June 7, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Eight, Day Five

Rachel sat up in bed as the sun came streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.  She squinted against the light, pulling away from Mr. Keaton.
Reaching down, she grabbed her bra and slipped it on as she sat on the edge of the bed.  She buried her head in her hands and groaned. Plumbbob, what was she doing? Mr. Keaton was twice her age - and her boss!

Angrily, she stood and dressed as quickly as she could. She found her shoes under the bed and grabbed them, not even bothering to put them on.
Her high heels gripped in her hands, she tiptoed from the room.  She hoped he didn't wake up until she was long gone.  She hadn't meant to fall into bed with him.                              

But he said he was going to make you a star, she reminded herself.

The first thing she wanted to do was tell Haley her good news.  She would leave out the bit about sleeping with him, though. Haley always made a big deal about that.  She hurried up the stairs and pushed open Haley's door.
"Haley? Are you awake?" she whispered, rushing into the room and preparing to perch on Haley's bed.

She stopped mid-stride and gasped.
Johnny and Haley jerked awake and shifted.  Haley grabbed at the blankets to try to cover herself.

It didn't matter, Rachel had already fled the room.
"Rachel! Stop!" Johnny called out, quickly throwing his t-shirt on over his head. 

"I cannot believe this!" Rachel muttered angrily.  "I. cannot. believe. THIS!"
Johnny reached out and grabbed Rachel's arm.  "Rachel, wait. It's not what it looks like!"

Rachel whirled around, attempting to tug her arm free.  "It looks like my best friend is screwing my brother!" she yelled, casting an ugly look towards Haley.
Haley winced.  "Rachel..." she began, hoping to soothe Rachel's hurt feelings.

Rachel jerked away violently.  "You forbid me from sleeping with your brother! Remember?!  God forbid I sully your brother! But I guess it's okay to fu..."
Johnny stepped in front of Haley.  "Rachel. Quit it," he snapped.  "That's not going to help anything."
"How long?" she asked angrily.  "How long have you been screwing my brother?" she peered around Johnny again to address Haley.

"We were going to tell you today," Johnny tried to explain, leaning over again to block Haley from Rachel.  "We..."

Rachel grimaced when Johnny said 'we.'  As though they were a fricking couple.  "What about Alan?" she asked snidely.  Little Miss Goody-Two Shoes was cheating on her boyfriend!  "Did you even think about him before you fu..."  

"They broke up last night. I was comforting her..." Johnny interrupted Rachel again, hoping to calm her down so they could discuss this rationally.

"Oh yeah! Sounds like you comforted her all right!"  Rachel sneered with a half-laugh. "All night long, huh?"

Johnny heard Haley gasp behind him.
"Rachel, I love her," Johnny quietly told his sister, his voice softening. "But that doesn't mean I love you any less."  He reached out to her, disappointed when she pulled away.

"God!" Rachel growled, "I cannot believe this!"

Pushing past Johnny and Haley, she stormed upstairs.

"Rio! Wake up! We're leaving!" Rachel shouted, quickly flicking the lights on.  Bright lights flooded the room.

The boys bolted up in bed, disoriented by the lights.  "What?" Rio asked sleepily, rolling over to face Rachel.  "What's going on?"

"We're leaving!" she snapped.  "Get up and get dressed."
"Rachel, don't make any rash decisions that you'll regret," Johnny said.  "We didn't do any of this to hurt you."
Rachel ground her teeth.  There was that 'we' again!  "Hurt me? HA! What do I care if you want to fuck her? I've never liked it here anyways! But now I've got something amazing lined up and I don't need to stay in this crap-hole anymore with the morality police!" Rachel said feigning indifference. "That's what I was going to tell her!"

Johnny glanced past his sister and saw the worried faces of the boys.  "Rachel, if you'd just take a few minutes to calm down..."

"I am calm!" she said shrilly, betraying her lack of calmness.  "Rio! Now!"
Rio crossed his arms and shook his head.  "No. I'm not going," he said mulishly.

Jason's head jerked towards Rio.
Rachel whirled around to Rio, pointing her finger at him angrily.  "You will do as I say! I am your mother!"

Rio's shoulders tensed and he looked down.  "I'm not going," he mumbled, less confidently.

"If I walk out this door without you, I am not coming back for you," Rachel threatened.  "You'll be dead to me!"
"Rachel, come on," Johnny said, holding his hands up, palms up, trying to maintain the peace.  "Don't say anything you can't take back. You know you don't meant that."

"I mean it!" she repeated, stabbing her finger in Rio's direction again.

Rio kept his gaze down, not meeting Rachel's eye.

Rachel waited a few more seconds before sniffing in disgust.  "Fine! You've made your choice!" she snapped, whirling around and storming down the stairs.

"She didn't mean it," Johnny told the boys hurriedly before racing after her. 
The boys watched them go.

"Let's get dressed," Rio said, turning towards the dresser.

"Wait!" Jason said, grabbing his arm.  "Who was Uncle Johnny sleeping with?!"

Rachel slammed the last suitcase shut.  To hell with this place, she thought, wiping a tear from her eye.  She'd tried so hard to be what everyone else needed and it was never good enough.  Well, fine! She would just live for herself now!

She grabbed the suitcases and pushed past Johnny and Haley.

As she walked out the front door, she still held out hope that Rio would join her.

But he didn't.
She returned to the home she'd left just a few hours before.  She knocked on the door and then waited impatiently for it to be answer, her suitcases piled on the patio by her feet.
At last, Mr. Keaton answered and with a questioning glance towards the suitcases at her feet, he let her in.

"I'm ready whenever you are!" she announced flippantly with a big, fake smile.

Mr. Keaton clapped his hands together.  "Excellent!"

"I can't believe she's gone," Haley said, still stunned after Rachel stormed from the house.

Johnny smoothed his hands down her shoulders.  "I know," he said sadly.  It had hurt him to see Rachel in such a rage.  It hurt even more to see the guilt and embarrassment stamped across Haley's face.  "It's going to be okay," he told her.  "Hey, look at me..."
Haley took a shuddering breath.  "What am I going to tell Rio?" she asked tearfully.  "Oh Johnny, what have I done?!"
Overwhelmed, she leaned her head against his shoulder and cried.

After everyone had a chance to get dressed, they met downstairs. Haley sat between the worried boys, trying to answer their questions as they asked them.

"Do you think she's gone for good this time?" Rio asked at the same time Jason demanded, "You slept with Uncle Johnny?"
Haley met Johnny's gaze above Jason.  God give her strength to make it through this conversation, she thought helplessly.
She took a deep breath, calming breath.  "Jason, yes, Johnny and I have had feelings for each other.  Since coming back, all those feelings have come back.  We're still sorting through it." She turned to Rio, apologetically.  "Unfortunately, your mom was just as surprised as you both, so she reacted badly. I hope that when she calms down, she'll come back to talk it out."

Rio scoffed under his breath, "Don't hold your breath."  He glanced over and glared at his uncle.  He'd ruined everything. 

Jason turned in his seat and eyed Uncle Johnny.  He didn't seem like Mom's type.
Johnny felt the boys' stares.  He shifted slightly, trying to appear at ease. Haley thought this whole mess was her fault, but it was his.  He should've stayed away from Haley.  But, now that he'd had her, he knew he'd never be able to walk away again. 
Maritza cleared her throat.  "Perhaps it would be best if everyone kept to their original plans.  Rio, you & Jason were going to get together with a few friends this afternoon, right?"

Rio nodded. "Yeah. Nadine was bringing her cousin Vita to hang out."

"Well, go out and have some fun.  I'm sure everything will be settled by the time you get home," Maritza said soothingly.

"Happy Love Day, baby!" Nadine said, giving Rio a quick kiss in greeting.  "Vita, this is Jason. Jason, this is my cousin Vita!" she said, introducing the two.

"Hey, nice to meet you," Jason said, shaking Vita's hand.

"Hi," she said, flipping her long, blonde hair back from her face.

Turning to Rio, she searched his face.  "What's wrong, baby?"

Rio shrugged, not wanting to spoil the special day by talking about Rachel.  "Nothing."

Nadine looped her arm through Rio's, well used to his brooding silences. "Well, come on then, Vita and I set up a picnic!"
They all sat down on the blanket as Nadine reached into the basket.  "Peanut butter jelly sandwiches for everyone!" she said with a smile.

Everyone grabbed their food and slowly ate.  Vita met Nadine's eye across the picnic basket and arched her eyebrow.  Nadine knew what that look meant.  Vita wasn't having fun.
"So! Jason! Rio tells me that you're going to try out for the football team!" Nadine pressed.

Jason glanced up and smiled weakly. "Yeah. Tryouts are next week. I'm looking forward to it."
"Are you any good?" Vita asked, looking at her cuticle.

Jason grinned cockily. "I can run circles around Rio!"

Rio threw a grape at Jason.

Vita snickered.
"That's okay, my Rio's a poet!" Nadine announced defensively, leaning over to give him a kiss.
Some of Rio's trouble melted away the moment Nadine's lips met his.  Sometimes life could be so crazy, but Nadine was always so calm and soothing.

"Wow!" Jason said appreciatively, watching Nadine kiss Rio.  Holy cow - he wanted someone to kiss him like that!  Uncomfortably, he shifted in his seat and snuck a glance at Vita.

"Get a room!" Vita said, jealous of the attention everyone was giving Nadine. 
Jason hopped up, offering to toss the ball around with Rio.  The girls sat back on the blanket and watched as the guys showed off.

It almost made it easy to forget about the awful morning.

"Maritza! You look beautiful tonight!" Charles greeted her, giving her a kiss on her cheek and a peck on Darryl's head.  "Come in!"
"Oh, candles!" Maritza said softly when she walked in and saw the decor.  She also saw a tray of treats.  "Happy Love Day!"
"Before we begin," Charles said, reaching for Maritza's hand.  "There's something I need to tell you."

Maritza felt her stomach flip with unease.  "Oh plumbbob, I'm not sure I can take any more bad news today," she said haltingly.  She hadn't had a chance to tell Charles about Rachel, yet.

"I'm so sorry, Maritza. I just need to get this out first," he said, the worry evident in his eyes.  "Long before I met you, I put in papers to join Doctors Across Borders."
"Oh God, you're leaving?" Maritza asked, with a tear in her eye.  "I knew this was too good to be true!"
Charles dropped to one knee, rushing on.  "I don't want to leave you. But, maybe you can come with..." he asked, reaching into his pocket.
Maritza felt all the blood run from her head.  Shakily, she shook her head.  "Don't do this, Charles."  She'd already followed one fiance to his death.  Charles was supposed to be stable...and safe...  She couldn't do this again! 
"Maritza," Charles asked with a large smile, oblivious to her distress.  "Will you marry me?"


  1. I don't think Rachel is actually mad that Haley slept with Johnny. It was definitely shocking, but in the end I think she's actually mad that Haley has found someone (first with her ex, no less, and then with her brother, so even closer to home) that makes her happy while she herself hasn't found anyone yet. Her extreme reaction (even by Rachel's standards) I think proves that. I doubt even Rachel would disown her son if she was really mad about the simple fact that Haley slept with Johnny, but if it was about something as deep rooted as her unhappiness with her life and romances? Definitely.

    Poor Maritza. Is there such a thing as therapy in the sims? She needs assistance with dealing with Darryl's death and the commitment issues it has left.

    1. Rachel has been on a downward spiral for a few updates now. Oi! In the game, she's having a mid-life crisis & wants to move out.

      I think there's definitely a little jealousy towards Haley. She knows Rio likes her more & now her brother has defected to team-Haley, too. She gets mad when things don't revolve around her. (She was really excited to tell Haley her good news!) Well, hopefully she'll find happiness soon!

      I used to love the 'Couples Counseling' book in Sims 2. I would make both spouses read it for therapy. Lol.

  2. Oh, Rachel! *sigh. So just what kind of 'star' did Mr.Keaton say he was going to make her? Sneaking out like that though, I smell a guilty conscious. Especially with how she then treated Haley and Johnny. She was already feeling hurt with herself and took it out on them. :(

    Jason's thought about Johnny not being his mom's type made me smile. Which brings me toooooo...

    It's About Freaking Time! Wooooot! Johnny finally, /Finally,/ got his girl! :D <3 *happy dances! Haley so deserves it! Though it's too bad that Rachel's actions made what should have been a happier time much more difficult.

    Aw. The little double date was sweet. Does Jason have any interest in Vita?

    Now then, how is my last cliff hanger too short when you leave off on *that?* Aaaaaaack! :(

    1. Lol. I can't see a fallen 'star' wearing that fugly apron. ;) She's a wild card right now - she lost Shaye, is losing Shayla, doesn't have a good relationship with Rio, and now feels like Johnny & Haley were betraying. Oi! Oh, and all those new wrinkles! :P

      Lol! YAY! Johnny & Haley! It's going to take a lot to ever budge him from her side again. I think they both feel badly that Rachel took their budding relationship badly, but they also both know Rachel well. They fully expect her to be back to talk it over. She *always* comes back.

      I KNOW! That double date was super cute! I love Nadine! I'm so sad that the next generation is 'Couple with Help' with half-siblings. Dangit!

      Lol. I know! My cliffhanger was really mean, huh? Mwah ha ha ha ha - I'm evil. Hopefully Maritza says yes!!

  3. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. How funny that she's just come back from sleeping with her boss, but is still going to pass judgment on Haley and Johnny's hook up. She's still very self-centered, and I totally agree with the first commenter that she is so angry because she's jealous and unhappy with her own life. Also, wasn't it quite a long time ago that Haley asked her to not date her brother? That shouldn't be relevant anymore and would've been a totally different situation anyway.

    I know they really are in love, but I wish Charles would think a bit more about Maritza's feelings before popping the question. He knows she was very cautious to even start a relationship at all, and I think he's going a bit too far here.

    1. Rachel flipped her lid. I agree she's angry because she's jealous & unhappy. Also, Haley had every reason to ask Rachel not to date Ian - she would've chewed him up and spit him out! Haley's relationship with Johnny is nothing like that! Although, it probably would've been easier for Rachel to handle if Haley had actually told her that she liked Johnny and had a moment with him oh so long ago...

      Charles definitely didn't take the right route with Maritza! It probably would've gone over much better if they'd sat down and had a conversation about what they both wanted. He must've been thinking about how romantic it would be to propose on Love Day!

  4. Rachel should be the last person to judge other people's choices! What the heck! Haley is exactly the kind of woman you'd want your brother to date.

    While Rachel is obviously being unreasonable here, you still wrote it in a way that makes you understand her feelings as well. Really well done!

    Maritza, don't be stupid! Move on with your life. Say yes!!!