaye. Can you or Maritza come pick Rachel up?"

Rachel growled with frustration.  She couldn't believe he'd called Haley! Plumbbob, she couldn't take another one of Haley's lectures!
She raced down the steps and kicked his trash can over before run-walking down the sidewalk. 


  1. On the night where it was supposed to be all about Haley. :( Aw, Rachel. She started off the day/evening so well too.

    Ah! It's easy to see where Rio has been lately now. Lol. Makes me wonder if Jason is still little boy enough to accidentally let the evening's visitor slip. ;)

    The girls all looked so lovely for the evening! Will Maritza and Haley be keeping their new looks?

    1. It seems like Rachel needs constant affirmation. She's *trying* to fix her relationships, but Haley, Maritza and Rio aren't fawning over her attempts. It's hell on her ego.

      Hehehe... Rio's got a girl! And you know Jason is still little boy enough to let it slip! And relentlessly tease!

      I LOVED their makeovers. Haley looks so much like her mom - but with black hair! Haley isn't going to keep her make-over because she doesn't want to spend all that time primping in front of the mirror. But, Maritza is going to keep hers. :)

  2. Rio has a girlfriend, Haley and Maritza are getting their groove on, but nothing for Rachel? Wow. At first I thought Rachel was beeing grumpy about Haley and Alan, but no. The scene with Rio and Nadine is so cute; like a movie.

    The ladies are looking good with their new styles though. Will they be keeping it?

    But what is Rachel doing? Fine, she was drunk, but come on. Is it really that hard for her to see everyone else in relationships? It was great how she kicked their trashcan over atleast. It's such a Rachel- reaction. Wonder how embarassed she'll be tomorrow?

    1. Shocked, huh? Rachel doesn't have someone on the line! She is jealous and feeling slighted. Hehehe.. I liked her kicking over the trashcan, too. I imagine she'll be plenty embarrassed - after she wakes up from the hangover!

      Rio & Nadine! Yay! I tried to have him 'make a move', but I'm not sure if that's an adult-only move. I settled for inviting her to cuddle. :)

      Maritza is keeping her new hairdo & Haley is going to go back to being Haley! She'll probably dress-up more for special date-nights, though!

  3. Love Haley and Maritza's makeovers! Haley especially looked very different.

    I hope Rio and Nadine just stick to making out!

    I understand how Rachel feels, and her actions make sense for her character. She's very emotionally-driven. But all she's doing is showing Shaye that he made the right decision to leave her.

    1. I thought Haley looked so much like Eva, except with black hair! Such a pretty hairstyle!

      Oi - I hadn't even thought of them going any further! What a mess that would be!

      Rachel has excelled at making emotional decisions and not stopping to think of consequences! Not sure if she's even capable of changing!

  4. Rachel, you're a hot mess! Pull yourself together, girl. Now Shaye's threat about the custody is starting to look more and more menacing...