June 14, 2016

Rachel: Intermission

Rachel pasted a bright smile on her face as she walked to the refrigerator.  She would get it right this time. "And today, we're going to be trying something that is sure to put a smile on everybody's face," she announced.  She pulled out the pre-prepared tray loaded with the exact ingredients, already measured out perfectly.  
She walked back to her island countertop, chatting the entire time about the history of french toast.  "Did you know that the earliest reference to French toast is in the Apicius, a collection of Latin recipes dating to the 4th or 5th century; the recipe mentions soaking in milk, but not egg, and gives it no special name, just aliter dulcia "another sweet dish."' she recited her lines perfectly.  Plumbbob, she loved wikipedia!
She glanced up as she mixed, her eye meeting Logan, sitting in the director's chair behind the videographer. 

Logan had seen her star quality, whisking her away to Monte Vista so that she could star in his cooking show, Raquel's Sweet Treats.  She'd always wanted to be a celebrity chef!  Her parents would have been so proud!
Her gaze skittered towards the videographer.

Giacomo was handsome as sin and was also a genius with the camera!  He always found her flattering angles, declaring her molto bella.  When he spoke to her in Italian, she thought she would melt into a gooey puddle of sexual desire.  And even though he only spoke a small amount of english, they had found another way of communicating that was much more pleasant.  She personally knew that his kisses were to die for...

She smiled at the camera again, completely at ease performing for her rich boyfriend and her lover.  How she loved Monte Vista!
With a flourish, she pulled the french toast from the oven and smiled her sweet smile.  "Buon appetito!"
Zooming out, Giacomo allowed the video to fade to black.
 Rachel sighed, so tired and ready to call it a day.  This was the 3rd take Logan had forced her to do.
"You call that acting?" Logan asked irritably, uncaring that he was yelling at her in front of Giacomo.  What did it matter? The man didn't speak english, anyways!  "Your lines came out stiff and flat!" 

Rachel glanced down, embarrassed.  Ever since they'd moved, Logan had begun yelling at her and calling her names. Once he had even slapped her, then begged her forgiveness.  She knew he was under a lot of stress because he'd invested a lot of his personal money into this venture.  She had to make a success of the show, which meant she needed to be perfect!
"I didn't think it was that bad!" she grumbled, eyeing her perfect plate of french toast.  What could she have done wrong?  
"Just... just get it right this time," Logan said, shaking his head.  Before he walked back to his seat, he snapped,  "We're losing our light."
Giacomo knew the look in Mr. Keaton's eyes.  He prepared a fresh tape.  Although he thought Raquel was molto bella... perfetto, he knew that Mr. Keaton was on edge lately.  He demanded numerous takes and often reduced Raquel to tears by yelling at her.  He didn't know what she saw in the blow-hard, other than the fact that he was swimming in cash.

And here he was, a poor Italian boy in love, with no money.  How could he hope she would ever choose him...


  1. Don't fall for her, Giacomo! Run away!

    So it's a cookshow? That explains the change of style Rachels put on. I kind of thought it would be satisfying to see her get yelled at, but now I just feel sorry for her living with her evil, abusive boyfriend. Poor Rachel.

    1. I know! I'd planned on her marrying Logan (because I was tired of her jumping into new relationships) and he would manage her with a firm hand.

      But, then, I put it in motion and it was sad. So, I gave her a potential out with Giacomo. And, *of course* she would fall into a spur of the moment fling with the videographer because she has 0 impulse control. :)

      I'm actually hoping she runs away with him, though!

  2. So Rachel is juggling a boyfriend and a lover while living abroad trying to make it big with a cooking show? Wow. She really did jump in feet first this time. *sigh. As much as I'd like to see something... *anything* work out for her I doubt this will be what works.

    I'm with Urunwa. RUN AWAY GIACOMO!!! Run far far away!

    1. Rachel never seems to learn!

      Hehehe... She's already got her hooks into Giacomo. I just wonder if this relationship will actually last! I can't see Rachel wanting to spend her elder years on her own!