May 26, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Eight, Day Four

Green Living Tip #28: Community Gardens are community spaces that are communally cultivated and cared for; these spaces may consist of individually-worked plots, multiple person caretaker areas, sitting areas, and small-scale children play areas.

Haley took a deep breath when she saw Johnny sleeping on the couch. Practically naked.

Since he'd sold his mom's house after she passed, he'd needed a place to crash. It'd just made sense for him to crash here.

I have a boyfriend, she reminded herself.  A steady boyfriend who didn't kiss her and then disappear for over a year.  She snuck another glance, admiring his boxer clad body.  Cheeks burning, she scrubbed her hand over her face and hurried into the kitchen away from temptation.
CoffeeNeed coffee.  She stared at the coffee machine as it slowly brewed.

A shuffling noise from the couch let her know that he was awake. 

She willed the coffee to brew faster. 
Johnny yawned, stretching at the knots in his shoulder from sleeping on the old couch.  Without even turning around, he knew it was Haley in the kitchen. 

Running a hand over his face,  he squeezed his eyes shut.  Of all the damn luck.  She had a boyfriend.  His heart clenched painfully, reliving the moment when she'd told him that she was seeing someone else.  He'd lost her before he'd even had her...

"Morning," he said in a sleep-roughened voice. 

"Morning!" Haley squawked from the kitchen. "I'm just making coffee..."

Coffee first, he thought, standing up.
"God, you don't know what I'd do for a cup of coffee," he said, stepping up behind her.

Haley nervously jostled her tray, scurrying away from him as fast as she could.  "No need!" she said brightly, "There's plenty!" She glanced back at him hungrily.

Okay, maybe coffee second...
Haley set the tray down and turned only to find he'd followed her.  Her heart fluttered at his nearness.  She spun around to face him, taking a step back and bumping into the counter. He'd edged her in She should've been annoyed that he was in her space, crowding her...
"Too bad, might've been fun," he teased.

Haley put her hands on his bare chest and Johnny let out a shuddering breath.  He saw the desire he was feeling mirrored in her eyes.  He leaned forward, dreaming of kissing her.

It took a moment to register that she was pushing him away.  "I can't," she stressed quietly, the desire in her eyes replaced with guilt.  "Please. Don't."

He watched her hurry away.
 This was going to be harder than he'd thought...

"Thanks for coming, Alan," Haley said awkwardly giving him a kiss when he arrived at Maywood Glen for the Park Clean-Up Day, pulling away before he tried to deepen it. 
 She could feel Johnny's eyes on her.
"Thank you all for coming!" she said when her friends and family had gathered.  "As you know, I worked out an agreement with the city to create our very own Sunset Valley Community Garden!" she announced happily.  "It's going to be a lot of hard work, but together, we'll turn Maywood Glen into something we can be proud of!"

"What do you want us to do?" her brother, Ian, asked.

Haley bit her lip. "I think we should split up and each take care of a plot.  We'll need to put up the fencing, and spread out the mulch.  After that, I got a variety of seeds to plant!"
The couples separated and each took a garden plot to set up.  When Alan tried to pair up with Haley, she'd slipped away and claimed she needed to supervise.

"You can work with Johnny," she said, not wanting to choose between them.  She knew she was going to have to choose, though.  She couldn't keep feeling this way towards Johnny and dating Alan at the same time.  What a mess...
"It looks great!" Maritza beamed.  "I'm so proud of you, Haley!"

"Thanks!" Haley said with a relieved sigh.  "It really came together, didn't it?"

Maritza nodded, glancing around the community garden.  "I thought Rachel was going to help, though... I wonder where she is..."

"Thank you for meeting me here. I trust you were able to rearrange your prior plans," Mr. Keaton announced in a straight-forward manner.  He'd told Rachel to meet him here and had every expectation that she would.  He was the kind of man that wasn't used to hearing no.

"Of course, sir. It wasn't a problem at all!" she said cheerfully. 

"Good, this way, please," he took her arm and led her down to a changing salon. 
"Here, take a step up there," he said, assisting her up on the platform.

Rachel glanced at him nervously.  "What are we doing here?"
"If you are going to represent me, then you need to dress for success," he told her, eyeing her outfit critically. 

"Oh, is that really necessary?" she asked.

He sent her a stern look as the stylist walked in.  "It is," he told her before turning his back on her, telling the stylist what he wanted in specific detail. 
Hours later, she turned in her outfit, hoping this met with his approval.

To thank her friends and family for all their hardwork, Haley invited them home for pizza and beer. 
She jumped nervously when Alan threw his arm around her shoulder and tugged her closer.  Her eyes immediately shot towards Johnny.  Although he was talking to her brother, Ian, she saw him wince.

"I think I need some air," she told Alan, slipping from his touch and hurrying outside.

Alan watched her go with a frown on his face.  With a glance towards Johnny, he followed her outside.

 "What the hell is going on?" Alan asked, catching Haley pacing outside on the back porch.

She whirled around.  "Nothing!"
 "Haley, I'm not blind," he accused her.  "Every time I touch you, you look at Johnny!"
"It's not like that!" Haley protested weakly. "It's nothing!"

Alan scoffed. "Well, excuse me, the looks you guys have been shooting each other aren't nothing!" He turned angrily.  "Dammit Haley! I thought we had something good!"

"We do!" Haley told him tearfully.  "I told him that I was with you! I want to be with you!"  She trailed off, swiping at the tears on her cheeks.  "It's just... I'm so sorry! I'm so confused! I'm awful at this! I don't know what to do!"
"You either want me or you want him, Haley. Those are your choices!" Alan told her angrily. 

Haley stood, lost in her thoughts.  Alan had stormed from the house when she'd given him her answer. 
She heard the door quietly swing open and knew without looking who'd stepped outside. 
Johnny slipped his strong arms around her to comfort.  "I'm sorry," he told her.


  1. What on earth is Rachel wearing? Is that an apron? Did she get a promotion, or is mr. Keaton just pulling her leg? He doesn't seem like the type to play around though.

    So Johnny struts around halfnaked at Haleys house? Bet he knows exactely what he's doing to her ;) Did she choose away Alan then, or did I misunderstand? It's a shame she's so guiltridden, but Haleys an unusually nice sim. And someone will get hurt either way. Hopefully it was the best choice for her.

    1. We're going to find out what Rachel is wearing & why next update. :)

      Lol. It was killing Haley to see Johnny half-naked when she was still in a relationship with Alan.

      Sorry if Haley/Alan storyline got confusing! She did break up him, choosing Johnny.

      Originally I'd planned for Alan to go back with his ex-wife, leaving Haley ready for a relationship with Johnny if/when he ever got back. But, the story went a little off track when Johnny just appeared at the door a week too early. :)

  2. Johnny! Practically nekid Johnny coming for Haley! Ooooo! *swoons! <3 Phew! That had to be so tough for Haley. Poor thing. :(

    Interesting. So Rachel will be representing Mr.Keaton somehow? With a modest simple apron covered dress??? Hmmm...

    Comfort? xD Oooh, I do so hope Johnny gets to really comfort her! *ships Haley & Johnny HARD. *sigh.

    1. *fans Sunny. I know! Johnny near naked is almost lethal! Lol.

      What are Mr. Keaton and Rachel up to, anyways? That is one fugly dress!

      Yay! Haley and Johnny!

  3. That outfit looks so weird on Rachel, lol! She looks like a housewife who just stays at home baking cookies.

    So Haley did break up with Alan there. I think it was the right move, even if she had feelings for Alan, it's not fair to be interested in Johnny at the same time, especially since he's in the same house now. I do think Johnny was being way too pushy, though. He knew what he was doing, and it seemed he barely gave her a second after Alan left. He should give Haley a little space.

    1. Yeah, it's weird on Rachel! Lol. I laughed at the idea of her being a housewife staying home & baking cookies! She certainly loves baking, though!

      I agree! She can't date Alan if she's drooling over Johnny. It's not fair to him. If I gave Johnny & Haley any more space, they'd be in separate blogs. :) Lol.

      Although, you're right - he did push a little, which is going to cause her to make an impromptu decision which *might* cause a little friction. So, maybe their relationship would've had a smoother start if he'd given her a little space, after all!

  4. Squee! Johnny and Haley, Johnny and Haley! Finally! <3<3<3
    Ha, I'm so ridiculously happy about this :D

    The community garden turned out great! And wow, Rachel's looking... different. I wonder if this will be the thing to finally get her to pull it together?