June 17, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Nine, Day Two

There was some grumbling from the teens over the early hour that they had been forced to wake up, let alone get dressed up.
But, it wasn't every day Tia Maritza got married.
Haley hooked her arm with Rio as they walked into City Hall.  "Come on," she said cheerfully, pulling him along.  Rio looked up at Tia Haley and smiled. 

Life was almost back to normal.

Maritza stepped out of City Hall with the largest grin on her face.  She was now Mrs. Charles Wyman!  "I can't believe this is real," she said, reaching for Charles' hands, slightly dazed.

Charles pressed her hands between his and smiled at her.  "Are you ready to go?" he asked.

Nodding, Martiza felt her stomach flutter.  In lieu of a honeymoon, they would be going straight to Isla Paradiso so that Charles could begin his practice.  He would be overseeing a health wellness center for the islanders.  She was going to study natural habitat of minor wildlife.

But she was leaving Sunset Valley...
"It's going to be perfect! You'll see!" Charles eagerly told her, giving her a quick, probing kiss.  "I'll go get the car with Darryl," he told her. 
Both Haley and Maritza were crying as they hugged.   "I'm going to miss you so much!" Haley told her friend of 20 years.  "What am I going to do without you?" she asked with a watery voice.
Maritza briskly wiped the tears from her eyes and grinned, "You are going to be wonderful!" She cut a gaze to where Johnny stood nearby, giving them space to say goodbye in privacy.  "You caught the bouquet," she teased.

Haley laughed. "That's because I was the only one in the room!" she protested.  "You practically handed it to me!"

Maritza gave Haley another hug.  "I just want you to be as happy as I am with Charles!" she told her friend.  "Don't be afraid to take a chance on love!"

"I won't," Haley promised, then watched Maritza hurry towards the car, heading off to a new adventure.

"Are you okay?" Johnny asked, heading back towards Haley now that Maritza was gone.

Haley gazed past him as her friend's car rounded the corner.  She took a deep, shuddery breath.  "I'm gonna miss her so much!" she said with tears threatening to fall again.  Everything was changing so fast and it was so hard to keep up with the changes!
"I know," Johnny said soothingly, stroking her hair.  "She made a beautiful bride, huh?" he asked.

Haley sighed and stepped into his embrace, resting her hands on his hips.  "Mmmhmmm," she murmured, resting her head on Johnny's shoulder.  Maritza had glowed with happiness, she thought.  I'm going to miss her so much.

Johnny shifted, stepping away from her.  She caught herself letting out a small breath of protest.  "Haley," he said, a strange note to his voice. "You know I didn't plan to stay in Sunset Valley long..." he said, trailing off.

Haley reacted instinctively, stiffening in his arms.  Was he finished with their relationship so soon? 

Johnny stroked his hands up and down her arms, trying to calm her.  "What I meant was, I still have my flat in Bridgeport."   

Still unsure of what he was trying to tell her, Haley nodded.  "Oh, I hadn't realized," she said slowly.  He said he'd come back to Sunset Valley after a long, emotionally-draining case.  She should have realized he couldn't stay forever.  "So what do you want to do?" she asked, determined to be strong, no matter what he said. 

He rubbed the back of his neck.  "I was thinking if I was going to stay, I should probably head back to town and close up shop." He paused, feeling self-conscious.  "If that's okay with you?"

Haley let out the breath she'd been holding in. "Yes!" she told him.  "I'd love to have you stay! I'm in need of some roommates after all!" she teased gently.
Nervously, Johnny dropped to one knee, fumbling as he pulled the jeweler's box from his pocket.  Christ, he was nervous!
"I don't just want to be your roommate, Haley.  I want to be your husband.  I want to be in your life for all time.  I want to make up for all those years I didn't realize what was right in front of me."

Haley gasped, in tears again for the second time this morning.  "Yes!" she cried, holding out her hand.  She wanted to be with him more than anything in life!
Johnny felt like a fresh-faced teenager, giddy in love, as he slipped his ring on her finger. 
Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her and tugged her close.  "God, I love you, Haley Black-Wolff," he said gruffly, nearly overcome with his emotions.

Rio didn't really care about his grades.  He was so close to graduating.  He glanced across the classroom, meeting Nadine's eye.   School was the only time he could see her now

The class bell rang and he jumped up from his seat.
"I miss you so much," Nadine said, meeting him at their spot. 

Rio felt his heart swell.  "I love you Nadine. The second I'm old enough, I'm going to marry you," he promised. "Then no one can keep us apart again!"
Nadine smiled sweetly.  "I love you, Rio!"  She leaned forward to kiss him, desperate to be connected with him again.
"Mr. Vasquez!" their homeroom teacher called sharply, breaking the love-struck couple apart.  "Given your past behavior, you know that you are not allowed to be with Nadine unchaperoned."  Nadine's dad had told everyone that Rio had coerced Nadine that night.  
Now the principal and the teachers thought she was some kind of degenerate.  He glanced towards Nadine, frustrated that the whole world seemed to be conspiring to keep them apart.
Ms. Becksworth grabbed Nadine's arm and gently led her away.  "You know your father is waiting to pick you up," she said, glancing over her shoulder at the Vasquez boy.  "He would not care to see you with him."  Nadine sniffled, wiping at the tears in her eye. 
Why did everyone blame Rio? she wondered, fresh tears in her eyes.  She was the one that threw herself at him!

She allowed herself to be led away, hoping that Ms. Becksworth wouldn't tell her father...
Rio watched Ms. Becksworth lead Nadine away and fought the growing ball of discontent that seemed permanently lodged in his chest.  When he was 18, they could get married and go far, far away.
He was still brooding over how unfair life was when Jason ran up and bumped his shoulder. "Come on, I have an idea," he told Rio, grabbing his arm and dragging him across the street to the park.

"What are we doing here?" Rio asked, annoyed to be tugged around town. 

Jason leaned over with a smirk to whisper in his ear.  "Vita's gonna bring Nadine," he told him.  "She said that her uncle lets her go places if she's with her."

Rio straightened.  He would take back every rude thing he'd ever said about Vita if she pulled through tonight.  "When?" he asked.
Jason was a little distracted, though...  Wow, was all he could think...

"Jason? When?" Rio asked desperately.
"RIO!" Nadine called out when she spotted him.  She hadn't thought her Dad was going to buy Vita's story about writing a paper about the summer festival, but her cousin was such a skillful liar!  What Vita wanted, Vita got.  She sighed happily. 
"Awesome job," Jason told Vita, grinning to see his bud hugging Nadine. 
Vita smiled and shrugged.  "Piece of cake," she boasted. She glanced back towards her cousin and Rio and rolled her eyes when she saw they were kissing madly.  "So, what do you want to do?" she asked.
As Jason and Vita slipped away to enjoy the summer festival, Rio and Nadine slipped away to enjoy some privacy.

Jason didn't think he'd ever gone skating before, but man, he was getting the hang of it!
Grabbing Vita's hands, he led her into the center of the skating rink and spun circles with her.  He could spin with her forever, he thought, staring into her eyes and trying to decide if she'd let him kiss or not.

She lifted her chin a smidge and leaned closer. 

Oh yeah, she'd let him kiss her, she thought, leaning closer.

"Last call for the hot-dog eating contest... we need one more contestant..." the speaker overhead crackled.

Minutes later, Jason stood at the checkered-cloth table, eyeing his pile of hot dogs.  This was going to be a piece of cake! he thought.  He sent a furtive look towards the hottie next to him.  Man, she was hot...
The buzzer sounded and Jason grabbed up the first hot dog and shoved his down his gullet.
Finishing one, he quickly moved on to the next. 
"Done!" he called out excitedly when the hot dogs were gone from his platter.  "YES!" he fist pumped the air for his victory.
"Hey, nice job," Chastity said, turning towards the teenager.

Jason beamed under her attention.  "Thanks!" he gushed.  "My mom always says I have a hollow leg..." 
A gagging noise distracted him.  Austin Langerak clutched his stomach and stumbled off to the bushes heaving.  Wicked! he thought, watching the kid hurl up his hot dogs.

"So? Have you done any competitive eating contests before?" the hottie asked him.
Jason shook his head.  "No."  He tried to pay attention, really he did.  But, his attention kept wandering a little lower...
Especially when she talked.  Her boobs swayed whenever she moved her hands.  He hadn't seen boobs that large... like... ever!
"Jason!" Vita snapped, hurrying towards him.  She'd been annoyed when he'd left her for the stupid hot dog eating contest, so she'd been amusing herself with her ex, Zachery Wells.  But, when she'd glanced across the park and seen him talking to some big-chested blonde bimbo, she'd seen red.

Jason's gaze immediately shot up from the hottie's chest.  "Vita!" he exclaimed nervously, swallowing thickly.
Vita cast a spiteful glance over his shoulder.  God, she had to be 40! Why was she dressing like that? "I was looking for you," she simpered.  "I thought we were going to hang out. That's the whole reason I came!"

"No, yeah! We are! Guess what, I won the hot dog contest!" he told her excitedly.

Vita cringed. "Is that Austin in throwing up in the bushes?"

Jason nodded, laughing, "Isn't that awesome?"

What was so awesome about shoving 20 hot dogs down your throat and throwing up? Vita thought with annoyance.  High school guys were so immature! 
Some of her disgust must have been showing because Jason leaned forward and pecked her on the lips. "I'm all yours now," he said huskily.

He tasted like hot dogs, she thought, pulling back.  "We should go find Nadine. It's getting late," she told him.

Jason groaned.  Denied.

I could kiss her forever, Rio thought as he held Nadine in his arms and ran his hands up and down her back.  His only regret was that they couldn't go any further... not here in the park...
"Alright Romeo and Juliet, break it up," Vita said with her hand on her hip.  "Nadine, come on, we have to get you home."

Nadine protested. "No, I'm not ready to go yet!" she said, reaching out to clutch Rio.

Rio sighed, reluctantly moving to stand.  "No, she's right. I don't want you to get in trouble. I don't want your Dad to suspect anything."  He gave her a last kiss goodbye.

"So, I'll go back to Bridgeport tomorrow," Johnny said as they lounged in bed, making plans.  "I'll give my official notice to work and go by my apartment to pack up.  I should be back by the following day."
"I'm going to miss you so much!" Haley said.  "I've gotten used to having you around." She thought about how Rachel and Maritza both leaving.  "It's going to be so quiet around here."
"I won't be gone long," Johnny promised, stroking her cheek.
"You'd better not be!" she teased, sliding her hands up his chest. "We have a wedding to plan!"


  1. Hooray for Maritza! She deserves happiness. And double hooray for Haley and Johnny! Although I can't imagine Jason ever calling Johnny "dad" lol.

    Oh Rio. I mean, I know in sims 3 nearly everyone gets married pretty fast, but he's so young! There's still a lot of stuff in his life he needs to figure out and experience. I mean marrying young works for some people, but oh Rio. So near-sighted *sighs* I feel old now, haha.

    It looks like Jason has a type! He reminds me a lot of Rachel and Johnny's dad; easy going but not always thinking of the consequences, especially with women! I just hope he doesn't end up in a similar situation when Thomas had to choose between 2 pregnant love interests!

    1. No, I can't see Jason calling Johnny "dad" either. Lol. Although, he does have the wish locked in to be friends with Johnny! Yay!

      You know, Jason's generation misc. fun is to have 2 half-siblings! Not sure how that's going to work out for him!

      What worries me about Rio is that he didn't really have a good example of a healthy relationship. Everything he learned about relationships, he learned from Rachel, Haley & Maritza. Doh! I can see him being devastated if Nadine walks away...

      I'm so happy for Maritza & Charles! I'm sure we'll be hearing some good news from them soon.. in, oh... about 9 months. ;)

  2. Aw, Maritza finally got married to Charles. They are such a cute couple. When Johnny started talking about Bridgeport, I was sure you were going to have him leaving again. But he proposed instead. Now I'm worried that he's just not going to come back from Bridgeport at all

    Are you trying to hint that Rio and Nadine won't end happily? Atleast Jason is hilarious. And it was so sweet that he made a plan so Rio and Nadine could meet again. He's a very different type than his mum and friend; His eyes wanders almost as much as his mind

    1. Maritza and Charles were perfect for each other! I love that she's going to pursue her interest in the minor wildlife again. She put that seriously on hold after having Charles!

      Johnny doesn't have a well-formulated plan. He needed some downtime after major work-burnout. He & Haley are going to have to figure it out together!

      I really, really want things to end up happily for Rio & Nadine! Young love can be so unpredictable, though! ;)

      Jason cracks me up. He's a stand-up guy, but a little oblivious! But, he's young yet! Hopefully he'll mature. Lol.

  3. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *deep breath... AAAHHHH!!!! FINALLY!!! Haley and Johnny For.Ever!!! About time! Yay!!! *ahem. SOrry. Okay. =D

    Congrats to Maritza and Charles! Too bad Rachel doesn't know about all the happy going on. She should know. :(

    What a perfect City Hall pic! How lucky did you get? Wow!

    *snort. Jason. Lol. *sigh. Poor kid has 'Oh Look Something Shiny!' syndrome bad. xD

    1. I totally fan-girl for Haley & Johnny, too. They were meant to be! I swear, I totally flipped out when he first showed up at her front door all on his own!

      Maritza & Charles are going to be so happy! We might see them again. :)

      It's sad how much Rachel is going to miss! It's a shame she couldn't get her shiznit together!

      I was worried about how my City Hall pic would turn out! Thankfully it focused on Charles & Martiza! Love it! *puts it on family wall*

      I LOVE Jason! He should be fun to play with next generation! I can see him getting into a lot of trouble! Definitely an "Oh Look Something Shiny" syndrome! Lol, I also call it the "Oh Look! Squirrel!" (or in this case - BOOBS!)

  4. Congrats Maritza and Charles!

    Poor Rio. It must be really difficult to have everything pile up like this, with Rachel officially gone and now he's not even supposed to see Nadine anymore. But I'm guessing it's not too long before his birthday, so hopefully this will be resolved soon. But it's very annoying to see someone make a false accusation like the one Nadine's father did, because it seems they are so easily believed by others.

    I'm so happy Johnny proposed! But why do I get the feeling his trip to Bridgeport will take longer than he expects? I get a bad feeling about him going back.

    1. I'm so happy for Maritza & Charles! She looked so happy!

      Rio has had a rough time. His birthday is coming up and he can't wait to be an adult! Nadine's dad is definitely trying hard to keep those kids apart! It's a good thing Nadine sees through it...

      Johnny & Haley! Yay! Hopefully he doesn't get stuck in Bridgeport!

      Thanks for reading & commenting! :)

  5. I loved that wedding picture! And the Johnny's proposal... <3 But him having to go to Bridgeport once more gives me a bad feeling. I hope you won't be cruel! I need to see Haley and Johnny happy!