June 30, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Nine, Day Six

Haley rolled over, sighing when her hand brushed Johnny's empty spot. 

He'd accepted the position in Bridgeport and was working on a rotation now - 3 weeks in Bridgeport and 1 week, home with her. 

He was due back tonight or tomorrow night, depending on whether he got out of the office on time this evening. He was still learning how to manage all the paperwork that being a lieutenant entailed.
Haley tossed the covers off of her.  She wouldn't sleep any longer this morning.  She was worrying too much.

Johnny would only have this back and forth schedule until the end of Jason's senior year.  She didn't want to uproot him before he graduated from high school.  He'd taken it so hard when Rio moved out and she wanted to keep things as normal as possible for him.
As normal as I can keep it with a new baby on the way, she thought absently, rubbing her protruding stomach.

The doctor called it a geriatric pregnancy.  She scowled.  Apparently any pregnancy over 35 earned that insulting name.  She was nearing 38.  They'd had all the testing done and were expecting a healthy, happy baby.  But still, Haley worried.

After 6 months, Haley was finally getting used to Johnny being gone...
But at least she had plenty of time for her artwork!  She received numerous commissions for artwork that kept her busy. 

In fact, the Chun-Monroe Family Endowment for the Visual Arts recognized her for exceptional achievement in the field of painting.  She proudly hung the reward certificate up in the living room.

Slipping on her shoes, she padded outside to her garden.  She was so proud of the work she'd done to make Sunset Valley a greener city.  Perhaps she could make a difference in Bridgeport, as well...
Smiling, she tended to the garden, weeding, watering and harvesting the fresh veggies.  She couldn't wait for all her perfect plants to fully bloom!  She had fresh fruit - watermelon, grapes, apples and limes.  She had delicious veggies - tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh lettuce!
She placed her surplus into wicker baskets, then stood up, wiping the dirt from her hands.  This had quickly become one of her favorite parts of gardening - sharing the produce!

Haley loaded a few of her baskets on the back of her bike and set off to make her deliveries. 
She rang the doorbell at Ms. Beach's house, then waited for a response.
"Bless you! These tomatoes look perfect!" Evelyn Beach said, taking the basket Haley had handed her. 

"I'm glad you enjoy them. I threw in some extra strawberries for you. I know how much you love them!"

"Oh, you're such a dear!" Evelyn said, pressing a small tip into Haley's palm.  "I'll see you at the community garden, dear!"

She rang the doorbell at her second stop.
"Thank you, Haley! I've been needing more eggs and lettuce for my morning smoothies."

Haley's eyebrows shot up, chuckling as she handed him Rodrigo Gaither his basket.  "I've never tried that combination!" she admitted.

"Well, you should! Great protein kick! My dad, the pro-ball player, Gino, used to swear by it!" Rodrigo told her.

Haley nodded. "I'm just going to take your word for it!" she told him with a shy smile.

"You don't know what you're missing!" he called after her as she headed down the steps.

She pedaled towards her last stop.  But, she didn't have a produce basket for this house.  This was purely pleasure.
Rio opened the door and smiled warmly at his tia.  "Tia! Come in!" he told her, taking a step back.  "It's so good to see you!"
Haley stepped inside and gave Rio a quick hug, then turned to Nadine and little Caitlin.  "She's more beautiful every time I see her!" Haley grinned. "Can I hold her?" she asked hesitantly.
Nadine happily handed the newborn over, sighing deeply.  "It's so nice to have help once in awhile!" she said.  "I didn't realize she would cry so much! And not to complain, but Rio's at the base an awful lot!"

Haley smiled, rocking Caitlin in her arms and snuggling the precious baby.  "I was lucky, I always had Rachel and Maritza to help when the babies were younger," she said with a fond smile. 

She heard Rio scoff and knew what he was thinking, that Rachel couldn't have been much of a help.  She turned towards him.  "We were barely 19 when your mom had you, and only 20 when I had Jason.  We learned a lot about babies on our own.  Although, thank goodness we had Grandma Sonja!"

Rio shrugged.  "It doesn't matter," he told her.  It didn't matter what Rachel did or didn't do - he was going to do it better.  He was going to be there for his family. 

"Will you come in and stay awhile?" Nadine asked, hoping to smooth over the conversation and lead it away from Rio's mom.  He was still very sensitive about her.
Nadine led Haley into the living room and everyone sat down.  "So, how are you guys doing? Is everything going okay?" Haley asked, content to hold the now-sleeping baby.
Nadine sighed blissfully as she sat down, turning towards Rio and leaning against him as he slipped his arm around her.  "Wonderful!" Nadine announced happily.  Rio turned his head and kissed the top of her head and Haley smiled.

They were going to be just fine.

"So? How's Jason? Is he still mad at me?" Rio asked, concern etched across his face. 

Haley hesitated. "I don't think he's mad at you.  It was just a big adjustment for him. But, he's doing better.  He's stayed really busy with the team this year."

Jason headed into the school gym.  "Hey guys," he said, noting that teammates George Legende & August Wells were already hard at work. 

He was a little bit late after a make-out session with Vita under the bleachers.  They were still going hot and heavy.  They'd passed up 2nd-base and 3rd-base and were fast approaching a home run. She dropped hints that Prom was going to be the big day.
He slipped onto the weight bench and began working his quads. 
Coach Logan stepped up and began drilling August.  "Come on Wells! Push it like you mean it!" he said, getting in August's face.  "You think those puny muscles are going to win us our next game? You've gotta hustle like Black-Wolff more!"

Jason smirked, working out a little bit harder than before.  He had to prove he was the best.

"Hey man! Nice workout!" Jason said, bumping August on the shoulder in a show of support.

August flinched away from him.  "Damn. My muscles are burning!" he complained.  "Coach worked me hard. Why doesn't he ever get onto you like that?"
"Cause I'm MVP!" Jason bragged.  "And I've got the trophies to prove it!"
"Oh, shove it!" August said, making a face.  He was so tired of Jason bragging all the time!
"Whoa, what's up?" Jason asked, surprised by August's tone.  "I was just joking around!"
"I get it, alright! You're better at football!" August said.  "Quit rubbing it in my face!"
"Dude! I didn't mean to! I think you're great at football! We work well together, right? I throw. You catch and run!" Jason said earnestly, pantomiming throwing the ball and doing a victory dance.

August blew out his breath and chuckled.  God, it was so hard to stay mad at Jason.  And he really wanted to hate him sometimes.

Jason headed inside, dropping his gym bag by the front door.  "Hey mom!"  he said with a wave.

"Hey sweetie," Haley said, returning his wave.  "How was practice?"

Jason shrugged. "Pretty good," he said.  "Coach said I was doing real good this year."
Haley turned back to the counter and continued prepping the salad.  "That's great, Jason! You should tell Rio!" she tossed out casually.

Jason slid into the barstool and shrugged again.  "Yeah, sure. I'll let him know," he said dismissively.  "Hey, do you think I can have some money to buy Vita a birthday present?" he asked. 
"Sure sweetie. How much do you need?" Haley asked, putting a salad in front of him.  She turned back and grabbed a plate for herself and sat down next to him. 
"$100 should do it," Jason chirped. 

Haley sputtered a moment, too surprised to respond.  "I don't know if that would be an appropriate gift at your age," she said cautiously.  "What on earth are you planning on buying her?!"

Jason grinned, shoving a few large bites of salad into his mouth.  "She said she wanted this awesome diamond necklace from the jewelry store.  It's a little expensive, but I don't want her to think I'm a cheapskate!"

Haley laid her fork down.  "I don't think not buying an expensive present makes you a cheapskate," she told him.  "Perhaps there's something else she'd like that's more reasonable."

"Aw, come on, Mom. She loves diamonds and I wanna make her happy!" Jason protested.  Man, it was so hard having to go to his mom for money! If he had a job, he could just buy Vita whatever he wanted! 

Haley was already shaking her head. "I'm sorry, Jason. I just don't think that's an appropriate gift to get her at this point."

Jason jumped up. "Fine! Just ruin my relationship, why don't you!"  

Feeling annoyed, he jumped on the treadmill that had been shoved in the back corner of the attic.  Best thing to do when you were pissed was to blow off some steam...

"Hey there sexy lady," Johnny said, stepping into their room.
"JOHNNY!"  Haley spun around, so excited he was home. 
"How're my girls?" he asked, loving rubbing her belly. 

Haley smiled.  "We're wonderful now that you're home," she told him.  "We missed you!"
Johnny growled low in his throat and crushed her against him.  "I missed you, too.  Christ, being apart is killing me.  How long until Jason graduates?" he asked in between kisses.
"Not soon enough..." Haley groaned as their clothes hit the floor.


  1. Aw, Haleys pregnant- That's so cute. Will we get to see the geriatric- pregnancy baby? Rio and Nadine looks so sweet together to. I hope SP is nice to them.

    I love how no one seems to be able to stay mad at Jason. Vita seems a bit high maintenace; expecting diamonds as a teenager? Yikes. Ah, well. Their relationship is going to be interesting, if they stay together that is. Just, don't knock her up at prom, Jason. Okay?

    1. Haley's pregnant! Yay! Lol. We are going to see the geriatric-pregnancy baby. I just recently learned that pregnancies over 35 are called geriatric. Lol! They've got to come up with a better name for that! Geez!

      Rio & Nadine are perfect! I wanted Rio to be Jason's "help" for the generational roll, but decided to give him a happy ending after the crappy teenhood I gave him!

      Jason just has that unassuming, happy-go-lucky vibe going on. He means well!

      Vita is incredibly high-maintenance! I think Jason could do way better!

  2. Oh Jason. I wonder how he feels about his impending little sister! I hope we can see the kid as she grows up; I feel like Haley and Johnny will make a very cute child. It would be weird if their daughter ends up looking like Rachel, lol.

    Ok, I'm sorry, but under the bleachers? that just seems like a good way to get caught by a teacher or a sports coach. I really hope Vita doesn't end up having any of Jason's kids, even when they're older! she doesn't seem very caring towards Jason. What does he see in her?

    1. Jason's going to love his little sister. We'll definitely see her as she grows up, through family visits or intermissions. :) I love Haley & Johnny too much to send them away forever!

      Hehe - under the bleachers. I can see them getting a hall pass and sneaking away. Lead cheerleader & break-out football star - they're going to get away with whatever they want!

  3. *SQUEEeeeEEEE!!!!!1!1!! There's a Johnny/Haley baby on the way! Yay! And it's a girl! *happy dances

    Lettuce and Egg smoothie... I'm with Haley. lol. But perhaps a budding athlete would like the hint?

    Wow. A diamond necklace for Vita? I'm surprised she's only hinting for a necklace. :/ With such desires while still in high school, surely she's really hoping for a ring. *sigh. Oh Jason.

    Aw. <3 Rio and Nadine are too sweet. Too bad his mom is missing out on all the wonderful things that have happened since she left. Will we get to see Maritza and Charles' baby? Will we get to see Johnny and Haley's baby?

    1. Lol! There HAS to be a Johnny/Haley baby! I'm so glad they finally found each other. :)

      Lol. Lettuce & egg smoothies... ewwww... Maybe we'll see Jason making lettuce & egg smoothies. But, probably not. I'd probably get nauseous trying to write about it. :)

      Vita has expensive taste. She's a snooty Alto!!

      I love Rio & Nadine! Rachel has made her bed and now she has to lie in it!

      Oh yes, we're going to see a few updates from Maritza & Haley as we go forward!

  4. Ahh! Baby! :D I also hope we'll see the baby. Everyone loves to see babies. And it's a girl <3 so cute

    Diamonds? As a teenager? Wow. I don't like Vita's character, feeling comfortable for asking for that for her birthday. Either she sees diamonds as nothing, or she's exceedingly high maintenance. Even if Jason may disagree, I think Haley is doing him a favour by not giving him the money for such a gift.

    It's sweet how Rio's got his own little family now <3

    1. I can't wait for the baby! So much is going to change!

      Vita is a piece of work. Hopefully she doesn't sink her claws into Jason! Haley's doing him a huge favor - but Jason isn't going to see it that way for quite a few years!

      I love Rio's new family. :) I can't wait to see how little Caitlin grows up!