April 6, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Eight, Day Two

Living Green Tip #26:  You may be surprised to learn how many plants you can put into action for dyeing Easter eggs. Red beetroot, Orange carrot tops, Yellow lemon peels, Green spinach, and Blue red cabbage.  Natural dyes produce even more shades and firmer colors than the traditional decorating kits. 

"Good morning," Maritza said quietly from the breakfast table when Haley came down the stairs in the morning. 

Haley glanced over her shoulder.  "Is she still sleeping?" she asked her friend.
"She's passed out on the couch," Maritza told her.
 Haley sighed and joined Maritza with her bowl of cereal. 

"We can't keep doing this, Haley.  I don't want to expose Junior to that kind of behavior," Maritza said in a hushed tone.  "What are we going to do?"
 "I know," Haley whispered back, feeling her stomach twisting uncomfortably.  "I just don't know what to do," she admitted. 

Maritza hesitated.  "I think we should ask her to leave...."

"Mom! Mom! Rio's going to KILL me!" Jason yelped, clambering down the stairs with Rio hot on his heels.

"I'm going to KILL you, Jason!" he yelled angrily.
Rachel moaned and shifted on the couch, putting her hand to her head.  "Too loud," she whispered in agony.
"RIO!" Haley gasped, jumping from her chair, "What in the world is wrong with you?" She hurried to the boys' side.
Feeling safe, Jason smirked at Rio.  "Rio's got a girlfriend!" he teased, making kissy noises.  Pulling a piece of paper from behind his back, he read outloud, "Ode to Nadine," he announced with a flourish.  "I have these feelings deep inside, feelings that I have to hide...."
"JASON!" Rio yelled, snatching the poem from Jason's hands.  "Quit snooping in my things!"
"Good luck with that," Martiza said, making a hasty exit.  

"Who's Nadine?" was the only question that seemed to come to Haley's mind.  She looked to Rio for an answer.

It was Jason who answered.  "She and Rio were kissing last night after he sent me to bed.  On the couch!" he said, sending a smug look to Rio.

Rio shifted uncomfortably, unable to meet Haley's gaze.
Haley turned to Jason with her hands on her hips.  "Jason, you shouldn't be going through Rio's personal things.  What he wrote was very personal and wasn't for you to share."

"But he's the one that had a girl over!" Jason said, pointing to Rio.  Why was he getting in trouble?

"I will address that with Rio, not you.  Hand over the note and apologize!"
Jason turned to Rio, frowning.  "I'm sorry I read your stupid poem about Nadine," he said begrudgingly. 

"Yeah, whatever," Rio mumbled.

"Jason, go get ready for school," Haley said, watching her son scurry away. 
Rio turned to run upstairs after Jason, when Haley stopped him. "We'll talk later," she promised softly.

Rio hesitated a moment, then nodded.  He ran up the stairs to get ready.  Jason was still dead meat.

A short while later, both boys raced from the house, slamming the door as they ran to catch the bus.

"Oh plumbbob, my head," Rachel complained as she stood up unsteadily.

Haley hesitated in the dining room.  "Can we talk, Rachel?" she asked quietly.

Rachel shook her head.  "Not now, I don't feel too good..." 
Rachel moved slowly up the stairs, feeling her head and stomach churn in concert.  Finally she made it to her room and stumbled onto to her bed, curling into a ball to sleep some more.

With a sigh, Haley headed outside to work in her garden.  Maritza wanted Rachel to move out.  Rachel was an emotional timebomb.  And Rio had brought a girl over last night while they were out!  It was too much

Relentlessly, she tugged on the weeds, pulling them out with with a ruthlessness as she tried to sort through their current problems.  She didn't want to lose her family...
Haley padded into the kitchen and put the fresh produce in the refrigerator.  She had way too many tomatoes and zucchinis to use.  So, she set them aside in a basket on the counter.
This year, she'd started to deliver her extra produce to some of the elder residents in the city.  Sort of a meals-on-wheels

"Oh thank you, dear! Look at these wonderful tomatoes!" Ms. Garrison gushed.  "Thank you for thinking of me!"

Haley smiled and patted her arm.  "My little garden produces plenty!"

Ms. Garrison smiled.  "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a community garden again?"

"A community garden?" Haley asked with interest.  A gem of an idea forming...

Haley headed to the City Hall to see if her new idea had any merit, at all.  If she'd learned anything at all from the time her mom saved Crystal Springs, there would be tons of red tape...

 "Do you want to go to the library?" Maritza asked, thankful that her son was still a tiny tot.
 "Li-berry!" Junior squealed with excitement.
"One fish, two fish, green fish, blue fish," Maritza read the Counting For Those Who Cannot Count toddler book out-loud to Junior.

"What are you doing here?" Charles asked, peeking in the kids section.

Haley scoped out the park with her artists' eye for detail, making plans.  Then, with a last glance towards the little park, she headed home.

Maritza jumped up with genuine surprise.  "Charles!" She quickly gave him a hug.

Junior hurried to Charles' side.  "Ch-awls! Ch-awls! Pick me up!" he said, tugging on Charles' pant leg.
Charles grinned and scooped up Junior, tossing him in the air.  "I'm glad to see you, too!" he said.
"We were just reading!  How funny that we ran into each other here!" Maritza said.  If she didn't already love him, she was sure the way he held Junior in his arms would've sealed the deal.

"I was going to read the new article from SimMed, but hanging out with you and Charles will be much more fun! So? What are we doing today?" he asked brightly.

"Well, I was thinking about heading down to the Spring Fair," she suggested.  "I heard there was an egg hunt today!"

Rachel finally managed to drag herself out of bed, quickly showering and slipping into her uniform.  She looked in the mirror with a frown.  Her eyes were puffy and blood-shot and... she stopped and looked closer.  Was that a wrinkle?  

Strongly tempted to go back to bed and pull the covers over her head, she forced herself to go to work.  At least no one would lecture her at work...

Charles and Maritza walked over to the park from the library, oohing and aahing over the pretty flowers and decorations.  She blushed when he pointed out the kissing booths.  

"The only person I want to kiss is you," she told him.
 "Mama! The Easter Bunny hid an egg!" Junior announced, taking off in a toddering-run towards the egg.
Maritza and Charles laughed and followed along behind him.  "You found an egg!" she told the tot in a bright voice.  "All by yourself!"

"MY egg!" he said, reaching for it.
 "Here, help me put it in your basket. Then see if you can find another egg!" she told him.

She'd barely placed the pretty purple egg in Junior's basket when he was off in the opposite direction. 

Haley got to work, trying to put her vision on canvas. 
Rio stepped inside and called out, "I'm home!," mumbling under his breath, "Not like anyone cares."
Haley put aside her paintbrush and hurried downstairs. She found him watching the sports channel in the livingroom.
"Can we talk?" she asked him.

Rio shrugged. "It's a free world," he told her grumpily.
"Oh Rio!" she sighed, slipping onto the couch next to him.  "I'm so sorry!"
"What are you sorry for?" he asked with surprise.

He seemed genuinely confused, Haley thought.  "I'm sorry that you didn't feel comfortable enough to come to any of us with your news." She squeezed his hand. 

"I'm not your mother," she started to explain.  "So it's not up to me to punish you."
Rio scoffed.  "Like Rachel would even notice! Besides, she's the last one that should get angry about me dating!"

"Is that what you think?!" she asked with surprise. "That she doesn't notice you?"

Rio scowled and leaned back on the couch, looking away from Haley.  "When has she ever noticed me? She's too busy with her boyfriends."
Haley bit her lip.  "I've noticed she doesn't have a boyfriend now.  And I know she's been trying to find a common ground with you," she gently pointed out.  "It doesn't make up for the past, but maybe it's a starting point for the future?"

Rio considered what Tia Haley was saying.  A small part of him hope that she was right, but Rachel never followed through with anything.  "Maybe," he allowed.
"So? Tell me all about her!" Haley told him.  "You do realize we're going to have to meet her!"

"Tia!" he groaned.  "That's so embarrassing!"

Haley patted his leg.  "If you need me I'll be upstairs painting."  She stood up, hesitating a moment.  "You know I love you, right?"

Rio blushed and turned his head towards the tv.  "I know," he said after a short pause.

After Tia Haley went upstairs, Rio turned his attention back to the sports channel, but he was distracted thinking about his family.  He was actually pretty lucky his mom had such great friends.  By being raised here, he'd gained two tias and two brothers.

And maybe the next time Mom asked him to go to the movies, he'd tell her yes...
 The door swung open.
Jason hopped on the couch right next to Rio.  "Who's playing?" he asked, staring at the screen.

"Llamas vs. Kangaroos."

"Kangaroos are gonna get creamed!" Jason said eagerly.

Rio nodded. "Yeah. They have a weak defense."
 The watched the game in easy silence.  Glancing over, Jason asked, "So, are we cool?"
"Yeah, we're cool," Rio told him.  Pointing his finger at him, he added, "But don't do that shit again! I'm going to pummel you next time!"
Having smoothed over their patch, the boys turned back to the game.

"Aw man! Did you see that fumble?" Jason cried out, throwing his hands up in the air.  "That was ridiculous!"

 "Ms. Vasquez, a moment of your time, please," Mr. Keaton called.
Rachel stopped in her tracks and turned towards her boss.  "Yeah?" she asked, hoping her boss hadn't noticed how distracted she'd been today.  She only thought she wouldn't get lectured at work...
"There was something I wanted to discuss with you," he said, motioning back towards the bistro.  "In my office, please."

Rachel took a deep breath and tried to quell her anxiety.  "Of course, Mr. Keaton."
 "After you," he said, motioning for her to go inside while he held the door open for her.


  1. There were other points to touch on, but then Jason walked in the door. Holy whoa! Jason is a teen! :0 And I'm guessing the wrinkle was Rachel's birthday gift, too. lol. Oh Rachel. At least she's been showing up? Hopefully it's nothing awful.

    Maritza wanting to ask Rachel to move out makes a lot of sense when she's wanting to make sure her son doesn't deal with all the drama Rachel seems to attract/create. Rio has issues needing to be addressed by a parent. Haley was so right. That was a parent's job and he barely recognizes his mom as a parent (I know that's partly teen rebellion, but yeah. There's a lot in there making that worse.) What about Shayla one day? What is she going to see growing up? Will any of that ever really hit home with Rachel? Enough to make her attempts at change stick?

    Aw. Lookit Haley following in Mommy's footsteps kinda! lol

    1. Hehe... you liked the Jason aging up, huh? I can't believe he's a teen either! He looks sooo much like his Dad!

      Rio is really hurting from his mom's choices. Not sure if there's a lot Rachel can do to make it up to him. I think Rachel's a lost cause!

      I bet Haley knew exactly where to go in the City Hall to file all the paperwork. :)

  2. Poor Rio having his stuff snooped through; but that part was great. Jason was such a perfect little brat. And then he came home from school at the end, and is a teenager. He looks like his mum atleast, or am I just imagining that? The kids are growing up to fast.

    Haley is right about everything during the talk with Rio, as usual. But what was she planning on talking with Rachel about? She wasn't going to throw her out, was she? No, Haley wouldn't do that. Would she?

    It's so cute that Charles showed up at the library by his own accord. Even the sims themselves knows it's a perfect match.

    Mr. Keaton is scarylooking. I'm hoping he wants to promote Rachel, please let it be a promotion.

    1. I loved Jason acting like the little brat and grabbing Rio's poem! So much fun! I worry that Jason looks too much like Gage, but he's got those chubby cheeks all the family seems to be blessed with. :)

      I can't see Haley throwing Rachel out. She might lecture her, causing Rachel to throw her hands up in the air and storm out, though. ;)

      I completely forgot to address why Mr. Keaton wanted to talk to Rachel after work in the latest update! I guess that storyline is pending until the next update! Lol

  3. I understand why Maritza wants to throw Rachel out, but that may not be the right answer. I think Haley will find a better solution than that.

    Junior looks so cute in his little going out outfit!

    Good thing Haley talked to Rio. Deep down he knows his mom wants a better relationship, but she really needs to try harder.

    1. Maritza has a lot less tolerance for Rachel than Haley does. I'm sure Haley will find a way to smooth it over.

      I think Junior is super cute! I can't wait until he's a child!

      Hopefully something Haley says makes an impression with Rio!

  4. I really like how you don't make such a big deal about every age-up. It's like the kids are just growing up naturally :)

    Jason looks a lot like his mom - I'm surprised! At first I kept thinking he looked just like Gage.... well, good for him! Better to have to connection to that guy.

    I always love those living green tips at the beginning! Red onion skins make a nice egg dye too :)