June 28, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Nine, Day Four

Haley turned restlessly in her bed.  In her dream, Johnny called her from Bridgeport to tell her he found his ex-girlfriend and was going back to her.  "No," she mumbled. "Johnny..."
"Shhh.. it's okay... it's just a dream..." Johnny said, slipping next to her on the bed and stroking her cheek.
Haley's eyes fluttered open.  "Johnny? You're back," she sighed.  Reaching up, she stroked his cheek.  "Come to bed," she murmured, attempting to tug him down onto her.  "I missed you."
A look crossed over Johnny's face as he reached for her hand. 

The smile on her face slowly slipped.  "What is it? What's wrong?" she asked.
Johnny pulled away and rubbed the back of his neck.  "We need to talk, Haley," he told her.

"WHAT?!" Haley sputtered over her cup of coffee.

She paused, trying to let Johnny's news sink in.  

"I thought you were just going there to retire and close up your apartment!"
"I know, I know!" Johnny said tiredly.  "That's what I thought I wanted, too.  But, then I went to talk to Romeo and I realized I wasn't ready yet," he explained.  "He offered me a promotion to Lieutenant.  I wouldn't be out there on the streets anymore. It'd be safer..."
Haley's head fell into her hand.  Silence reigned.  "And this is what you want?" she finally asked.  "To go back to Bridgeport and be in the law enforcement?"  What about me?

All the dreams she had of rocking with him on her porch when they were old and gray were slowly disappearing.  If she wanted to stay with him, she would need to leave the only home she'd ever known and follow him to Bridgeport.

She held her breath, waiting for his answer.
Johnny stared quietly into the cup of his coffee.  He'd thought about nothing else since Romeo had offered him the promotion.  "Yeah... but..."
With a sob, Haley stood up and darted from the table. 

Johnny's heart twisted.  He jumped up to follow her, reaching out to grab her.  "Haley..." he said, hoping to somehow smooth this over and make it work.  "Wait... come on, let's talk about this..."
Haley turned to him, tears in her eyes.  "Not now, Johnny," she said, tugging her arm back.  "I can't talk about it right now..."
Johnny released her and watched as Haley rushed up the stairs. 
Christ, what was he doing?

Deciding that she couldn't mope in her room all day, Haley went out to her garden.  It helped her think when she had her fingers in the dirt and the sun shining on her face.
Turning, she saw Johnny had joined her, weeding the lettuce plants.  "What are you doing here?" she demanded.  Johnny had never offered to help her in the garden before.  At this moment, she resented his presence.
"I'm weeding," he told her without even looking up.
Haley squeezed her eyes shut and turned from him.  "Look, you dropped this on me!"

Johnny rubbed the back of his neck.  "Christ, forget about Bridgeport!" he said.  "I don't have to go back!"

"You can't just wave a wand and pretend you don't want it." she snapped, turning from him.  "And I can't think about it with you here!"

"Fine," he said angrily, wiping the dirt from his hands on his jeans, he stalked away from the garden. "Come find me when you're ready to talk."
Shakily, she turned back to her plants, mangling the tomato plant with her distraction.
She cringed when she heard the front door slam and dropped her head into her hands. 

What was she going to do?

Rio sighed, watching as Jason and Vita acted all lovey-dovey.  Is that what I was like with Nadine? he wondered broodingly.  Just thinking about Nadine made his heart twist with melancholy.
"There's a movie playing tonight that you can take me to go see," Vita said in a little girl voice, fluttering her lashes at Jason. 

Jason immediately grinned.  "What do you want to see?"  Really, he could care less.  He'd watch anything for a chance to sit in the back of the movie theater with her in his arms.  "Hey, Rio, you coming?" he asked.
"Nah, I'll see you at home," Rio told him, already heading away.

Vita grabbed Jason's hand and led him over to the entrance. 

Jason glanced over his shoulder.  "Hey, wait, I need to get the tickets first," he told her, pointing towards the distracted movie attendant. 

Vita grinned wickedly.  "Nah, he knows me. He lets me in for free," she bragged.  "Come on!" she said, slipping through the ropes.  "Let's go!"

Jason hurried after her.  Hot damn, that was his girlfriend! he thought, impressed by how she could make things happen.
In the theater, they claimed the back row and he slid his arm behind her back, pulling her close against him.
The lights went out and the movie started.  Jason took advantage of the moment and nuzzled Vita's neck.  Their lips met and he hungrily kissed her.

Best. Movie. Ever!

Rio stormed inside and let the door slam shut behind him.  He saw his tio watching tv.  "Hey," he said tonelessly, slumping onto the couch beside Johnny.
"Hey, kid," Johnny said, glancing towards Rio.  "Everything okay?" he asked.
"Nadine's dad won't even let me see her!" he complained.  "I told him that I love her! But he acts like I'm the scum of the earth! It's not fair!"
Johnny considered his nephew. 

"Nope. Life's not fair," he agreed, thinking of his stupid fight with Haley. "But, sometimes you have to take your life into your own hands.  If you and Nadine love each other, then what her dad says shouldn't matter.  Sometimes you have to fight for your love."  He raked his hand across his face.  Christ.  He had to talk to Haley.  "You okay?"

"Yeah," Rio nodded absently.  A plan was already starting to take shape.

Johnny stood and quickly headed up the stairs.

Jason's hand slipped down and covered Vita's boob.  Holy cow! Holy cow! he thought, panting heavily as his hand reflexively squeezed her mound through her shirt.  Hello second-base!!
"Jason!" Vita shrieked quietly, shoving him away from her and twisting away.
"What?!" Jason asked, disoriented and suddenly empty-handed.  "What's wrong?"

"I can't believe you did that! In the movie theater!" she hissed angrily, slapping his hand when he moved to cuddle with her again.  She was Vita Alto!  Nobody groped her without her permission!

"Nobody can see anything back here!" he told her, itching to take her back in his arms. 

Some lady in front of them turned around and shushed them loudly.
Jason's shoulders slumped with dejection.  So much for second-base, he thought, as he shifted uncomfortably.  Strikeout!!

Johnny stepped into the room and watched Haley paint. 
Christ, she was talented, beautiful, and kind.  She was everything he'd always wanted in a wife.  If he had to choose between being Lieutenant and being with Haley, he would choose her every day.  He'd lost too many years with her already.
Haley turned when she heard the door shut.  Her heart melted when she saw Johnny walking towards her.  "I'm so sor..."
"Shhh... Don't," he said, stopping her apology as he embraced her, looking her in her eyes.  "I'm the one who's sorry, Haley. I've made you unhappy and all I've wanted to do was to make you happy."
"But I want to make you happy, too," she told him.  "And if you're happy in Bridgeport," she paused.  "I think I can be happy in Bridgeport, too.  I could be happy with you anywhere."

Johnny closed his eyes, overwhelmed by how much he loved this woman.  "We'll talk about it and make it all work," he promised.

"I know, we'll make it work together," she agreed.

If he couldn't get in through the front door, he could always get in through the back door, Rio thought as he snuck around the side of the house.
Coming to the window in the back of the house, he smiled when he saw Nadine.  He reached up and tapped the window lightly, trying to get her attention.

"Nadine!" he whispered loudly, motioning for her to open the window.

Nadine looked up and smiled radiantly when she saw him.  Smoothing her shirt, she hurried to the window.  "Rio! I'm so glad you're here! I've been trying to get Vita to send you a message!"

Rio climbed through the open window and started to pull her into his arms.  She smiled again and took a step back.
Slowly, she stretched her shirt taunt over her middle and placed her hands on her small, rounded belly.  "I haven't told Daddy yet," she confessed.  "But, we're having a baby..."


  1. Hey. At least Johnny managed to find the right answer before too much damage was done. Phew!

    *snort. Atta boy Jason. That's exactly how to let a girl turn your head. Lol.

    Oh wow. If Nadine's dad sent her to prep school over Rio, what lengths well he go to when he finds out about a baby? Oof. :/

    1. They've got such great communication skills. :) Lol.

      I am probably having too much fun playing Jason, the loveable horn dog. :)

      Things can either be really good or really bad for Rio & Nadine! Either way, I think her dad is going to flip his lid!

  2. Again, hooray for Haley and Johnny! At least they can work it out together. Ah, I can see it now- They move to Bridgeport which leaves Jason and maybe Rio the house to themselves.

    Speaking of Rio...oh dear. A baby? Haley and Johnny are going to freak out, not to mention Nadine's dad. I'm sure Rio will try to help, and Haley and Johnny and even Jason, but Nadine's dad might try to have her give up the baby or at least keep it away from Rio.

    1. Haley & Johnny worked it out quick! It's going to be hard for Haley to leave Jason on his own and start over in Bridgeport, though!

      There is going to be a lot of freaking out. I just had a mental image of Haley and Johnny freaking out like sims do when someone is in labor once they find out Rio's having a baby. That would be hilarious!

  3. I had a feeling something like that would happen to Rio. I can not wait to see how everyone reacts to the news. I feel like Nadine's dad is probably going to kick her out or something.

    At least Jason tried to get what he wanted, even if it didn't work. Tsk, teenage boys never do change, do they?

    I think Haley and Johnny will enjoy Bridgeport together ^-^

    1. I could see Nadine's dad kicking her out or sending her to the other side of the moon!

      Hehehe.. Jason cracks me up!

      I really can't see Haley in Bridgeport! She'll be able to paint there, but how is she going to garden?! And what's going to happen to her garden at home? I can't see Jason watering the plants. LOL!

  4. Maybe Bridgeport will be like a new start for Haley and Johnny? Will the entire family move, or just the two of them?

    Sorry Jason, I'm with Vita on that one; don't grope girls just because they let you kiss them. But, was she really bothered by the groping itself, or does she think she's better than him? She gives off those kind of vibes.

    Nadines pregnant? Yikes, this can go in several different directions. Her dad seems like the type that could throw her out, lock her in, or send her and the baby away. I'm looking forward to see Jasons reaction to a teen pregnancy, since he's moping about second- base.

    1. Johnny & Haley are going to get a fresh start in Bridgeport. Jason isn't going to be able to go with them.

      Lol. Vita certainly put Jason in his place when he got handsy! She wasn't bothered by the groping itself, she just likes to control & manipulate. (For instance, she knew Nadine was pregnant, but didn't tell Rio or Jason. Tsk!)

      Jason's well aware that Rio has hit a "home-run" in the past. Maybe that's part of the reason why he's so interested in getting to 2nd, then 3rd base. Nah, he's a guy - that's why. ;)

      I think EVERYONE's going to be surprised there's a baby on the way!