June 9, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Eight, Day Six

Jason and Rio holed up in the attic until it was time to go to school.  Neither one was very keen to see any of the adults in the household.
"I still can't believe it..." Jason said, rubbing the back of his neck.  Mom and Uncle Johnny...  Dinner last night had been so awkward, Jason had hardly been able to eat a bite.  And last night, they'd tried to pretend that they went to separate beds. He scoffed.  Who did they think they were fooling?
"It could be worse," Rio noted blandly.  "Your mom could've been doing this since you were 2 like Rachel."
Jason groaned and buried his head in his hands.  His mom wasn't anything like Auntie Rachel!  She wasn't supposed to be going around having sex with guys!  He knew she'd been dating Alan, but that hadn't bothered him at all.

Something about the way she looked at Uncle Johnny worried him, though...

Rio leaned his head back against the bed frame and sighed.  "At least you have a mom," he said softly.

Haley couldn't remember feeling this happy... this whole... for a long time.  Johnny had slipped back into her room after the boys left for school.  They'd made love again.  But now, she had the urge to paint.  It was like divine inspiration!
Johnny laid in bed, watching Haley paint.  Usually shy and hesitant, when she painted she became a powerful, confident woman.

Hell, it was kind of arousing...
"So, are you ever going to ask me to pose naked for you?" he teased, remembering the nude painting he'd retrieved from petty art thief the Weasle, aka Armando Baker-Black.

Haley gasped, tensing as she spun around.  "No!" she said horrified.  "I can't believe I ever did that! No more painting people!" She saw his teasing grin and arched her brow.  "Although..." she trailed off as she studied his angles.

Johnny slightly flexed his muscles, pleased to see her gaze turn from detached artist to smoldering lover.  "Maybe I'll paint you naked," he told her.  "Get over here and let me plan my portrait."
Laughing quietly, Haley tugged her shirt over her head and slipped into bed with him.

Maritza dialed his number by route. 

"Hello?" he answered groggily. She could almost see him reaching for his glasses so that he could see. He paused when she didn't say anything, breathing out a big sigh.  "Maritza?"
Maritza's stomach tightened painfully.  "I don't think you should come," she told him.

She heard rustling in the bed and imagined him scooting up to a sitting position.  "Martiza..."  he said plaintively, preparing to debate it with her.

"Don't make this harder than it has to be, Charles.  I'll... I'll tell Darryl you said happy birthday."  She hung up before he could respond.
Maritza clutched her hands to her stomach, hoping to settle her flittering nerves as she took a deep breath.  There, that was easier than she thought it'd be...

"Happy birthday, Darryl!" Haley and Maritza cheered, singing the birthday song and clapping their hands.
Maritza smiled as Darryl leaned over and blew the candles out atop the birthday cake.  She snuggled him close.  He was growing up so fast.  She wouldn't be able to cuddle with him like this for very much longer!

She watched him wiggle to be put down, then run away to play with his new toys.
With a sigh, she grabbed a piece of cake and sat down at the table.  She flicked at the icing, not really hungry. 

"So? Where's Charles today? Working?" Haley asked, oblivious to Maritza's distress.
Maritza opened her mouth to reply, but the words got stuck in her throat.  She wasn't willing to admit that she'd turned him down and broken up with him, breaking both their hearts in the process.  But, what if his plane went down? What if he caught a foreign virus? What if...

"Mom!" Darryl clapped with delight. 
"Look what I made! Look at my castle!" he said, pointing to the blocks he'd built playing.

Maritza glanced away from Haley towards her son and felt her heart clutch.  What if she'd never had Darryl?
Haley put her fork down, concerned by how pale Maritza had just become.  "Is everything okay, Mari?" she asked, reaching out for her arm.  "What's wrong?"

"Oh plumbbob," she whispered shakily.  "I think I made an awful mistake..."  She stood up, glancing back at Haley.  "Will you watch Darryl for me?" she asked in a rush.

"Yeah, of course!" Haley said.  "Wait, Maritza!" she called.  "Are you sure you're okay?!"

Maritza was already heading for the door.
She just hoped she was able to fix it...

"Did you see the way he was looking at her at dinner?" Jason asked, out-of-sorts and grumpy.  "I mean, it's like, come on, I'm right here!  It's like they don't even know I exist anymore!"
Rio rolled to his side and looked down at the lower bunk, considering what Jason had just said.  Tia Haley had been giving them a lot of space since the big-blowout... almost as if she felt guilty.
"You know, there is one good thing about being invisible..." Rio said with a grin spreading across his face.

Jason scoffed and folded his arms across his chest. "Oh yeah? What?"

Rio told him his plan.

"I just feel so guilty," Haley said, cuddled in her bed with Johnny.  "I can tell Jason and Rio are disappointed in me."  The boys had been quiet & sullen throughout dinner, hurrying upstairs once they were through.  Jason wouldn't even look at her.  She knew she needed to give him some space, but it was killing her!

She shifted onto her side and gazed up at the ceiling.  "And Rachel won't return any my phone calls. Has she called you back?" she asked, anxiously.

Johnny shook his head.

Haley blew out her breath.  "She's never stayed this mad before! I'm worried about her!"
Johnny absently stroked her hip.  He couldn't be near her and not touch her now, it seemed.  "It's going to be okay," he told her.  "You know how Rachel can be." 

But still, he felt uneasy with his half-sister's radio silence.  He'd seen too many things over the course of his police career.  

 He couldn't help but think about when his girlfriend, Mackenzie Foster, had gone missing.  It was like she'd evaporated in thin air.  He'd gone undercover for over a year as he tried to find out if crime boss, Big Louie, had been responsible for her disappearance.  He'd found plenty to evidence to put Big Louie and his cronies away for a long time, but nothing about Mack.  If something happened to Rachel...

He was lost deep in thought when he heard Haley sniffle.  "Maybe we're being selfish! Maybe we shouldn't have gotten together..."
Alarmed, he rolled her beneath him, pinning her.  He shook his head.  "Don't say that, Haley," he said fervently, meeting her startled gaze.  "I stayed away for too long as it is! It's always been you. I love you!"

Haley's lips parted.  "I love you, too, Johnny!"
Johnny crushed his lips against hers, willing her to forget about their problems for a moment.  Hell, he knew they had a lot stacked against them.  The kids were mad, Rach was mad, damn, even the cat was probably mad.  The stupid thing didn't like him at all and kept hissing at him.  But, Haley in his arms made everything worthwhile.  He could fix the rest.
He breathed a sigh of relief he hadn't realized he was holding when her arms wrapped around his back and started tugging at his t-shirt.

Rio crept downstairs, waiting anxiously by the door.  A light tap came and he quickly & quietly opened the door.
"Come in," he whispered, "But you gotta be real quiet, come on!"

"Hey," Jason said, greeting Vita as Nadine and Rio played tonsil hockey.  He rolled his eyes.  If he'd known Rio was going to make out all night in front of him, he wouldn't have agreed to this.

"Come on, guys," he said testily.  
 Soon, they were spread across the floor, talking quietly. 
"This is kind of boring," Vita said, flipping her hair over her shoulder.  
"Well, what do you want to do?" Nadine asked, lifting her head off of Rio's shoulder. 
 "We could play truth or dare," Jason suggested. "Or spin the bottle."

Vita clapped her hands with excitement. "Perfect! Spin the bottle! Do you guys have a bottle?"

Rio frowned, "Downstairs at the bar, but..." he trailed off.  But he didn't want to wake any adults.
 "Don't worry! We'll use this rocket!" Vita declared, reaching behind her for the kids' toy.  Putting it in the middle of their circle, she spun it clunkily on the carpet.  It didn't spin much, but it landed on Jason.
 "Yes!" Jason pumped his fist as Rio and Nadine laughed. 

"You did that on purpose!" Nadine teased her cousin. 
Jason tuned them out as Nadine crawled over towards him with a wicked gleam in her eye.  
His first kiss!
Sitting back, Vita tossed her hair over her shoulder, then gasped with surprise.  "You guys! You're cheating! You have to spin the rocket!"

Nadine smothered her giggling as Rio kissed her. 

Jason glanced back towards Vita and shrugged.  "Do you want..."
Vita silenced him by leaning over and kissing him again.
Their impromptu hanging out had turned into a full-blown make-out session.  

Jason let out a little happy sigh, long after the girls had snuck back out.  She'd let him kiss her!  "Isn't she the best?" he asked in a fog of hormones.
"Jason, Vita's not like Nadine," Rio said cautiously, worried about that look in Jason's eye. "I'm pretty sure that wasn't her first kiss..." Nadine had often complained about how her cousin liked attention. When they'd first started dating, she'd been worried Vita might try to steal him.  
Jason didn't hear it, though.  He reached down and picked up the rocketship that had led to his first kiss.  I'm going to keep this forever! 


  1. Lol. Rio's right. Jason's 'worries' over his mom are nothing compared to what Rio's put up with since he was little. Has he heard from his mom at least?

    Oh! Maritza! Go get him! Surely it won't be too late! Hopefully he's home waiting for her. And look at Darryl as a child. <3

    Hmmm... Rio has a much better grasp on Tia Haley and Tio Johnny than Jason does. Sounds like Jason is a bit jealous. Though Phew! *sigh. At least Rio managed to distract Jason for a little bit. So is Vita really more into attention than Jason? Or is that for time to tell?

    I like Nadine. She seems good for Rio.

    1. Nope. Nobody's heard from Rachel!

      Isn't Darryl adorable?! I've never seen a Sim kid call his parents to look at the house he built. I was so glad to catch that moment!

      Rio's been around the block when it comes to mom's dating. Lol. I'm sure he thinks this will blow over.

      I loved the spin the "rocket!" Although, I quickly realized that there were only so many times they could spin the bottle without some awkwardness! Lol.

      We'll have to see. I don't have high hopes for Vita - she is Joan & Jason's offspring! And she flips her hair a lot. Lol

      Nadine is awesome! We'll have to see if that high school love lasts. (Darn you Couple with Help roll!)

  2. (Separate as it's not chapter related) Oh NO! Hope your hubs is alright! Those men and their scares... Geez. They've GOT to stop it! Are you looking forward to the lifestyle changes? Is he balking over it? Or was one scare enough for him?

    1. He's always been really interested in eating healthy & plant-strong (me not so much! cheese!!!!) This just made him go 100% again. And since we've eaten this way off/on for years, it's easier to slip back into. In fact, he tried to lecture the EMS & the ER doctor about nutrition. *face palm* That's how I knew he was better! Lol

  3. I feel bad for everyone in this update! I even feel bad for Rachel, not being able to see Shayla grow into a child (Shayla is older than Darryl, right? Will we see her soon? XD)

    Wow, Jason really looks like Nathaniel and Haley! Yvonne must have some strong genetics, lol. And haha his reaction to having his first kiss is so innocent and cute. I hope it distracts him enough to give him the time he needs to come to terms with his mom dating Johnny (unless you pull an evil twist and send Johnny undercover again, or have Gage suddenly roar back in existence and try to contact him XD)

    1. Yes, Shayla is older than Darryl. I've seen her & she's preeeetty! We should be seeing her soon - if not next update, then the following one!

      Yvonne's genetics are crazy strong! Lol. I have no evil plans concerning Haley & Johnny at this point! I've made them both suffer enough!

      At one point, when Rachel found Gage on the dating website, I'd toyed with bringing Gage back in to make some trouble. But the story quickly moved on without his visit. (Phew!) In the story, Johnny got him demoted & sent off to Timbukto! :)

  4. Wow, Jason and Haley are finally getting some action. This is a very new side of Haley. As for Rachel and mr Keaton.... gross... And I really hope nothing happens to her, now Johnny got me all worried about that to.

    Charles house looked so empty. And is Maritza pregnant? I think (hope) she is. Now with Darryls birthday, I just realized he's been a toddler for a very long time.

    Jason is so sweet, and such an airhead. Him and Vita doesn't seem like a good match though. Hope he's not the type to get completely heartbroken.

    1. Yay Haley & Johnny! I think Haley has shown she has a very passionate side she keeps bundled up under lock & key. I wonder if she'll ever do a nude portrait of Johnny. :P

      Yeah, but Rachel & Mr. Keaton deserve each other. :|

      Lol, oh no! Charles house did look empty! I didn't even notice that! He didn't take off without her, I promise! Darryl makes such a cute kid!

      Jason reminds me of the type of guy who just lets everything roll off of him. He's got a pretty good filter. (Except when it comes to Johnny, apparently!) Lol

  5. I hope that Maritza and Charles can be happy together again. However, I do think he should've cancelled his plans (or warmed her up to the idea slowly instead of just going I'm leaving! Marry me!). He should've given her more time and patience, so her initial reaction is reasonable imo.

    I understand that Jason is protective of Haley, but he'll probably come around. I hope he doesn't try to turn this thing with Vita into something more; he'll probably get turned down or used.

    1. Charles did kind of throw that at her! I really don't think he was expecting her to say no. Everything was going so well in their relationship! I couldn't see Maritza saying yes in the spur of the moment. She likes to think about all the pros/cons too much!

      Jason moping about Haley having one boyfriend in front of Rio, whose mom had a million boyfriends, cracks me up! Rio's like, "preach it!"

      Hopefully the relationship with Vita doesn't go anywhere. She doesn't seem to be nearly as kind and tender-hearted as Nadine, does she! She was raised by Joan Alto, though, so I'm not sure how she could be!