June 10, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Eight, Day Seven, PM

Rio paced around the room, constantly glancing at the door.  "They should be back by now," he said once more.

"Rio, come sit down. I'm sure they'll be home soon. You're going to make yourself sick worrying!" Maritza said, beckoning him to the couch.

Rio just shook his head.  "No. I can't sit right now."  He felt like a bundle of nerves ready to explode. He wished he'd just gone to the mediation anyways.  Haley wasn't his mom, it's not like she could tell him what to do... 

He resumed pacing.
Rio stopped when the door opened.  His stomach clenched. 
One look at Haley's red-rimmed eyes and he knew it was bad.  Haley never cried.  "Oh God, she didn't show up?" he guessed angrily.  "Dammit! I knew she would screw this up!" he shouted.  "She screws everything up!"

"Rio," Haley said, reaching for him.

For the first time in his life, he pulled away.  He didn't need another damn hug right now.  "What happened? Did Shaye get full custody?"
Haley felt tears pricking her eyes again.  There was no way to soften the blow.  "She gave Shaye full custody.  She said she's moving to Monte Vista."

"Good!" Rio shouted again. "Good riddance! Who needs her anyway?!" he hiccuped on a sob.  "Who needs any of you guys!"
Angrily, he pushed past Haley and Johnny, slamming the door open as he ran from the house. 
Maritza watched Haley and Johnny rush after him.  She glanced over towards Darryl.  Thankfully he was oblivious to the drama.  The ring sparkled quietly on her finger.

Johnny and Haley decided to split up to cover more ground.  She headed towards his girlfriend's house and sent Johnny to check Shaye's house.  Last time he'd fled, he'd gone there. 
Johnny jogged up the front steps and knocked loudly on the door, pausing a moment and then pounding again.

Shaye threw the door open, surprised to see Rachel's brother.  "What do you want?" he asked, half-afraid that he was here to fight.  He quickly sized him up.  I could take him, he thought.

"Is Rio here?" Johnny asked.

Shaye shook his head. "No. I haven't seen him," he said, his cautiousness turning to worry. 
"Daddy? Who is it?" a small voice sounded from behind Shaye.

He turned halfway and ushered her back in the house.  "Give me a second honey," he told her, before stepping out and shutting the door.  "When's the last time you saw Rio?"

"Are you sure he's not here?" Haley asked Mr. Alto, Nadine's uncle and Vita's father. 

"Quite sure.  The girls just got back from a cheering camp," he told her. 

Haley nibbled her bottom lip.  "Can I speak with Nadine?" she asked.  She prayed Nadine knew where Rio might have gone.
No luck, she thought 15 minutes later.  Nadine hadn't heard from him and didn't know where he was.  Fighting tears, she called Johnny for a status update.  "Have you found him?" she asked breathlessly.

"No," Johnny responded tersely.  "Shaye and I are going to go down to the police station."

Rio angrily wiped the tears from his eyes.  He couldn't believe it.  His mom was really going to leave the country without him.  What was so wrong with him that she couldn't love him? he thought, burying his face in his hands. 
"Rio!" Nadine called, rushing forward through the rain.
"I came as soon as I could!" she said, out-of-breath and anxious.  "Vita's covering for me!"
"Go away," Rio said gruffly, turning his head and wiping the tears away before his girlfriend could see them.  "I want to be alone."
Nadine ignored him, climbing up into the playscape with him and gathering him into her arms.  "I'm so sorry," she said softly as she rested her cheek on his shoulder.  She didn't say anything else, just held him while he brooded.  He wasn't sure how long he stayed like that, taking comfort from her. 
But, night had fallen when innocent touches became something more...

"Are you sure you don't know where he might've gone?" Haley stopped her pacing and asked Jason again.  "Anywhere were he might have gone?"  It was after 11 pm and they hadn't been able to find him.  Haley was sick to death, worrying that he might not even be in Sunset Valley anymore.

"No, Mom," Jason said, shaking his head.  He couldn't believe Rio had run away!  He couldn't imagine being so mad that he'd voluntarily leave his mom.  He sent a side-glance towards Johnny.  Even if she was dating him.
Haley resumed pacing.  "Johnny, could you call your friend on the force to see if they've heard anything?"

Johnny shared a quick glance with Shaye. "Sweetie, they'll call me the second they hear anything," he told her, patting the seat beside him.  "Come sit down."
"I can't," Haley said, echoing Rio's earlier comments.  "I'm just so worried. Where could he be?!"


  1. There's to much drama. Their lives have been so predictable for so long. And no Shaye, you could not have taken Johnny.

    Haley keeps on confusing me in that outfit, I want it to be her mother. Atleast we know that Rio is safe. Is the cops there to take him back? Because if they are, did it mean he got caught... ehm... you know...

    Maritza and Charles got engaged. And now she doesn't get to share the good news because of Rachel. She even manages to ruin the fun in that.

    Jason is absolutely perfect, even if he lives in his own little bubble. He really loves his mum doesn't he?

    1. Lots of drama! Hopefully once Rachel, the great stirrer of drama, is out of the country things will calm down!

      Yeah, I don't think Shaye could've beat Johnny, either!

      I confused myself with the outfit and hair, too!

      Thankfully Rio was safe! Although, if he would quit running away when things got tough, that would be really nice! When I was a angsty teenager, an older coworker once told me, "If you have to run away, you go run to your closet!" Lol

      Yay to Maritza & Charles! I wonder how she's going to give her 'family' the big news!

  2. Poor Rio. I wonder if he'll ever try to contact Rachel again, or if she'll try to contact him when she's on her death bed or something. Because Rachel's timing is always the best, lol. But she was right about one thing; Rio and Shayla will get over her absence. Good riddance, indeed. (Also Shayla *did* appear- behind Shaye's arm XD)

    Hooray for Maritza! She and Darryl Jr. deserve some happiness!

    1. I was just trying to imagine Rachel as an elder finding Rio and trying to apologize. *So. Hard. To. Picture!*

      Thankfully Shayla was young enough that hopefully she won't have the emotional scars that Rio has. She is seriously pretty! Did you like the little glimpse! ;)

      I'm excited for Maritza! Now she just needs to tell the family!

  3. Oh, poor Rio. Not everyone abandoned him. Haley and Maritza have always been there. And Jason.

    Lol at Shaye thinking he could take Johnny. Yeah, no. Haha.

    *sigh. Well, I might have been happy Nadine managed to find him at first but... Hmmm.

    Oh Maritza! Bless her. She's finally taking another chance on love and all this happened. :( Hopefully she'll get to tell them all her good news soon.

    1. It's a good thing Rio had Haley & Maritza for all those years growing up! And his best bud, Jason.

      Hehe.. Johnny would take him for sure!

      Yup. Nadine found him first and didn't call any adults to let them know where he was. Teenagers! >:|

      I'm so excited that Maritza got a second chance at love! Everyone is going to miss her when she's gone!

  4. Honestly I think Rachel did the right thing by giving Shaye full custody, but for the wrong reasons. She's being her selfish self again, and Rio is the one who suffers the most.

    Hmm...I don't even think it would be bad if he got Nadine pregnant. Yes, they are young, but at least they have a happy relationship. We'll see what happens.

    1. Oh Lord! Rachel giving Shaye full-custody was *wonderful*! It's nice that Shayla at least will be spared the part-time Mommy! I felt so bad for Rio. But, in Rachel's mind - Rio made his choice. He chose to stay with Haley. Bleh!

      I love Nadine and Rio together! As long as Nadine's dad can step back - they'd be incredibly happy!